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A medieval fantasy themed visual novel with emphasis on LGBT characters and people of color
A medieval fantasy themed visual novel with emphasis on LGBT characters and people of color
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    1. tingotango on

      the teaser worked great for me :) keep up the great work. looking forward to playing the finished game (multiple times...i will wan all the endings :P)

    2. Stacie on

      It looks awesome to me. I'm excited to play the demo.

    3. Missing avatar

      Augustine on

      Kind of all over the place comment, but I've sort of organized it by paragraphs?

      I miss the original dialogue options - they were very personal and engaging, and you could feel the emotion in them. There was real tension and personality, and you could feel it when she tried to get him to stay and he talked about how much time he felt he'd wasted.

      In general the teaser worked beautifully though! Utterly seamless performance!

      Same thing about the typo in the letter - "a fervor" - also if we're being that detailed, in your prologue text, it should be "creation, and the other he left shrouded" or "remained shrouded" or if it wasn't shrouded before "and the other he shrouded" but that's really all I caught.

      One other note: my Norton Anti-virus tried to go ham on it, so I had to tell it to take the main Eldet file out of quarantine. You might want to consider a "here's what to do if your PC tries to eat the game files" kind of FAQ or readme or something once it's ready for general distribution, since some people aren't that familiar with keeping their antivirus out of their metaphorical azaleas.

      Anyway, absolutely stunning work! I am immeasurably pleased and delighted, and I'm really looking forward to seeing the finished product! Even just this much of the game is thrilling!

    4. Missing avatar

      Kieran on

      i loved the original but man wow its gotten better! everything worked well for me, id just maybe like the option to choose text speed ?

    5. arcyzo on

      I'm so impressed by the pre-demo teaser! The new & improved opening scenes are great, and I'm loving the new animated backgrounds and cutscenes! Also really liking the new menus and music throughout, very professional. Still, I kept my eyes peeled for any issues, and I only noticed a few very minor things.
      • Firstly, I noticed that the bottom-right triangle/arrow didn't appear for any of Kunal's dialogue and also Aadita's first lines when she greets him – it works for her dialogue after the scene changes. I didn't find I needed a prompt to advance in the teaser, but I thought I'd point it out in case it's a glitch.
      • Also, I find the paragraph in the intro cutscene disappears a little quickly – although this isn't a problem if this is the only cutscene in the game with a chunk of text.
      • On my second or third play through, I wanted to skip cutscenes with the spacebar and discovered I couldn't. They were skipped if I used the Skip button/pressed Ctrl, but I found that too quick to skip one cutscene only, and I saw no speed adjustment in the preferences.
      • Lastly, Tariq's letter has a small typo in the first line – it says "an fervor" instead of "a".
      Other than that, the teaser was perfect! Looking forward to the full demo, and then the game! Thanks for all your hard work :)

    6. Missing avatar

      Geryn on

      Great job with the game!
      There's no big issue but when given the option for dialog choices, the options were out of frame. That's basically it for me

    7. Missing avatar

      Havoc on

      It's clear you've put a lot of work into the game since that first demo. No issues with the teaser here.

    8. Conor Young on

      The updates are looking good so far! Everything seems to be working pretty well, no errors that I can find, and it's as beautifully made as ever!

    9. Missing avatar

      Hell_bound on

      Only comments would be that the skip function is fairly speedy. Seems like it skips past 2 or 3 screens by just barely tapping the button. Are you using, or plan to use, the Ren'Py feature that allows you to skip up until dialogue that you haven't seen before? It's pretty convenient in dialogue dense VN's when trying different options.

    10. Missing avatar

      Icyray-Law on

      The animation was everything...! No bug spotted. If there was one thing that I think can be improved, it would be when you are teleported to the lake, the animation of snow being blown away by the shock wave of the magic was a bit laggy.
      All the rest were amazing. Thank you for all the effort, Marccus! It's sad to know that you only got two-thirds of the 31K fund. The amount of tax seems... very unreasonable to me.

