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The Canyons is a contemporary thriller written by Bret Easton Ellis, produced by Braxton Pope and directed by Paul Schrader.
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Braxton Pope

1,050 backers pledged $159,015 to help bring this project to life.

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Shipping Out, SPREAD THE LOVE!

Shipping Out
Shipping Out

Thanks again for your grace and patience.  Rewards are coming! (UNRATED DIRECTORS CUT!)  Those in the $100 tier should have received your items already, if not any day now.  $50 Blu-Ray (domestic) backers your discs were shipped yesterday and posters are going out today.  International backers of this category (and subsequent categories) your goods require us to fill out customs forms which naturally take time.  ALSO, PLEASE MAKE  SURE YOU HAVE SENT YOUR EXTRA SHIPPING FEE INTERNATIONAL BACKERS.  We have learned that it costs more to ship to most of you than we have asked, but I'd rather put our limited manpower to sending out goods, than seeking those funds, so you are on the honor system.  If you haven't sent it via paypal to or added it to your original pledge, we hope you do so. (search your sent folder to find out)

I'd also like to add that we no longer have a production team, so essentially this is myself, Braxton on occasion (yes he has gotten his hands dirty) or any intern that I can bribe with lunch labeling, organizing and shipping items.  

To those in higher pledging tiers, sorry that your items weren't the first shipped.  In a perfect world your items would have been shipped first, but we are forced to ship out the lower pledges to master the workflow and make sure we don't make any mistakes in getting your varied and valuable goods to you.  We are working as hard as we can, and they will be to you soon.


Long live The Canyons fans!


Ricky Horne (@ivanguard)




rewards shipping begins


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Canyon's Rewards soon!


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the canyons all over the world


quick update kickstarter community: 

 as you probably know, ‘the canyons’ is currently in release and available on itunes, vod systems and has traveled to nearly 30 cities across the country theatrically. we charted strongly on itunes, a the dvd will be released next month at which point we will be doing a lot of donor fulfillment as the dvd is included in many of your packages. so, just a note to say that everyone remains in our minds, we are very appreciative of all the support and materials will be coming to you in november and december. and please, let your friends know about the film while we are still being carried on digital platforms. 

many thanks again, 

team canyons

Latest Canyons News

dear ‘canyons’ backers: 

just a quick note to say that ifc has issued a release date for the film: august 2nd. it will open in theaters and vod simultaneously, a day and date release, so we are very excited about that. I am also extremely pleased to report that we have been selected by the venice international film festival, in venice, italy, which is one of the most prestigious festivals in the world in addition to the oldest. it is quite an honor. schrader has accepted his invitation to preside over the ‘horizons’ jury at the festival, which reflects the esteem in which he is held. 

ifc is working on a poster, which we need to fulfill many of our pledges. once that happens, which should be relatively shortly, we will begin to put together the rewards in earnest which don’t require a dvd (those of course won’t be available for some months). also I am working on the screenings for los angeles and new york – more information on that to come. we are excited for the future and remain very grateful to all of you who contributed and supported us in this endeavor. we are deeply appreciative. 

best, braxton