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Relive the thrills and excitement of the top ten moments in Wolverines basketball history - as you've never seen them before!

What are we doing? 

Welcome University of Michigan Wolverines basketball fans! We’re Fan Favorite Productions, an energetic young team of innovative filmmakers and sports fans who have made it our mission to bring high quality video to fellow fans on the web.

Why should this matter to you, the fan? Let me introduce our brand new web series; The Defining Moments of NCAA Basketball!

Since the first NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship in 1939, the tournament has played witness to some of the greatest examples of athletic achievement in the sport’s history. Instance after instance of college stars playing for pure love of the sport; the thrill of competition, and the glory f victory.

Many of these moments have earned their place in basketball legend, and are familiar to any serious fan of the game. Many more have slipped through the cracks and been forgotten, or never had their stories properly told. The footage for almost all of it is currently sitting in NCAA archives gathering dust.

We hope to change that.

For each of the storied teams of Men’s Division I hoops, we’re going to deliver the narrative of their finest eras on the court. With our series host Leo Rautins, we’re going to dig into each play, and each game - to get inside the player’s heads and the history behind the moment. This isn't a Youtube clip re-cap. No, we’re going to tell these stories as they’ve never been told before.

First up on our list of schools is your favorite; the University of Michigan Wolverines.

We’ve invited Matt Shepard, play-by-play voice of Wolverines ball, to join us in revisiting the Top Ten greatest moments in the team’s history. The ups, the downs, the tumbles and final redemption that led to their greatest victories - from the ‘89 Championship to the Fab Five era and more! We’ll even touch on this years tournament, and Trey Burke’s epic 3 pointer to force overtime against Kansas.

We’ll put all of this together ESPN style, and host it online for unlimited streaming in HD quality. You’ll be able to watch it anytime you like, anywhere in the world you like - forever. I can’t tell you how excited we are to get this in front of you guys.

We’re using Kickstarter to help fund this project because it let’s us get input from you, the fans, from day one. You get to decide if this project is worthy, and you get to decide if the story of U of M’s legendary basketball achievement merits retelling. We know it does, and we know you think so too. So pledge today to get involved!

Who are we? 

Matt Shepard

Matt Shepard is the play-by-play voice of University of Michigan basketball, Eastern Michigan University football and the Detroit Lions Television Network. He can also be found on TV locally on Fox Sports Detroit and nationally on the Big Ten Network for college football and baseball. 

He’s the voice of the Wolverines, and he’s our co-host - helping to introduce and tell the story of their greatest moments.

Leo Rautins

Leo is a Canadian former professional basketball player, the former head coach of the Canadian national men's basketball team, and currently a television analyst for the Toronto Raptors. 

Leo played for the University of Minnesota for his freshman year of college, and Syracuse University for three seasons. He is the first player ever to record a triple-double in Big East play, accomplishing the feat twice in the span of a month during his senior year.  He was the first Canadian ever drafted in the first round of the NBA Draft going 17th overall to the Philadelphia 76ers in the 1983 Draft. 

Upon retirement, Leo became a basketball commentator, most notably with the Toronto Raptors television network. A member of Canada's Basketball Hall of Fame, he was named head coach of the Canadian National Team in 2005.  

Fan Favorite Productions

Fan Favorite Productions is a film, television, and digital media production company based in Toronto. We love all things sports, and we're focused on creating fun, entertaining content for Sports fans all over the world. 

This project is our baby - we are producing it - and we'd love to have your support!

The Treefort Media

The Treefort is an independent multimedia production company that specializes in video productions suited for TV, Film and the Web. The Treefort has experience producing music videos, commercials, digital media, and films. By tailoring solutions to meet every clients individual needs The Treefort has become recognized as one of Toronto’s most cutting edge production companies. They're very excited to be working with us on this project. 

Where will the funds go?

We are very excited to bring you the stories of the University of Michigan’s most epic victories - but it's not cheap to do it right. 

First of all; for any clips we show, we need to pay moderately steep licensing fees to the NCAA. We've hired researchers with massive knowledge of college basketball history to ensure we get the project right. Finally, we have production and editing expenses; everything from lights & camera rentals to paying our cinematographer and sound tech. 

Every last dime we raise will be poured into delivering a quality experience for you and everyone else who pledges. 

Stretch Goal - $120,000 

If we hit our stretch goal and raise $120,000 we'll be able to bring in some of the players and coaches who were actually there for these pivotal moments in U of M history. 

We need your support to make any of this happen - so pledge today and help bring these legendary moments to life! 


How does Kickstarter work? 

Kickstarter is a meaningful platform for creative projects like ours to secure the funding needed to be able to properly finish our film. It allows you, the fans, to be a part of our project at an early stage by pledging money towards the cause. In return, we have gifts for you based on your pledge donation. You will only be charged your pledge amount if we reach our entire funding goal in time. Once the funding drive is over and we finalize the film, we will mail out the ‘thank you’ gifts.

How can I get more involved? 

Get the word out on Twitter, Facebook and via e-mail! If you support this project, tell everyone you know. Bring out the Maize fans! We want your input on which plays to include. Do you have a favorite play that you think should make our collection? We want to hear from you guys on this! You are U of M’s biggest fans and supporters - your help is critical to making this project the best it can be. 

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

The risks on this project are very limited. We have an experienced production crew, who are pumped to tell the tale of the University of Michigan’s storied basketball team. We have a working relationship with the NCAA, and they are very excited to see their leagues most legendary moments brought to light. And we’ve got two very talented storytellers in Leo Rautins and Matt Shepard, who are uniquely suited to this project.

Our biggest challenge will be delivering a project that’s up to your expectations. You guys are the Wolverines biggest fans, and it’s extremely important to us that we impress you. So let us know what you think is important - and help us deliver the best possible version of this documentary.


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