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A medieval fantasy themed visual novel with emphasis on LGBT characters and people of color
A medieval fantasy themed visual novel with emphasis on LGBT characters and people of color
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Development Update #24

Posted by Marccus (Creator)

Hello there folks, hope you are all doing well, and happy pride month!

Like I talked about in the last update, this update was going to be another "bare update" since the bulk of the material I worked on in the past month is all going into the updated demo, which I'd hoped to release to you all sometime this month.  

Bad news: Literally just like what happened two years ago, right before I was going to release the demo for the first time, the computer I've been working on has suddenly stopped working

Good news: Again, just like two years ago, I immediately have a new computer on the way, it's supposed to get here in the next couple of weeks.  Also, eldet is backed up every couple of days, so nothing's been lost, and all the drives on the non-functioning computer are still accessible, so there's no worry there.  

The main effect of this hiccup is that the release of the new demo is getting pushed back a little more.  Like I said before, I wanted to put up the new demo this month, but failing that, I'll post a little of the UI work I did last month, and some music (that won't be in the demo, so I don't mind sharing it)

The biggest thing I ended was the new inventory/menu screen

 On this page you'll be able to see what you're wearing in full, check your character stats (attributes and route completion), read item descriptions, and store the various things you might pick up on your adventures

I also worked on how I was going to depict different stat levels while maintaining the motifs I already had going on, and this was what I eventually settled on

Other than that screen, the dialog box has been tweaked, the choice menu has been remade entirely, there's now mouse over sound effects for interacting with the UI-- a whole lotta structural things got done (that I was putting off because the coding was, uh, daunting...) 

I also finalized the new main menu screen!  Unfortunately with my computer being in the state it is, I wasn't able to do a screen capture of it, but I do have some low quality cellphone video recorded before things went south with the computer.   A few folks had asked if I'd ever considered having an animated title screen and the answer was YES, I just didn't know what it should be, but I've got it sorted now.

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Replay with sound
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Last, some snippets of music (the third sample is literally cut from the middle of a much longer track, so if you do listen to it, don't be alarmed!) 

 Take care!  Hope you all have a wonderful pride month.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Augustine on

      To be honest, I wasn't expecting this to be more than a visual novel, so the idea that you have actual gameplay with stats and inventory kind of threw me because it's a whole other layer of awesome that I was in no way anticipating! I LOVE it!

      Love the new music excerpts - the second one kind of makes me think of the sea for some reason? The third one sounds EPIC!

      I know it sounds kind of dumb, but I actually had a thing for the starting screen for the first demo - it had kind of a dramatic feel. I don't suppose it'll ease from that into the new one? That aside, the new animated main menu is gorgeous, and I obviously look very much forward to seeing it in action when the game comes out!

      As always, your work is absolutely exquisite, and even if it's just stuff like this, I get so incredibly excited just seeing the email notifications about the latest update!

      I'm sorry your computer died, but I'm glad that you were already anticipating it! As eager as I am to see the finished product, I know it takes time, and I appreciate you really taking that time to make this game a thing of true beauty. You put other outfits with whole dev teams to shame!

    2. Adam Neil Callaby on

      Awesome! Like I said in my previous comment, on the last update, seeing the new UI, the menu screen and some of the actual mechanics of the game has given me a better feeling of the progress of development. Still looking forward to the new demo.

    3. Debop on

      Gorgeous title screen! ❤️❤️I'm really excited for the Demo!

    4. Thomas on

      Once again! I have mixed feelings about your updates. I’m like “it’s been so long time I want to play” then I’m like OMG this new feature sounds awesome. I want to tell you take all the time you need so that the game you release is what you want, but I’m an impatient child...

    5. Missing avatar

      Hieu on

      Sorry for your computer dying. That sucks. But the game still looks great. Looking forward to it.

    6. Sam Hardy on

      Looks fantastic! Really excited that there are various outfits with stats, and an inventory menu. Can't wait for the demo.