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Bringing back the 90's-era PC platformer with a game inspired by classics like Commander Keen, Conker, Ruff'n'Tumble & Jazz Jackrabbit.
Bringing back the 90's-era PC platformer with a game inspired by classics like Commander Keen, Conker, Ruff'n'Tumble & Jazz Jackrabbit -  Missed the Kickstarter? You can still get in on the Beta, and purchase specific rewards by clicking the button below!
Bringing back the 90's-era PC platformer with a game inspired by classics like Commander Keen, Conker, Ruff'n'Tumble & Jazz Jackrabbit -  Missed the Kickstarter? You can still get in on the Beta, and purchase specific rewards by clicking the button below!
3,901 backers pledged $81,861 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Jelkath about 14 hours ago

      I never received an email with a game key or anything from backerkit regarding the game. I'm looking forward to playing it once that gets straightened out. Thanks!

    2. Missing avatar

      Angelo Dabalà 1 day ago

      I originally pledged 10$ for the game on one platform then received message to enter the beta on steam for additional 9.99$ you told me that would count as a second copy of the game once finished. The full game is now unlocked in my steam library but I never received the code for the ps4 version. Am I missing something?

    3. Interceptor Entertainment Creator 1 day ago

      @Alexander Ridler - I've resent the link from Backerkit to the email you used when you backed the project. Please use this link and fill out the survey to unlock your rewards.

    4. Alexander Ridler 2 days ago

      I am not able to access this backerkit stuff... therefore i never got a key to the game... Can anyone please help me with that? I kinda feel extremely bummed, seeing the game come out, getting updates, while not having the game i backed here for even more money it goes now.

      I arranged myself with not getting those classic 3D Realms games already...

    5. Frederik Schreiber Collaborator 3 days ago

      We just got an update from the supplier today! We have news about this soon!

    6. Seppo Seppälä
      3 days ago

      My thoughts exactly.

    7. Missing avatar

      Matthew Leas 4 days ago

      Now that the PS4 version is out, will there be any progress made for Big Box backers waiting for their physical copies?

    8. Simon Quincey 5 days ago

      Quite a nice favourable review (a little early i know) here...

      Fred, if theres ever going to be a PS4 patch, i'd like to reiterate what Eric R Jackson said. The first "gift" i got was clearly shown in the top left corner, however subsequent ones were not so obvious. I noticed my level time dropped one time but for a couple i was completely oblivious to what i was given. Some way of making these more obvious would be good.

      Great fun game, hope you have plans for another :) Cheers.

    9. Frederik Schreiber Collaborator 5 days ago

      Trophies won’t work on unreleased games. Sony will activate the Trophy server when the game is released on Wednesday!

    10. Missing avatar

      Kyle Martin 5 days ago

      Why are there no trophies?

    11. Simon Quincey 7 days ago

      Thanks Fred. Installing game now. You must be relieved to finally have this on peoples PS4s :) Heres hoping the game does well for you. Cheers.

    12. Interceptor Entertainment Creator on February 16


      Just received a message from THQ.
      They would ask you guys kindly not to share anything on social media (Videos/Images), or Livestreams/Youtube, before the media embargo lifts on February 20.

      Thank you guys in advance!

      You're using the minigun.
      It takes some time to spin up before it starts shooting.

    13. Missing avatar

      Kimberley Fraser on February 16

      Ah right.... that may be what I’m seeing.... Thanks Shane 😊

    14. Missing avatar

      shane doyle on February 16

      Only the rapid fire has a delay but that's what you'd expect.. Think gatling gun.

    15. Missing avatar

      Kimberley Fraser on February 16

      Feedback: At times I find the shooting extremely delayed!! Like sometimes I press the button and it takes a good 5 seconds to actually shoot the gun, whilst other times it shoots immediately! Anyone else find this??
      Also I don’t seem to have any trophies for the PS4? Will these come when the game is “officially” released??

    16. Johannes Reinders on February 16

      @Seppo Seppälä thanks a lot ! It worked.

