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An independent folk/filk/gypsy music project written, performed, and recorded by myself and a few friends.
An independent folk/filk/gypsy music project written, performed, and recorded by myself and a few friends.
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On Being A Superhero and Creating An Album - A Letter to Kickstarter Backers

So, you might have noticed that you don't have a CD yet.

There have been some questions on the matter, and honestly I felt it was about time for some genuine disclosure between you and I. First off, I need to apologize for this project having taken so long. The truth is that a decent bit of that can be chalked up to my time management skills, or rather the lack thereof. I decided to start moving back into music after a several year hiatus and suddenly there were doors opening everywhere. Fact is, although I can't entirely say that I'd change it, I walked through a few of the wrong ones. You might say that I can occasionally be crow-like; I WANTED to finish what I was doing, but I kept being distracted by shiny things. Some of these were in my personal life and some cropped up professionally. I'm mostly going to discuss the professional parts, if that's okay.

Shortly after deciding to put together my first album project, a songwriter friend of mine who wanted to break into the filk scene a bit asked for my help with her first CD. At first I politely declined, and really I should perhaps have stuck to my guns on that. This is NOT to say that I regret having worked on said project. Actually, I found it to be inspiring and challenging in some amazing ways. I go to do a little bit of touring with friends, got a taste of what it's like to run the convention circuit, and I've met some fantastic folks. I've made some WONDERFUL friends that probably, left to my own devices, I'd have not been bold enough to reach out to in the first place.

I also put a lot of time, effort, and creativity into a project that, quite frankly, was not the one you backed.

At the time, the other musician working on this project and I were both n00bs. Neither of us were aware, I don't think, of how demanding the Muse could be, even when you're "Just Playing Guitar". There was practice, there were re-writes and re-arrangements, there were edits and re-records, and all of this excitement was on a very definite time-table. There was a deadline. She'd been trying to do this project for years, and I wanted to help make it happen for her. But that wasn't the horse you'd put your money on, and I owe you an apology for my actions.

When I started this kickstarter, I had NO idea what I was doing. I had no real sense of what it would take, in entirety, to produce an album. Figuring that it may be a flop anyway, I set the financial bar far too low. Had it not been for a couple of job losses I may have been able to swing the rest of it own my own. As it stands, however, I did the Kickstarter, realized that it wasn't going to be quite enough, and kept trying to be a perfectionist about scrambling to catch up. At the end of the day, it just has to be done. There's no getting around it. It may not be mixed perfectly, it may not be mastered beautifully, but I owe you an album, and I'm going to get it to you. I plan to load songs onto Bandcamp and hand you download codes for backing.  If need be I will be happy to burn CD-R's for anyone who wants hard copies, and do the best I can to create something that doesn't make your eardrums bleed.

This will be the HTBASH/So Indie I Still Use Magic Marker project. I will, in the next week, be setting up a page specifically for you to keep track of my progress. I'm accountable to you and I've failed up to this point to honor that and be completely straight with you. My "process" is not everyone's process. My style is its own conundrum. I'm letting you in on it in the hopes that getting a sneak peak behind the scenes of how this artist does the process will draw back the curtains a little bit and show you something of how it can be done.  At the end of it, you'll have, at the very least, a digital download of this beast.

Now, here's the thing. Beyond that, nothing is written in stone. However, depending upon how well that project does and what I can promise with the followup, it may end up with a professionally mixed and mastered re-release. Cross your fingers, because I'm going to give it a shot and I'll need some real luck on my side. But, if I can finagle it, that release will be available by the end of the year (maybe even by the end of summer) and all of the promised rewards from THIS project will apply to that one as well. Again, no promises, but I will keep you posted.

So, that's it. you get a lovingly created indie rough-ridden acoustic cut regardless, and possibly something more fantastic later on.  And I promise, from here on out, to keep you better informed of the journey.  If any of the backers have questions about that, please email me.  I love getting the chance to connect with you and I am thrilled to have you all on this adventure with me.  All for the low low price of forgiving the artist for being a flake. Does that sound fair to you?  Please let me know.

Contritely yours,
Crystal Wolf

PS - All of the extra rewards I spoke of will also still be available, regardless of whether I am able to professionally produce this project or not.  Don't worry, you will have your hat. ;)


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