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A medieval fantasy themed visual novel with emphasis on LGBT characters and people of color
A medieval fantasy themed visual novel with emphasis on LGBT characters and people of color
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Development Update #30

Posted by Marccus (Creator)

Hello folks! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday! 

I apologize for this update being a couple days late, there was a particular animation I was hoping to have finished by the end of the month, but it's still not *quite* right, so I decided I'll just leave it for the next update.

This month I'll be talking a little bit about one of the systems you as the player will have to consider in 3 of the 5 questlines - the game's current world state

What that means in Eldet is that there are several versions of the in-game world you will be able to play through which have large impacts on how the main character's plotlines can play out.  One of the major ways you'll be able to effect this change is through manipulation of the seasons. 

Every background in Karnata has 4-8 unique versions, which reflect time of day, as well as different seasons.  As your powers as a mage grow, you'll find that things like the seasons and their respective weather are within your control.

There are MANY applications for influencing the weather in order to get certain events in the different stories with both positive and negative effects.

One location in summer could give you a scene where you go for a swim with a companion, that same location in winter could give you a scene where you ice skate, or go looking for a hotspring -- a cave flooded by river water in one season might be open for exploration in another -- different seasons have different holidays, and different customs which are practiced in the city -- it'll take some time to uncover all the content that I'm working into these plotlines.  

If I say anymore I'll be getting right into even more spoiler-y territory, so for now I'm going to be getting right back to work!

I was going to end today's update by posting some of the music I wrote, but kickstarter recently removed the functionality to upload audio-- however, you can listen to one of the themes I finished last month here:

Take care! <3

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    1. Angela Fortin on

      Every time I manage to forget about this game, you post some delightful new bit of content for it. I like the triple A games as much as the next person but these little solo passion projects have a special place in my heart and library!

    2. Raven Woods on

      Thank you Marccus for the update. They look great.

      Though parts of Karnata look soo much like Counter Strike's Italy map. Any inspirations?

    3. arcyzo on

      This game never ceases to impress me! Love these little Vimeo clips! Keep up the fantastic work Marccus ♥

    4. Missing avatar

      Augustine on

      I was so thrilled to see the email notification of the update! The animations are gorgeous, and I love the new music theme! Really looking forward to seeing the game! Keep up the awesome work!