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A medieval fantasy themed visual novel with emphasis on LGBT characters and people of color
A medieval fantasy themed visual novel with emphasis on LGBT characters and people of color
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Development Update #5

Posted by Marccus (Creator)

Hey folks!

This is going to be a shorter update than what I'd normally like to post, but this past month I've been transitioning from a more sort of planning/concept creating stage of development to actual scene construction.  For the past few months, I've been posting new characters/new clothing concepts/things of that nature, but starting from the next update and going forward, all of the content you'll see from updates will be snapshots of what's actually going into the game.

So for this update instead of just posting various unrelated bits of things I did in November, I decided I'd focus on some of the things I've been doing related to the music for the game.

It had been a while since I worked on any music, since I like to have the scene actually painted and characters for the scene drawn before I can figure out what music would be best, so I started off by reworking some of the music that's in the demo, including the menu screen music.

apologies for any sound artifacts in these audio posts, (it's due to this site's upload compression on the audio) don't worry, the actual sound files don't have these issues

 Now, nothing I'm posting today is 100% completed because I can't stop myself from tinkering with the tracks again and again, but the reworked themes well on their way to being done, so, no BIG changes planned, in other words.


 Other than coding, digital music composition is the one thing I'm doing in this project that I had practically no experience in before starting work on the game's demo roughly a year ago today.  The only instrument I play in real life is guitar, so figuring out which instruments produced what sounds and learning what sounded good when played together has been something I've had to figure out slowly over time, and I've still got a long long way to go.  It doesn't help that I don't know any music theory whatsoever, but I try to write things that eventually sound good, haha.

I've played a couple visual novels where the music was either entirely absent felt sort of like an afterthought, so I've been really trying to come up with things that match the mood of the scene well that don't distract from what's happening.

I have more than a dozen pieces of new songs that I've been working on, so I'll finish off this update by posting just two works in progress.


So, as I said earlier, next month and forward the updates will be bringing actual in game content that I'll try to keep spoiler free as best I can :) 

Take care, folks--happy holidays! 

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    1. Tom van der Spek

      My ears and eyes are in conflict now... What is more beautiful? The scenes, or the music? I think both!
      Very well done!

    2. Adam Neil Callaby on

      Your compositions are really atmospheric, and from what I remember of the demo, if that's anything to go by when anticipating the finished product I'm highly excited. Very atmospheric. Love it. Looking forward to the next update, Marcus! :D

    3. Brian on

      Lacking is composition experience?? Could've damn well fooled me!! Well done sir! It's fantastic, and I'm definitely curious to know how much of it is recorded live vs. synthesized.

    4. Alicia on

      They're so pretty and atmospheric! Really dig the last one.

    5. Missing avatar

      Augustine on

      I love the music! Especially the last piece! Can hardly wait for the finished product. October seems soooo far away, but I know it will be worth it!

    6. Aeschylus Shepherd on

      I am so happy and proud to be supporting the Kickstarter! The music is amazing. I am really thrilled! You really need to make music CD's too. I need this in my life! Thanks Marcus for sharing this update! I know I am very excited to play this game again and again and again!! :)

    7. Elijah Mark Spinolo on

      Im absolutely thrilled with what Ive seen you do musically (your music was a substantial reason I contributed to the kickstarter in the first place) especially the usage of cello. Everything is deeply moody, and sounds elegant. Music theory or no, everything is wonderful!

    8. Missing avatar

      Ossifer on

      omg!! :')

      to be honest i've kept the demo open a few times just to listen to the menu music. i'm so excited to get to listen to more in the full game!

    9. Mike Neimoyer on

      Nice! well done with the music.

    10. Caio Guedes on

      omg, i feel like playing the demo again just to enjoy the sounds, but i know better, i would play to keep reading and re-reading again and again like i did hahaha, nice job!! i can't wait for 2017....gosh!