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Lipstick Jones is a group of actor/writer/directors who have worked in show biz for a gazillion years. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on April 29, 2012.

Lipstick Jones is a group of actor/writer/directors who have worked in show biz for a gazillion years.

About this project

Greetings and joy, True Believers!! Here it is!! Lipstick Jones making it's way onto the interwebs!

I see weariness in you brothers and sisters!! Good news. I am here to lighten your soul. I'm here to tell you miracles are happening! I'm here to give you an hour of power in a half hour! No, it's not religion, but if that's your bag, nothin' wrong wid dat. No, brothers and sisters, this is better than a faith healing.  Im talking about the healing power of laughter! 

I hear you out there. I know what you're saying  "I wanna believe, Lipstick, but its so hard to have faith these days." I would say to you... AMEN! But yay, verily, in these times of darkness i bring you a light to see your way through the valley of Internet shadows to the promised land of laughter. It's not all faith, brothers and sisters because you can see for yourself, right here on this PAGE, video of the Lipstick Jones Half Hour Hour of Power.  The living proof.  The living TRUTH!! A whole hour of POWER in the miraculous time of one half hour. Ooooooh, Internet wonders!! Will you never cease? Not as long as Lipstick Jones has anything to say about it. 

Lipstick Jones Half Hour Hour of Power is a collection, of the funny.

A full half hour of scenes, bits... and some other stuff...Stuff I just don't even know how to categorically categorize!  But what I know is, It fills me with the spirit! It will you, too.  

Whats that? Wait, I still feel doubt from you. Let me speak on this and ease your worried mind. Who are these disciples of Lipstick Jones? 

Carolyn Hennesy, Alex Alexander, Paul Hungerford, Byrne Offutt, Lisa Malone, Edgar Sunga, Matt Klein, John Mickevitch, Jamison Reeves and featuring Todd Rohrbacher

These are no frauds. These are no false profits. These are those who have toiled in the fields. The fields of entertainment. Those who have labored, their brows heavy with the sweat of creative creation. They have congregated together for years performing live on stage, been filmed for television and delivered the good news of funny on the silver screen. They are not babes in the woods, they have been tested, they have been tried and they been found hilarious.  But now, dearly beloved, I've brought them together for YOU! 

Can you feel the power?  I can.  And Lipstick Jones needs you. Now brothers and sisters, it's time to put faith into action. This is your opportunity to perform a miracle! This is your chance to bring forth life. COMEDIC LIFE!! Lipstick Jones is like a flower - a beautiful, fragrant, hilarious flower - that cannot grow without your water. We need your green thumb. And your green. 

We plan on doing a series of these shows. The pilot is done. It is in the can, as they like to say in showbiz. It's totally a complete thing. But you don't have to watch the whole thing if you don't want to. Thank goodness for small wonders. They're sketches... about 5 minutes or less. That's right, brothers and sisters, prepare to receive joy in as little as five minutes! Hallelujah!! 

But now, dear hearts, let us talk about that dirty money. That dirty, dirty money. We got a decent amount of things either donated to us for episode one or at a big "this is my ticket to happy" discount. But we can't do that for 10 more episodes (or more). We have to do what's RIGHT!  We have to pay people for their time and their expertise. We have to feed our cast and crew when the days are long and the toil is mighty! We have to buy costumes and props. We may have to pay for locations and/or equipment. And, brothers and sisters, I'm now gonna lay on you a revelation. Like my momma used to say, we're gonna squeeze every dollar so hard, it's gonna make George Washington choke, bless his soul. 

We believe that laughter is as necessary to the power of life as eating and breathing. And drinking. And by drinking I DO mean alcohol because we all do like to be filled w the spirits. Can I get an AMEN? 

Now all has been made known unto you, beloveds. I do not ask you take this on blind faith, for as you have eyes to see and a mouth to laugh, watch the clip reel and take a peek to your right and see how your generosity will be returned to you. 

Thank you for your time. I know your time is precious. Right now I know you are filled with the power. I know you feel it brothers and sisters. So go forth and enjoy. And remember, Lipstick Jones loves you!


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    For $10 bucks we will send you a thank you email and a post on your Facebook wall that will read similarly to a love letter from the last great war. And it won't be a lie. Because we LOVE this project and if you give ten bucks, we will feel great waves of love for you. Waves. Of love. You know what I'm talkin' about. (wink, wink) We are starting at 10 because if you can't afford to donate ten bucks then you should really keep your dough.

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    If you pledge 25 bucks we will send you a thank you email and Facebook post that will read similarly to a love letter AND a cast photo. We'll all sign it and stuff. What you do with that photo in the privacy of your own home is not our concern or ANY of our business! And for 25 bucks I can promise that if we were to find out what you did with our photo, we would have no judgement. For 25 bucks.

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    If you pledge 50 bucks we will send you a thank you email and post that will read similarly to a love letter, a sexy photo of the cast and a T-shirt. What? A T-shirt? Yes!! A T-shirt with our KICKASS logo on it! To wear! It may seem self serving in that when you wear the T-shirt you are advertising for our show, but it's actually FAR more generous than you think because T-shirts don't grow on trees, you know! We have to make it and then … fold it and package it and get your address and pay for postage to send it. And INSURE IT! Because we care!! We care a LOT for 50 bucks!!

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    If you pledge 100 bucks we will send you a thank you email/post that will read similarly to a love letter, a wank photo of the cast, a T-shirt and a signed head shot from the cast member of your choice!! Listen, those things are FAR more rare than you are thinking. Hard copy head shots are going the way of the Do Do Bird. Everything is done online now. So they are rare and they get more expensive as the demand decreases. You've heard of supply and demand. I know you have because you can afford 100 bucks! You are clearly a person of intelligence. (if you ask nicely, we will give you two cast members head shots - SIGNED!) Oh, and you will also get an Associate Producer credit for the episode. WHAT?! I JUST SAW THAT!! Holy cow! That's amazing. I'm TOTALLY gonna donate 100 bucks.

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    If you pledge 500 bucks we'll send you the love letter/post thing and the better than naked photo and the T-shirt and the signed head shot (or two) an Associate Producer rockin' credit, AND … AND … AND … The first 5 people to pledge that 500 bucks will get a 15 minute phone call from Carolyn Hennesy of General Hospital, Cougar Town and Tru Blood. Um … no. We are NOT kidding. We wouldn't lie about that. You would hunt us down and hurt us if we did!! Also, if you are number six or seven and you REALLY want that call … she may be persuaded. You won't know until you pledge. Right? I dare you!!

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    Pledge $1,000 or more

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    If you pledge 1000 bucks or more we'll send you an email pronouncing undying love that will totally be the truth for 1000 bucks, a photo of us ALMOST touching ourselves, the super hot T-shirt, the signed head shot (snicker … I said head), the Associate Producer credit and … wait for it … the first 2 people to pledge a thousand bucks … will be invited to have lunch with Carolyn Henessy and two members of the cast at a restaurant of Ms. Hennesy's choice. We will NOT be flying you in if you live out of state so … that's on you, but you will break bread with Carolyn and she will regale you with showbiz tales to your heart's delight. Up to and not to exceed two hours. She's WAY busier than the rest of us. She’s on a sched.

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    This is only gonna be once per episode but … if you pledge 1500 bucks you won't get lunch with Carolyn but you'll get all that other stuff we mentioned and we will write a scene for you and you can be IN a scene with Carolyn. You will be able to be ON CAMERA with Carolyn. I mean … COME ON!! Or … any cast member of your choice, actually. We are all game and we are ALL… delightful!! And clearly we are generous with our gifts.

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