    17. Seppo Seppälä
      on February 16

      Johannes, you need to login on your backerkit account. The code is on digital downloads, If you never filled your backerkit info and chose the platform of your choice you probably have steam key code on backerkit in that case.
      The link:

    18. Johannes Reinders on February 16

      Hi guys,
      i have a digital copy on a platform of choice but i didn't get a PS4 key or anything else for that matter. How can i get my PS4 copy of the game.

    19. Eric R Jackson on February 15

      Feedback....... When entering the tree huts in the first world, alot of the time the creatures will say they are going to give me something but nothing shows up..... Bug maybe?

    20. Eric R Jackson on February 15

      Thank you sooo much! This game is amazingly fun and I will now be pushing it on all my friends!!

    21. Seppo Seppälä
      on February 15

      Eric, you need to login on your backerkit account. The code is on digital downloads.
      The link:

    22. Eric R Jackson on February 15

      I'm not seeing an email or any kind of link for a ps4 digital code?? Help please.

    23. Missing avatar

      DPsx7 on February 15

      Can I upgrade my digital version to the physical edition? I see it available for sale on Amazon and long ago when I backed this project I didn't see a choice for just the one copy of the game. (There was an expensive version with 2 copies.) Let me know before I redeem my PS4 key.

    24. Michael A. on January 25

      I would like to change my ps4 version to the steam version. Could someone of the team do it, please?

    25. Missing avatar

      shane doyle on January 15

      Xbox was never an option so why would you, and there is no free keys, everyone paid for thier steam and ps4 keys

    26. Mrg Fisher on January 15

      That's super news that it is soon to be released!

      Will a 'for free' key be provided for XBOX owners too?

    27. Missing avatar

      Claibourne Roberts
      on January 14

      Hi... I have beat access due to backing the little big planet pledge level. I have been waiting for my ps4 is version but do not see it via backerkit.

    28. Missing avatar

      Matthew Leas on January 13

      I 100% agree with you Seppo Seppälä. I would be more then happy to return the soundtrack CD (still never opened mine) in exchange for the promised physical copy. Like many others, its the entire reason I backed that tier.

    29. Seppo Seppälä
      on January 13

      Regarding the big box tiers, as said, the whole point for me pledging on that level was the physical copy of the game which I've always preferred and will prefer over the digital downloads. If you guys told on some update that the physical console copy will be removed and replaced with a soundtrack CD, I've missed that one. I only found out about it on a Christmas eve 2016 from a piece of paper which you had put inside the box. You can only imagine my disappointment at the moment when I opened the box. Then you told that you are working on something to make it up, then you promised the DVD copy and now it sounded like you are about to eat your words again.

      If the game gets released on a disc, and as far as for my understanding it will, I don't see any reason why you can't send a copy of it for your big box backers. We are not that many. It will hardly drive you on a bankruptcy if you send a DVD copy of the game for those who still wants it. I can even send back my soundtrack CD, which is still sealed, in favor of DVD copy of the game. The whole box feels completely useless with the most essential part of the content missing: the game itself.

      Come on guys, have some dignity and do the right thing.

    30. Missing avatar

      Luis Seda
      on January 12

      Que bien, ya habia pre ordenado en Amazon una copia fisica por si acaso. Me quedare con las dos opciones.

    31. EA Nielsen on January 12

      Hi, I didn’t receive my steam codes, and just never followed up on it. Is it too late to have them sent? And if possible, can I switch from PC to PS4 if I didn’t sign up with PS4 access? It’s been so long I don’t even remember which platform I signed up for 😂

    32. Missing avatar

      7yph0n on January 12

      I try to get my real name in the Backer Credits since a long time (Emails with F. Schreiber). Actual my Kickstarter name is still in it... What have I to do that this will finally happen...?

    33. Luke Dickinson on January 12

      Great news about the console release. Will the game be taking advantage of any of the features of the Xbox One X, or the PS4 Pro? If so I too would like the option of switching from a PS4 version to an Xbox One version.

