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a karaoke thank you from me and Seal

Posted by David Murray (Creator)

Warning: I say a cuss in here (the F one) right towards the end. It's used in the nice way, but still, you can stop watching after I finish singing if you want the full update but hate hearing cusses.

Thanks again, everyone. Your kindness and generosity have brought the project further along in just ONE WEEK than I had expected us to do in a full month. 150%! Wow!

Hope you enjoy the video! I had eaten spicy ramen for dinner and had already sang quite a bit, so my voice wasn't of its usual caliber, but I think the sentiment still gets across. <3

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    1. Amanda Johannessan on

      Devon > No, dems my shirts. >:0

    2. Stephen on

      This video is so sexy that I'm now pregnant with David's child.

    3. Rodney Blackwell on

      My rose is in bloom.

    4. Beth Freshie Lawrence on

      You crack me up. Cheers to your future success! Take that, car thieves!

    5. Missing avatar

      Rachel James on

      Truly epic. A song that always reminds me of being in hospital as a kid with a Batman Forever poster next to my bed, can now also evoke the warmth of pledging on Kickstarter!

    6. Devon Rampe on

      Since Amanda died, can I have her stuff?

    7. Nick Johnson on

      Aww, you're the coolest, SEIBEI. xD

    8. Missing avatar

      Kate Densmore on

      I am personally touched by this

    9. Missing avatar

      Mikey Lemieux on

      AHHHHH mazing.....