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A medieval fantasy themed visual novel with emphasis on LGBT characters and people of color
A medieval fantasy themed visual novel with emphasis on LGBT characters and people of color
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Development Update #18

Posted by Marccus (Creator)

Hey folks, hope you're doing well :)

Hope you don't mind an atypical update--next month (and next year) we'll be back to the usual format, but for this month, I'll just leave y'all with this.

 Take care! 


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      Augustine on

      I keep meaning to tell you and finally I've remembered to post it, but the CS you put up looks absolutely AMAZING!!!!! On the one hand I wish the game was ready to play now, but on the other hand seeing absolutely stunning work like this makes it fully worth the wait!

      I continue to look forward eagerly to seeing just what a masterpiece you're going to produce, because honestly your work just continues to blow my expectations completely out of the water!

      If it takes more time to put out something as incredible as what I've seen in that trailer, then take the time. It's worth it.

    2. Missing avatar

      Robert Bayersdorf on

      Hey Marccus, I don't know if you read comments on here.
      First: The video looks very very good. You have improved so much, compared to your original demo. All the work really paid off! (I'm following your "rants" on twitter, but don't have an account there). The presentation really makes me looking forward to your story even more (and I will gladly wait for it. Though I hope you won't run out of money along the way.) When I watched the video, it let me feel that curiosity that I had, when I was fascinated by fantasy stories as a child - for me, a very rare and precious feeling.
      Also, I wanted you to know that your opinion and arguments about representation actually do have an effect - at least on me and how I perceive and feel about diverse media now. So thank you for that, too!

    3. Missing avatar

      Louie Contreras on

      � Looking amazing �� keep up the great work...thanks for keeping us all updated on your progress.

    4. Conor Young on

      JEEEEEESUS, this is fucking amazing!!! I mean, the demo was already gorgeous, but this is just some transcendental stuff here! Congratulations on such brilliant work, and here's to another great year :)

    5. Debop on

      Duuuuuuude!! This looks so good?? By a one man team as well, so happy I could back this project, well done Marcus!

    6. Andrew Dickinson

      Amazing. You are creating something beautiful here, and I can’t wait to experience it!

    7. Missing avatar


      I don't think that any of us can really say that we had a full idea of the completeness of your vision for Eldet. I think we expected an artful and hot game but you are REALLY...well, seeing it come together like in the trailer hints at just how beautiful this may be. Keep it up!

    8. Thomas on

      ..............omg......just wow...I just got chills....I WANNA PLAY NOW!!!!!

    9. Gabriel Guimarães on


    10. Missing avatar

      Jose Soberanis on

      *GASP* It's HAPPENIINNNGGG. Christmas came early AND unexpectedly for me. Well done, Marccus! So proud of you

    11. Caio Guedes on

      Goshh, can't wait for it!!