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A medieval fantasy themed visual novel with emphasis on LGBT characters and people of color
A medieval fantasy themed visual novel with emphasis on LGBT characters and people of color
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Development Update #23

Posted by Marccus (Creator)

Hello folks! Hope you're doing well!

This month's update is highly atypical; it's all talking, but there's important info to be shared.  For folks who want just the info, here's the tl;dr version, with a more in depth explanation of things afterwards.

1) Another "empty update" next month, I'll be spending the entire month fine tuning things for the release of the second demo, so no point in sharing content you'll be playing just a couple weeks after reading about it. 

2) I've made changes to the structure of the game in order to release individual chapters/character routes in advance to backers before the entire game is done.  This format of the game will be lacking content that the full game will have, as that content requires the game to be altogether in order to function. The full release of the game will have this content. 

That's the bare bones info!  If that's all you've read, I'll be talking a bit about the demo/how that's going in a month from now, take care!


For those who are interested in more details, the first point is fairly straight forward, most of the work I've done this month has been mostly programming heavy, making small adjustments to the scenes, trying and trying and trying again to get the cutscenes to all play perfectly each time without resorting to using a lower resolution video (this is a point I'm still struggling with, unfortunately).  

As for the second point, from the beginning of this project I had the game's structure and all the gameplay mechanics more or less hammered out, and one thing I really, really wanted to avoid was releasing the game in chunks rather than altogether because of specific mechanics I had in mind.

***spoilers for in-game mechanics, potentially plot spoilers ahead***

One thing I never really cared for in visual novels was how formulaic each character route felt-- you start off in a fairly free to explore narrative environment in the beginning which allows you to meet all the characters, but then you get shuttled into very restrictive, highly linear routes for each character.  I wanted to mitigate that somewhat in Eldet, by writing several versions of each person's character route which not only changes from your own decision making, but is further changed depending on which routes you've done previously--for other characters-- and in which order you did them.  In addition to that, in Eldet, I wanted you all to be able to jump from one route to another based on specific triggers and unlockable dialog sequences.  This, in my mind, would give people a fresher experience and break up the linearity of the character routes.  However, this necessitated that the entire game be complete, and I want you all to be able to start playing since the project has taken longer than I anticipated.

One important point I'd like to stress is that I'm not abandoning this mechanic, but for those of you who ARE interested in playing the game earlier, these features will not be present until the full release of the game.  The individual chapters won't be released on a specific set schedule, rather just as they're completed (meaning, complete in the development sense, and after extensive testing by myself and the beta testers). 

That's all from me for now, I hope you all have a great month!  

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    1. Missing avatar

      Augustine on

      I concur with the other backers who've posted so far.

      Take the time you need to polish the game to the amazing high standard that got us all hooked in the first place. I'd prefer the game be released whole, rather than in pieces. In fact, forget bits and pieces - let's have it all in the exquisite experience I know you can deliver. I know once the game comes out, I'll be sitting down to play it basically every free minute, and I'd love to have it all in one go.

      Anyway, definitely looking forward to the release of the new demo! I still remember how the updated sequence in the cut scene you put out by itself just had me sitting back in my chair thinking how amazing this is all going to be! I regularly check both here and on your tumblr page for updates, and even when you just release music, it feeds my soul!

      TLDR: Take your time. Put it out in one piece. Looking forward to the demo!

    2. Dawn Adams on

      I'm with the others. I can wait for Eldet. I'd rather you do what you need and enjoy the process.

    3. Adam Neil Callaby on

      Honestly, with the release of the Demo I feel like that will mitigate any doubts or uneasiness for people that have been bothered by the extended development period. It’ll showcase the vast update in visuals, writing, sound etc and will get across how much work has been added.

      I would rather you focus on getting the entire game completed rather than giving yourself all this additional work of planning and releasing mini snippets. Splitting up chapters of games is something I think most people dislike about recent gaming. I’d rather just wait. The demo should be enough for me.

    4. Debop on

      Although the project has taken longer than expected, I don't think anyone has a problem with you releasing the game the way you intended. You've been keeping us up to date regularly so it doesn't feel like you're just delaying and I'm not frustrated at all. I personally don't think you have to release individual routes if it goes against your vision and I'd be ok waiting for the complete game :). also, very excited for the second demo!! :D