    34. Missing avatar

      Yannick Noel on January 12

      What?!? it’s available for xbox too??? How can we change for that?

    35. Missing avatar

      steven licata on January 12

      Awesome News!!

    36. Frederik Schreiber Collaborator on January 12

      Hi Guys!

      I have good news!
      Rad Rodgers for PS4 has been approved by Sony!
      The game is releasing on February 21, and all PS4 backers will automatically receive a key through backerkit / email!

    37. Kay Pirinha on January 12


      Here are some news about the release date from the site "allgamesdelta". Sorry for the bad screenshot quality:

      It seems not possible that the loosers from Interceptor Entertainment inform the backers first. Campaigns like this will crowdfunding platforms dying...

    38. Missing avatar

      Matthew Leas on January 12

      As a big box backer, I still would like to receive my DVD copy of the game. Almost over a year ago this was posted on here over concerns of those of us that did not receive one as advertised in the tier we backed:
      "January 20
      Good news!
      We're producing a full DRM-FREE DVD copy of the game, and will ship it to all the Big Box Beauty Backers!"
      Was that original promise even ever worked on and how can we opt in to receive the DVD copy?

    39. Mario Lachapelle on January 11

      I hope one of the creators see this I am PS4 backer that would like to change to a steam key please, how can we go about this thanks

    40. Patrick Riley-Mercado on January 5

      Could I get a link to the Backerkit sent to my new Google email address?

    41. Michael A. on January 5

      @Frederik Schreiber
      It is important for the backers that someone takes care of the community. Here we have not received any answers for (felt) months. Glad to see that there's someone back on this page with you.

      Before I convert my pledge to a steam key. Will the PS4 version include any improvements to the Steam version or are they absolutely identical? Of course, I want the best version of your game and I would still wait for it.

    42. Frederik Schreiber Collaborator on January 5

      Alexander, that is the full game. If you read through the Kickstarter, that was always the plan. The name of the full game is "Rad Rodgers: World 1".
      If we end up doing a sequel we might call it "Rad Rodgers: World 2" or simply "Rad Rodgers 2"

    43. alexander tolstrup on January 5

      i only recieved codes for "rad radgers: world 1" which was last updated in 2016. and only holds the first world... that is what is on both the codes i got through backerkit, i didnt get the full game.

    44. Frederik Schreiber Collaborator on January 4

      Sascha, all Steam keys were sent to you automatically back in 2016. You can find it by logging into your Backerkit account.

      About the PS4 version, as I wrote below, it’s done, and currently in submission reviewal at Sony. We can’t really rush it more than we’re already doing.

      About the DVD version, that was originally planned, but we decided to replace it elbefore the campaign launched.

      When we created the campaign, we decided to replace the DVD version with a much cooler SNES cartridge USB. Unfortunately in the reward overview we forgot to remove the DVD version.

      If the ones who pledged for this are still interested in the DVD version, we’ll figure something out ASAP for you guys.

    45. Scott Devaney on January 4

      @Frederik Schreiber
      That's not what is shown in the $99 pledge description. Here is a screenshot in case you guys have trouble remembering:

      Those of us in that tier were also told that it would be made right. So far this has not come to happen and it sounds like from your reply it never will. Very disappointing. Highly doubt I buy any future stuff from either developer or publisher.

    46. Greg "Scorpio" Myers
      on January 3

      An answer as to when we might get our PS4 copy would be appreciated. I'm not going to ask for it from THQ Nordic as I backed the game right here. If it's out of your hands that's fine but you should at least let us console backers have a clue as to when we can play our game.

    47. Missing avatar

      Sascha Jaeger on January 3

      no answer is bullshit, i want to have my fucking steam key

    48. Mark Hansen on January 3

      So I see a key in my BackerKit for the Beta, but nothing for the PS4 or PC.. I backed for the PS4 version, what do I need to do to get this to show?

    49. alexander tolstrup on January 1

      i have only recieved the world 1 of the pc game, and heard nothing from backerkit.

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