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Come check out the new SEIBEI! New onesies, new tees, and exclusives by Chad Manzo, Bryan Lee O'Malley, Ashley Davis, and more!

JUST ONE DAY LEFT to get exclusive tees by BRYAN LEE O'MALLEY (of SCOTT PILGRIM), ASHLEY DAVIS, and CHAD MANZO, plus a bunch of great stuff by me! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

Hi, my name is David Murray, better known as SEIBEI. I've run a fun t-shirt company for five years, selling online and at shows across the US and in Tokyo. 

While down in Los Angeles, my van, and all of my equipment and nearly all of my tees and onesies, were stolen. I'd put all of my money into preparing for this show, and for my small, one man business, this has been a crippling blow. 


I have put up a bunch of designs - classic favorites, new colorways, all new designs, and Kickstarter exclusive guest tees - available through this Kickstarter. When we reach our funding goal on September 12th, your pledge is charged, everything will be printed in late September and shipped out, and I'll be able to keep doing what I love. 

Now, let's check out the beautiful tees ad onesies that are up for grabs!


All onesies will be printed on American Apparel stock with super soft, CSPIA-compliant waterbased inks.


All tees will be available in unisex and ladies' sizes, up to 5XL in most designs! 


Available in men's and ladies' sizes up to 5XL! 

To see Chad Manzo's stunning rendition of my van, Beauford, in closer detail, just CLICK HERE

Thanks again for supporting my work - if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to hit me up

Special thanks to my friends Ashley DavisBryan Lee O'Malley, and Chad Manzo for their Kickstarter exclusive designs

Ashley Davis is a cartoonist who enjoys drawing cute pictures for people. Sometimes they end up on shirts. This is one of those times. 

Bryan Lee O'Malley is a cartoonist from Canada. He created the 6-volume graphic novel series SCOTT PILGRIM, which was adapted into an awesome film and videogame in 2010.

Chad Manzo is an illustrator and t-shirt designer from Cebu, Phillipines, who loves SEIBEI (he asked me to write this, I swear!). <3


  • I work with a small, select handful of retailers, and am always interested in new potential partnerships. Please email me at and tell me more about your store, and maybe we can work together!

    Just FYI, the Kickstarter exclusives will NOT be available wholesale, but everything else is up for grabs!

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  • I had considered running preorders through my own website, but I'm hoping that Kickstarter will spread my work to a wider audience. Plus, the all-or-nothing nature of Kickstarter ensures that I will gather enough orders to be able to offer everything at low prices.

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  • The money is enough to get modest print runs of everything shown, with enough left over to ship everything out to backers once Kickstarter has taken their cut.

    I already have a great website, I already work with a great printing company, and I've already put years of work getting the business started. None of this money will be going towards establishing a business, because that has already been done.

    Any money beyond the goal will go right back into the business - better order fulfillment, more fun new products, and marketing. I have also promised my girlfriend that when the Kickstarter succeeds, I will take her out to Medieval Times to celebrate, but I will be paying for that myself.

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  • I print everything on American Apparel stock (with the exception of sizes 4XL and 5XL, as American Apparel only goes to 3XL), with custom tags. Everything will be printed right here in Oakland by using super soft waterbased discharge inks, which are bright, long-lasting, and are as soft and breathable as the cotton itself after the first wash. I've worked in the screen printing industry for years, and I can assure you that the quality is second to none.

    If for some reason you don't like American Apparel tees, I will be more than happy to print your tee on a blank tee of the same color by another brand. Just let me know!

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  • I have a full-time job too! I work as an artist and salesperson for Forward Printing in Oakland - but the money for that goes towards dumb stuff like student loans, rent, gas, and food.

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  • TOTALLY! Now that the goal is assured, your pledges will buy you as many of these great t-shirts as you want, at a low low price! Now that there's more money coming in, I will be adding even MORE new designs and more Kickstarter exclusives, and trying my best to reward all of you for your generosity and support.

    If you like the work I do, every dollar pledged goes towards SEIBEI's future and ensures that I'll be able to make more and more awesome stuff, work with more rad artists, and make the world a better place for mutants.

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  • Yes! I forgot to mention this in my update, but I have picked those ten winners (the very first backer, and 9 random ones from the remaining 99) and messaged them individually. Sorry if you weren't one of them!

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  • Nope! What you see is what is available. I may work out something where people on the top tier get to pick a custom tee color for a couple of things if they want, but not only do I make very deliberate color choices for each tee, can you imagine trying to process 300+ custom t-shirt orders all at once, come September 12th? My head would explode!

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  • Once the Kickstarter wraps up, I will be contacting every backer with an order form. You decide which ones you want, and that will help determine how many of each I print!

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    ANYONE who pledges ANYTHING will get access to a special set of wallpapers for your desktop, iPhone, and Android, before anyone else, AND access to a special backers only pre-holiday sale in November!

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    Get a pack of four SEIBEI pinback buttons, featuring art from these tees and more - shipped anywhere in the world!

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    Get the four buttons, plus a rugged SEIBEI tote with a Kickstarter exclusive design! International friends, please add $2.

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    NEW! THE GAMBLER: Tell me your size, and I will pick a tee from this collection for you and throw in a couple of pins as well. You can even tell me up to three tees that you absolutely don't want, to help ensure that you get something you love! International friends, please add $2.

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    Get one regular tee or onesie, the tote, and the four buttons! International friends, please add $5.

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    Get one limited tee of your choice, the tote, and the four buttons! International friends, please add $5.

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    Get any three tees or onesies, the tote, and four buttons! International friends, please add $15.

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    Get any six tees or onesies, the tote, four buttons, and a one-of-a-kind sketch card drawn by SEIBEI of whatever you want! International friends, please add $25.

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    One of everything shown here (with up to three substitutions), a sketch card, plus a bunch of pins and a few totes to carry it all around. International friends, please add $50 for shipping.

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    USA ONLY - get one of everything shown here (with up to five substitutions), a sketch card, and one of everything new I print for the next year (somewhere from 30 - 60 tees, show exclusives, onesies, totes, and other goodies, in whatever sizes you like)! Consider this your solution for all of your gift-giving needs next year.

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