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A medieval fantasy themed visual novel with emphasis on LGBT characters and people of color
A medieval fantasy themed visual novel with emphasis on LGBT characters and people of color
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Your Comments + Future Stretch Goal Plans

Posted by Marccus (Creator)

Hello folks!  I want to begin with just a general update -- the campaign is now over 200% funded!  I'm overwhelmed by the response to the demo, I'm thrilled that you liked it, and I'm pumped to move forward to making the full game!

Now, onto business.

Although I don't respond to everything, I'd like you all to know that I do indeed read all of your comments and take your thoughts and opinions into consideration.  On that note, I've noticed that many people have requested the addition of a slender body type love interest, and I can tell you that two are on the way. 

In addition, I've noticed that a couple of folks have commented that every love interest shown so far is ripped and cut, and I'd just like to address that issue pictorially: 

Bradach and Emre
Bradach and Emre



 As the captions say, these folks are Bradach, Emre, and Tariq -- Bradach and Tariq are two of the main love interests, and have from the beginning been modeled as chubby characters. Emre, although a secondary love interest, is another character who isn't ripped or cut. 

Although I recognize that I could be doing more variation in the body types I've presented so far (and I will be doing more to address that issue), 3/8 of all love interests introduced so far are chubby, which is just 1 character shy of being half the love interests, and there are still four secondary love interests left to reveal.  

It's totally fine to call out issues you perceive in the project, it's early in the development, and there's a whole entire game ahead!  But it's come up a few times where people have taken issue with things pertaining to the project where the issue is either based in miscommunication or misinformation, and spreading that could turn people off to the game who would otherwise be interested. 

Like I said above, I do read nearly everything, and I'm already acting on some of the feedback I've already received, because your comments are important to the development of the final game, and as such I do take them all into consideration.

Stretch goal plans

I honestly hadn't anticipated all of my original stretch goals being met so rapidly, and I'm considering what else I'd like to do with additional funding. 

One idea I have is to produce a side story set in the Eldet universe that uses the original plot I was going to use for Eldet-- It would be a self contained story that would follow a different protagonist.  I've always liked the plot I came up for it, but in the end it wasn't suitable for a full length game.  Making it along side the main game would be one way to include it without bloating the story of Eldet with a sub-plot that would be unrelated to everything else.

But nothing is set in stone!  I'm still considering the options :)

In the meantime, more secondary love interests will be introduced as the fundraising campaign continues.

Thanks for everything you've done thus far, it's really been a wonderful experience, and I'm excited going forward!!

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    1. Lantander on

      I'll add my voice to the wish for some varied romance throughout the game. That can be much more fun than having an "insert love interest here" uniform climactic scene at the end like some other games I've seen. Variety is the spice of life, so it'd be great if there were varied scenes fitting to the separate characters. While sharing a kiss when switching shifts at guarding the party's camp at night might fit for one, other chars could want to go for something romantic, or publicly state a claim, or... all sorts of things. I bet you'll come up with something appropriate.

      As for other stretch goals, I was wondering if you might want to add some additional game mechanics on the technical side:
      - One of those would be a gallery in which players can call up the images of memorable scenes ...after having reached reached those though game-play. Seeing some enticing outlines or empty frames of further images not played through yet will also make re-playing for all the paths much more attractive. Many players are habitual collectors of stuff, so if you point out that there's all these other scenes and gallery entries they haven't seen, they will jump at another go.
      - Since you are doing character art with multiple expressions and clothing sets anyways... you might get a neat stretch goal add-on to the game with just a little bit of programming work. Same as the scene gallery mentioned above, you could add a 'character dress-up' option the main menu. Some buttons to switch between chars and others to change the expression/outfit and players could drool over their fav views of the guys.

    2. Diogo Regateiro on

      I agree with Alex in which I'd like to have multiple scenes for romance (in all forms), as opposed to what many games do with one climatic scene and then its kind of... always the same single piece of dialog. I don't know how romance will work in the game, but this is something I am concerned about.

      I'd also like important scenes to have more illustrations instead of just a couple as an idea to use the excess funds on, which kind of connects with my previous point. It would help make the game more immersive, in my opinion. The side story would be a great addition, as long as you are not forced to cut content from the main story to finish it.

    3. Howard Kistler

      Great update, and glad to hear that even more diversity is on the way! I agree that the side story would be a great extra goal, as long as it doesn't feel like too much additional work on top of the main story to you. The alternate ideas of extra romance scenes or additional plot branches are good too. But of course the most important thing is the game itself and making it the way you want it to be!

    4. Nawaf Alharbi on

      Congratulation on the funding, again.

      As a graphic novel story, Drama CDs, art books, comics or novellas are the element that always come along.

      Voice acting ?.. Just thinking out loud

    5. Andrew Dickinson

      The side story idea sounds great! Anything that expands on your rich universe would be wonderful. Maybe an expanded book too, with short stories and stuff?

      I agree with the other guys too, but we aren't sure how romance scenes take place yet. Could that part be expanded on a bit?

    6. Ricardo Roque on

      I up vote Alex, there's nothing wrong with more illustrations and more options in romance scenes. That already gives a lot to work on.

    7. Alex Rababah on

      If you are looking for ideas on how to use your extra funds, might I suggest more illustrations for important scenes? Or even give not-so-important-scenes illustrations of their own.
      Or maybe more positions and options during the romance scenes :-) and maybe more instances for romance, not just one climactic love scene.