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A medieval fantasy themed visual novel with emphasis on LGBT characters and people of color
A medieval fantasy themed visual novel with emphasis on LGBT characters and people of color
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Concerning the 'Eldet Guide'

Posted by Marccus (Creator)

I’ve received a lot of questions asking whether or not the Eldet Guide would be available for purchase outside of the fundraising campaign, and initially I wasn’t sure if I would do that or not–mainly because I don’t want access to the game to be super expensive for people who didn’t participate in the kickstarter.  

So currently, if you pledge $30 to the campaign, you get the full game, the sound track, and the guide–which will have unused art, companion guides, and tutorials for environment and character design.  

What I’ve decided to do is that the Eldet Guide for kickstarter backers will be sort of like a limited edition version. This version of the guide will have everything I’ve mentioned previously. The guide people will be able to purchase will be a standard edition of the guide, which will only feature the companion guides, with no unused art or tutorials.

My reasoning behind this decision is 1) some potential players might only want access to the companion guides, and I don’t want players to have to pay a lot of extra money just to get help for a game they’ve already purchased. 2) is that the kickstarter rewards are meant to be rewards for the people who made the project possible--what they receive for doing so should be special, thus the extra content in the guide.

Lastly–A short word about the companion guides.

Eldet’s companion questlines will be more complicated than what you would find from most visual novels–not to say that these questlines are difficult–but they are complicated. I’m not mentioning this just to make you worried about how challenging the gameplay might be (in my opinion, it’s actually more fair and reasonable than visual novels with less complicated point systems).

I’ve seen people make unofficial/fan-made guides for companions/love interests in other games that more or less get you to the endings you want–however, it would be extraordinarily difficult to make a fan-made guide for Eldet. That’s another reason why I want to offer a ‘standard edition’ type guide cheaply to players, I don’t think getting help should cost an undue amount of money.

TL;DR: So, to summarize–kickstarter backers will receive a ‘limited edition’ version of the guide with additional content. Purchasers of the ‘standard edition’ guide when the game is released won't have the additional content, but will still get the same useful information as the kickstarter backer version, while not paying a whole bunch for it.

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    1. Sorator on

      Seems very fair to me!