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A medieval fantasy themed visual novel with emphasis on LGBT characters and people of color
A medieval fantasy themed visual novel with emphasis on LGBT characters and people of color
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    1. Siân Lloyd-Wiggins

      Thank you so much for your hard work on this! I realise that this has become a baptism of fire, and I admire your dedication. Well done, and good luck!

    2. arcyzo on

      I think people would be concerned if you had stopped posting updates long ago, but between your regular updates and the fantastic new demo, I think your commitment to this project is abundantly clear. And I honestly want to thank you for staying so committed. It was an ambitious project from the start, especially doing it all by yourself, and it's only gotten more ambitious over time. If you ever needed to take a break or put it on the backburner for a while, for financial or personal reasons, it would be understandable. But if not, all the more power to you!

      I look forward to the updates in 2019. I'm considering not playing the game "chunks" as they are released, and the spoiler-free development updates have always been a nice way of staying in the loop and quelling my impatience for the game ;)

      Enjoy the end of the year Marccus! You never cease to impress me. Keep up the fantastic work, and at the end, we'll have a great game!

    3. Steve Parker on

      I was very impressed with the latest demo. It really does show your commitment to Eldet. I can imagine how complicated the next section is from having seen devs planning branching dialogue trees with just one NPC. As always, there's no need to apologise for mistakes made when you're new as long as you learn from them. I'm pretty sure you are learning.

    4. Caio Guedes on

      Glad to hear from ya here <3

    5. Flying Monkey on

      ❤️ 🧡 💛 💚 💙 💜