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David Kadavy, author of "Design for Hackers: Reverse-Engineering Beauty" will travel around the U.S. speaking about design.
David Kadavy, author of "Design for Hackers: Reverse-Engineering Beauty" will travel around the U.S. speaking about design.
138 backers pledged $5,827 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates

#18 on all of land!

Hey everyone,
Sorry for sending two updates in one day, but I'm a bit excited. You see, my book is now #18 on all of!!

So, if you're thinking of buying a copy, or know someone who is, now would be the best time to do it! Amazon rankings update very rapidly, and with enough purchases tonight we could hit #1!

Not that I could complain about #18

Here's the link to the book for easy sharing:

Design for Hackers (the book) is here!

I thought you might like to know that the book is here, and available on Amazon.

Those of you who backed at a level high enough to get a book should be getting that book soon. You're also eligible for giveaways, details here.

Thanks again so much for your support! Remember, I'm going on tour, starting with Boston NEXT MONDAY. I'll be sending out details to my email list, sign up here for updates for your city.

Book Tour is on! (how to get updates)

Thanks so much to all 138 of you! The book tour is on. We burned through our goal of $3,000 and added Austin, Denver / Boulder, and Portland to the tour, for a total of $5,827.

I've already booked flights for a couple of stops. Here's what I know so far:

I'll be talking in Boston September 19th.

I'll be talking in NYC September 22nd.

So, save those dates if you're going to be around! For updates on specifics, and for the other cities (which I'll probably visit late Oct/early Nov), sign up for email updates.

I'm signing books and sending them out early next week, so if you're in one of these cities, you'll get your book in time. If you didn't back at a level that gets a book, I suggest you buy soon, if you'd like me to sign it while I'm in town. I don't plan to lug a bunch of books around with me to sell at the events!

Thanks again so much – it's really been great to experience your enthusiasm and support!

Backer Critique: Spantree

We had a huge day today: added Portland to the tour, and we're just $420 short now of adding Los Angeles. And of course, Omaha waits in the wings.

This jump is thanks in part to 3 new $150 backers today. There are merely hours left to back the project and get a signed book, a video critique, a Skype consultation, or even send me straight to your city.

Thanks to everyone again – a million times – for your support. Here's that URL again:

Here's the video critique for one of today's new backers. I think you'll find some useful stuff in here about choosing fonts and creating color schemes:

Going to Portland – LA is next!

Wow, we have 3 new backers at the $150 level, which powered me well through the Portland goal. We're currently at $5,505, so just a little under $500 more and Los Angeles will be added to the tour.

Thanks so much for your support everyone. As always, here' the URL for easy sharing: