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A medieval fantasy themed visual novel with emphasis on LGBT characters and people of color
A medieval fantasy themed visual novel with emphasis on LGBT characters and people of color
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Development Update #1

Posted by Marccus (Creator)

Hey folks!  Hope you're all doing well :)

As the title says, this is the first development update for Eldet, but there's just a couple of things I'd like to talk about before then.

First--All kickstarter surveys have been sent out to you at this point for those of you who selected a reward.  (There were a couple of people who pledged but selected no reward, and I will be messaging those people on an individual basis soon).  Those who pledged via paypal will receive their surveys in the upcoming week.  Remember that you must respond to the survey in order to receive your backer rewards (including the game). 

And to answer a commonly received question: No additional demos will be released during development--the nature of the game's story necessitates it being played as a whole rather than in pieces at a time.  

Okay, that's all I had to say for those issues.  Now, onto development.

Following the completion of the kickstarter, the bulk of the development work has gone into rewrites and new writing for the game's script.  As you might recall, all funding stretch goals I had in mind for the project were achieved by you all!  And that means more content!

Prior to launching the kickstarter, "secondary characters/love interests" were characters already planned for the game, but their content was limited, and they served as part of the backdrop for the main characters in the game.  Now, though, all content related to these types of characters has been significantly expanded and has allowed me to implement some story ideas I wouldn't have been able to otherwise, which is exciting for me!  That also means that I've had to do some rewriting of the original script in order to set up this new content, in addition to writing the new content itself.  So far, two secondary character's new content has been finished, and about half of the rewriting of the original script is done.  There were roughly 150,000 words in the original script for the full game, but with the new additions, the game is around 200,000 words, and there's still much more to go! 

As for art--I put the production of new art assets on hold until I was able to purchase a new computer.  Nearly the entire demo was made on my first laptop, which unfortunately broke a month before I graduated college (roughly 2 months before I released the Eldet demo).  The laptop I used to replace it was good enough to get me through finals, and to add some final tweaking to the demo, but not nearly strong enough for me to continue to work on the art needed for the game.  However, as of two days ago, I now have a new laptop, and it's everything I hoped it would be, haha. 

Moving forward, game development is going to be largely art focused for a while, specifically in regards to character design.  Character design is (as you might imagine) super important!  And I like to take my time with it, so expect to see lots and lots of nameless characters posted in the future.  I've already begun working in that direction, so I'll close out this update by posting a new character I started drawing yesterday. Take care, everyone! 



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    1. Missing avatar

      Beat on

      Keep up the great work! :)

    2. Dawn Adams on

      Congrats on the new computer and I'm glad to hear you're putting it to good use.:D

    3. Missing avatar

      Vailen on

      Sounds like you're doing great! Keep up the good work!

    4. Howard Kistler

      Thanks for the update! Also, I do hope you're using a backup drive to store your assets apart from the computer. There have been other games I've backed which lost months of work when their only system went down. I'm pretty dedicated to maintaining multiple backups of all my digital assets.