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Please help the legendary independent music site be relaunched by its original founders. Relaunch is planned for late 2010! Read more

Chicago, IL Software
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This project was successfully funded on October 1, 2010.

Please help the legendary independent music site be relaunched by its original founders. Relaunch is planned for late 2010!

Chicago, IL Software
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Justin Sinkovich
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Justin Sinkovich

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About this project

If doesn’t sound familiar, that’s OK; the site hasn’t really been around for a few years. Epitonic was one of the first and most popular MP3 sites on the Internet. Launched back in 1999, we worked directly with our favorite labels and artists, posting free and legal promotional MP3’s so that fans would buy more music. We featured only our favorite bands and genres, most of which where on independent labels -- or on no labels at all. That might sound like a pretty common concept today, but back then, Epitonic was one of the first free and legal streaming and downloading destinations.

Starting Epitonic was amazing and chaotic -- a once-in-a-lifetime experience for me and my friends. We often worked around the clock to make our favorite underground music available to indie fans all over the world, no matter where they lived. My two partners, Scott and Aaron, and I actually grew up in small southern towns, without the luxury of great venues or record stores to help us find new music. That was largely the catalyst for Epitonic; it was designed to help even the most geographically-challenged fan discover new albums, bands, and genres. All of Epitonic's music was selected, written about, and posted by an office full of young music lovers, who practiced what they preached -- DJ’ing, touring, going to shows, and collecting records in their spare time.

It was really heartbreaking to see Epitonic go dormant in 2004. Despite that fact that it was a favorite music destination with tons of dedicated users and a handful of industry awards, it fell upon hard times like so many early dot-com companies. It was especially difficult to make money in digital music back then, because unlike now, all of the hardware, hosting, software, and overhead was really expensive.

So my partners and I all went our separate ways, remaining friends but moving on to pursue all kinds of different things. I’ve always looked back at what we built and the friendships I made along the way, and I still meet people today who first learned about their favorite band on our site.

I never really thought I would be proudly announcing that I will be relaunching Epitonic alongside many of my partners and friends from the original site. I was elated -- and honestly a little shocked -- to reacquire the rights to Epitonic, and it has been amazing to reconnect and reformulate a launch plan. Everyone I've talked to in the music and online communities has been incredibly supportive and excited to see Epitonic come back to life.

Our goal is pretty straightforward: To get an exciting, modern, brand-new version of the site online by the end of year. We want to create a web destination that recaptures the spirit of Epitonic, with all the new technology and updated features that weren't available during our original days.

We're all thrilled to be rebuilding, but we could really use your help to make it happen. So many people are donating their time, but we're still working with extremely limited resources. We can do much of the work ourselves, but we need to outsource some of the development and pay for other odds and ends. The more money we raise here, the better the new Epitonic will be.

Thank you so much for your time and your help. Look for the new Epitonic online soon at, but in the meantime, we've reposted the old site for your nostalgic enjoyment.


Justin Sinkovich
Original Co-Founder and Co-Owner


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