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A documentary on Huntington's Disease, a family torn apart and how a bike ride and one courageous Matt Austin brings them together.
A documentary on Huntington's Disease, a family torn apart and how a bike ride and one courageous Matt Austin brings them together.
126 backers pledged $14,208 to help bring this project to life.

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October Backers


Hi All!

With your contributions and support the documentary is finished! We can't thank you enough for making this happen. Just last week we had our first private showing for our Los Angeles cast and crew and we were very encouraged with the response.

We currently have the documentary out to over a dozen festivals in New York, Atlanta, Seattle, Park City, Boulder, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and one in Hong Kong.

Next month the Austin family will all be together over Thanksgiving, most of them viewing the film for the first time. The hope is that it'll encourage additional conversation and healing.

Until then, we're holding off sending a digital download of the film out to backers until December. We apologize for this, but with respect to the family it's important for them to see it first.

We'll be sure to stay in contact as we hear from festivals and programmers about the future of Breaking the Cycle. In the meantime, check out our new poster!

Breaking the Cycle
Breaking the Cycle

27 Hours Left - Going above and beyond!

Thank to the support of 118 of you, we've made our goal with time to spare! It has been a dream of ours to put Matt on tour with the documentary, visiting HD groups and organizations so all additional funds raised will go toward making that a reality. It's not too late to pledge. Join the 118 supporters and hundreds of others who have made this documentary possible.

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A Ride With Matt goes to Skywalker

3 days left & $975 to go until we're funded! 98 supporters in all, just about to 100.

This morning the day started at 3:30am making a six hour drive to Skywalker Ranch for sound design and mixing on A Ride With Matt. The company generously agreed to work on the film for a hugely reduced fee after seeing the trailer and hearing about Matt's story.

However, on route, the car died on the way to San Francisco. Needing all the time in the studio, I left it behind for a rental and got the rest of the way to Skywalker. The ranch is secluded in Lucas Valley on beautiful grounds. We met with Zach our sound designer and sound mixer and began work immediately. It was thrilling to see the documentary on the big screen and on such amazing speakers. It began to take shape throughout the day, living, breathing as a powerful story on its own. We go back again tomorrow for another day of spotting and then Zach will continue work for the next two weeks as Adam finalizes music in LA and Rony Barrak finishes his portion of the music in Beirut after his concert in Italy.

All trains ahead!

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7 days, $2400 more to reach our goal! Teaser Scene Thank You

In celebration for being 80% of the way to our goal with one week left, we'd like to share with you a more intimate scene from the documentary. This was filmed just before the start of the ride in Rochester, NY at the site where Andy, Matt's Father, committed suicide, ending his struggle with Huntington's Disease.

It became our departure point, taking the Austin family in a new direction, turning negatives into positives, and finally coming together around the illness rather than having it tear the family apart.

Watch the clip on our Facebook page:

Mariel Hemingway tweets support of A Ride With Matt

10 more days to reach our goal. Spread the word and get friends and family involved. We can do this!

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