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Collaboratively illustrated and imagined tarot deck. 29 artists and 3 writers with Southern ties or queer identities or both.
Collaboratively illustrated and imagined tarot deck. Over 30 artists and 3 writers with Southern ties or queer identities or both.
Collaboratively illustrated and imagined tarot deck. Over 30 artists and 3 writers with Southern ties or queer identities or both.
886 backers pledged $57,321 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Nhonami on

      I got mine :-D they're fantastic.

    2. Slow Holler Creator on

      @ Katie whittle: Hi! Thanks of asking. We'll confirm all addresses by sending out a Kickstarter survey just before we ship the decks.

    3. Missing avatar

      Katie whittle on

      Hey Friends! I recently moved and I just want to make sure that yall have the right address for me. How do you all plan on receiving backers addresses? Thanks!

    4. isotope

      Check their facebook. They post updates and previews of new cards pretty regularly

    5. Leigh Oates on

      What's going on with this project? Looking forward to hearing some updates soon and getting my deck!

    6. E C on

      Long time no news... any updates coming ?

    7. Stacy Fox on

      wonderful project.

    8. Missing avatar

      Peter Jeffs on

      Totally awesome !!! I am soooooooo happy this beautiful deck got funded :) :) :)
      Can't wait to see it !!! Kudos to everyone involved ;)

    9. Missing avatar

      Chelsea Bernard on

      SO PUMPED. Can't wait to own this freaking gorgeous deck.

    10. John Murphy on

      Sincerely, congratulations... I was watching this from afar and of all the tarot decks that I have seen, this is the first that meets my criteria.

      As a folklorist one of the most important factors to symbology of the numina is the collective creation of imagery. In most modern Tarot decks, the cards are created by a single ego, this leads to a psychological or numinous enslavement in theoretical magic.

      In your creation of this deck as a collective, you are moving from auteristic storytelling to folkloric storytelling.

      I hope my promotion was helpful and may you have a wonderful Walpurgis Nacht.

      Thank you for your work.

    11. Missing avatar

      Elisabeth Waller on

      I'm so happy this made it! You are all so amazing and this totally deserves to exist!

    12. Teagan Widmer on

      So happy this made it! --

    13. Missing avatar


      I'm so happy it got funded! Congratulations! I'm looking forward to owning this awesome deck.

    14. Hoss on

      I'm so glad this kickstarter made it! $52 was a lot for me to spend right now but I needed a queer deck so bad. (Plus, the art and the color scheme... gorgeous!)

    15. Stephanie Addink on

      Awesome! Congrats!

    16. Thom Courcelle on

      WhHOOOOhoooOOO!!! Was so hoping to see this artistry come to fruition… AND NOW IT WILL!! Congrats to all the project coordinators and artists, and blessings to all donors for their charity towards a worthwhile project. Cheers!!

    17. K Macdonald

      Wow, this has been a truly impressive last day!

    18. Missing avatar

      Alex Henderson on

      728 pledgers. Less than ten bucks each would carry over the top. I'm going in now and upping by $25.

    19. Klaus Peter

      I'm going to pledge for one more deck! Maybe this helps if everybody does!

    20. Slow Holler Creator on

      Thank you Clifton! We're still workin hard on outreach too.

    21. Missing avatar

      Clifton Royston on

      Good luck, and I hope you make it over the top. I really like the designs you're showing and what you're trying to do artistically, and I finally shared this on Facebook yesterday in the hopes it reaches a few more interested people.