by Marccus

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    1. Aeschylus Shepherd on

      Happy New Years Marcus and fellow Kickstarters! Just have to say..wow amazing artwork. I would love to see this translated in to a 3D environment (after the game is done!) Excited to see that progress continues. Thanks for the update! -Shep

    2. Tom van der Spek

      Wow... these pictures are from scenes we will see in the game? I think they are wonderful!
      And... a great 2017 too!

    3. Thomas Fox on

      Happy New Year! The artwork looks beautiful, I love the town shrouded in mist. Thanks for a great update! Tom

    4. Caio Guedes on

      Happy new year!! can't wait to play ur game <3

    5. Adam Neil Callaby on

      Happy new year marccus! And congrats on all the hard work this year! The paintings you've shown are gorgeous and I'm looking forward to seeing future updates. Thank you for sharing them with us.

    6. Missing avatar

      Douglas on

      I'm don't do anything either, im a man who likes his sleep. Glad to hear from you, still looking forward to any update you write. Don't let the work make you it's slave though, seems like your on the right path, keep up the great work. Cheers!

    7. Raven Woods on

      Happy new year!
      The art looks fantastic. Though, if at all doable, I would like them to be non-static. Like with those braziers, fire could be animated. And you could separate your backgrounds into a few layers and add some dynamism to them. Like that balcony could utilise a little more contrast and separation between the foreground and the far background.
      Some fantastic examples of dynamism and lighting that I am talking about (thought this is 8-bit pixel art example): http://www.effectgames.com/demos/canvascycle/

      These are just basic suggestions. I am sure the end product will look marvelous regardless. Your art is already plenty beautiful. Continue rocking that production.

    8. Missing avatar

      Icyray-Law on

      Can't believe I have just seen this update. The work you have done is truly amazing, that's all I gotta to say. I especially agree with your point that background should be interactable in some way. Have a great 2017!

    9. Missing avatar

      Felipe De Vasconcelos on

      Omg, there're gorgeous! I'm looking forward to see what else you will create. Have a happy new year!