    11. Missing avatar

      Nicholas on

      Just played through for the third time on my mac looking for anything. Everything looks amazing, I am so impressed. Seeing some of the stuff you post in stills and small background stuff was nice, but seeing it come to life before me is amazing. I cannot wait for the full version! Only thing i would point out (because I'm a grammar nazi...) is in Tariq's letter there are a few mistakes. First line "I write to you with an fervor" should be "a fervor" and at the end of the letter "a months time" should be "a month's time."


    12. Missing avatar

      Robert Bayersdorf on

      Tried it out on my old laptop with Win7. Everything went fine with the choices and as far as I can tell with the checks there which run in the background. No issues with the visuals or audio.

      Concerning the content, as the previous commentors said, it looks and feels amazing. All the improvments you implemented are paying off. As I have read the post on your development tumblr, I want to say once more, that (at least from my perspective), it's totally fine that the development takes longer... it's always like that and you continuesly showing us all the stunning improvments and the progress you are making. When it's done, it's done - good things take time.
      Thank you for making this game and sharing your creativity.

    13. Dalton on

      Just played through it now, it seems to work perfectly. Though I did experience an issue with frames, it turned out it was my monitors fault. Nvidia G-Sync and Ren'py don't work well together.

      Also, I decided to go through once more, holding CTRL to skip dialogue. Turns out it skips the cutscenes completely.

      Anyway! I'm excited to play it, and can't wait for it to come out.

    14. Missing avatar

      Kevin John Tierney on

      1: You are brilliant. Just absolutely brilliant.
      2: Small quirk I found on my Mac: if I go to the inventory screen and move my mouse over something to get the hover text, then press ESC to go to the save menu, then return to the game, the hover text persists over the game dialogue. It went away when I returned to the inventory and moved my mouse back over the item.
      3: Brilliant.

    15. sahardima on

      Everything worked without problems. Amazing animations.

    16. Missing avatar

      Aurel Smith on

      I was able to play through the teaser with no issues (and the only concern I have is to find the answer to the mysteries of the game when it finally comes out :D)

    17. Missing avatar

      Scott on

      Worked perfectly on my Mac. Looks AMAZING!!!

    18. Missing avatar

      Lee Horace Whiteside on

      Ran it on my laptop, no lag or any other problems...Just a lot of WOW!!

    19. Missing avatar

      David A. Harvey on

      Everything worked perfectly on my laptop and my desktop (PC Windows 10). It looks stunning!

    20. Arioh on

      Reporting about pre-demo. Everything is working fine. No slowdowns, no glitches, no crashes.
      Very interested to see full demo and eventually finished game.

    21. Missing avatar

      art926 on

      The game is already a masterpiece! The art, music, animated backgrounds... make me wanna cry when I look at it. I'm over 30, but the atmosphere of the game makes me believe in magic again) It's just made with lots of love. As for the technical aspects, it was smooth and nice (Win7). I would like to see some fonts a little bit sharper on high def screens, but that's minor. And choice texts looked shifted from their background (text appeared a little bit higher).

    22. Missing avatar

      Ben Kline on

      No issues here. You've done a wonderful job so far. I cant wait to see the finished story!!

    23. Missing avatar

      CelestialMoonDragon on

      No issues on PC! I'm so excited for the demo (and the game)! Thank you for your hard work!

    24. Gabriel Guimarães on

      Besides a warning telling me the graphics were running slowly because of my direct x (which was false, the graphics had no hiccups at all), it went absolutely fine.

      and one thing to add


      That's all, I'm looking forward to where you take the final project.

    25. Steve Parker on

      No issues at all playing on a PC. I'm impressed by what you've done as well. The original demo looked really good to begin with, but this is even more impressive.

    26. Missing avatar

      Ryan Suskey on

      This is absolutely incredible! Fantastic work. Makes me even more excited to play the final game! No issues, no lag, everything worked perfectly!