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The first sexy, comfortable pocketed bra that allows women to carry a phone, ID, and key when going out to parties, dances, or events.

Media Coverage

Forbes - "Genius solution"

MSNBC - "one-stop pop"

Huffington Post - "Genius New Bra"

GeekWire - "I'll admit to being guilty of getting my husband to carry my lipstick and ID at a concert or two, and struggling with iPhone storage at the gym."

Gizmodo - "Finally." 

CNET - "Path to liberation"

Walking around the University of Washington at night, the sights, smells, and sounds of partying fill the streets. Even in the bitter cold, you can see the long streaks of bare legs and tight skirts flashing past on their way to a party. Purse-less and jacket-less, women migrate from party to party in an effort to find the best social scene - however, where do these ladies put their cell phones, IDs, or keys when entering into a party or event space? At parties, there are no coat checks, so they resort to stuffing all of their items down the fronts of their dresses or holding items in their hands - classy right?

We have all fallen victim to the pocketless dresses and even the dress pants with fake pockets. However, Kyle and Mariah, two students at the University of Washington, decided to create a way to give women options, free their hands, and let them party without worrying about a purse getting stolen.

After doing a survey of over 200 young women, we found that 95% of our participants had a problem finding a place to put their belongings while out at a party and 73% had lost personal items from a lack of pocket. In addition, we found that 88% were interested in having a way to discreetly hide their personal items on their person. 


Your first question is likely, "how can a bra with a pocket be comfortable?" I like to answer the question by describing earrings - when you first put in your cutest pair of earrings, you notice them; however, after just a few seconds, your body adjusts and you don't feel a thing. When we were doing a our product shoot, one of the models almost left with my phone still in her pocket because she completely forgot about it! 

For me, the only time anything fell out of my pocket was when I was changing for bed. I had completely forgotten that my ID and key were tucked safely inside my pocket! 

As a comfort seeker and hard to fit size, I love the JoeyBra! 


Does it work with straps?


Our unique product allows women to finally ditch the purse and opt for freedom. JoeyBra, a sexy pocketed bra, offers two discreet pockets on the sides of the bra. While maintaining a low-profile and without changing the shape or fit of the bra, our pockets can carry a phone, ID & credit card, and a key.

Being the first truly, sexy pocketed bra, Joeybra's design features a pushup bra, a touch of lace, and high quality craftsmanship that will allow you to feel sexy. Our current style works as both a normal bra as well as a strapless or convertible bra. 

Don't want to carry anything, but still want to feel sexy? JoeyBra works with or without items, making it the perfect go-to bra. With our patent-pending design, we have concealed the pockets so that you are the only one who will know it's even there. 

Feel Beautiful and Free

Leave your purse behind and feel the freedom to keep all of your belongs safe and sound with JoeyBra. 

Our model is currently wearing a stunning spring dress, yet her personal items are completely concealed using the JoeyBra. She currently had an iphone, ID, and key hidden on her person, yet she has the freedom to leave her purse behind and dance her heart out. 

Worried about fit? Even in a beautiful black cocktail dress with a cut-out back, our product safely and discreetly conceals a phone and ID within easy reach. 


This is where you come in. With the funds from Kickstarter, JoeyBra will be able to get off the ground - as two students, driven by passion, we are looking for your help to make our dreams a reality. Let us free every woman from her purse lugging days and introduce her to the security of JoeyBra. We will use Kickstarter funds to place our initial order from our manufacturer. In addition, the funds will allow us to finish and order a sports bra version of the JoeyBra which will allow you to hold a key, ID, iPod, or other small items while working out or running. Added features such as a waterproof pocket will come with future iterations. Within the next two years, we plan on entering into the retail space and bringing our designs to the masses.


$5     Video Thank You

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$25    JoeyBra logo T-shirt    

$30    1 JoeyBra (US shipping included, International add $25)

$55    2 JoeyBras OR 1 JoeyBra and 1 JoeyBra Logo T-Shirt (US shipping included, International add $25) 

$100   VIP Ticket to JoeyBra Launch Party in Seattle. (See description below)

$150  1 JoeyBra and VIP invitation to JoeyBra Launch Party in Seattle, WA (includes US Shipping, and international add $25)

$200  2 JoeyBras, sponsorship mention, and a VIP ticket to our launch party. (Seattle, WA, Transportation not provided) (US shipping included, International add $25)

$500  2 JoeyBras, sponsorship mention, VIP party invite, and visit with real live kangaroos. (Seattle, WA area, Transportation not provided) (US shipping included, International add $25)

Launch Party

Join us for our Seattle JoeyBra Launch Party and fashion show. Sip drinks while watching our models display the first sexy, pocketed bra. Be one of the first to see our product and learn the story behind JoeyBra. (21+)


After funding, a survey will be sent out to collect your size. The sizes are small, medium, and large. With funding, we will be able to carry every size!

  • Small: Accommodates most women who wear 32A, 32B, or 34A.
  • Medium: Accommodates most women who wear 32C or 34B.
  • Large: Accommodates most women who wear 32D, 34C, or 36B.


Shipping is included in your pledge price. International backers should add $25 dollars for shipping.


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