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Bringing back the 90's-era PC platformer with a game inspired by classics like Commander Keen, Conker, Ruff'n'Tumble & Jazz Jackrabbit.
Bringing back the 90's-era PC platformer with a game inspired by classics like Commander Keen, Conker, Ruff'n'Tumble & Jazz Jackrabbit -  Missed the Kickstarter? You can still get in on the Beta, and purchase specific rewards by clicking the button below!
Bringing back the 90's-era PC platformer with a game inspired by classics like Commander Keen, Conker, Ruff'n'Tumble & Jazz Jackrabbit -  Missed the Kickstarter? You can still get in on the Beta, and purchase specific rewards by clicking the button below!
3,901 backers pledged $81,861 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Kay Pirinha about 13 hours ago

      Is here a lawyer under us which can write a nice letter to them? Cause PS4 Version is ready, but they will not deliver.

    2. Missing avatar

      Daniel Zambada about 19 hours ago

      Never backing this team again. You'd think i would've learned after mighty number 9

    3. Missing avatar

      shane doyle 1 day ago

      I've sent them a couple of mails too, no reply.. As a backer who chose the ps4 version, I'm starting to think ive wasted my money, and my time looking forward to this.. Thanks @intetceptor Entertainment you've taken all the good out of kickstarter.

    4. Kay Pirinha 2 days ago

      @shane doyle:

      No, two mails about the contact formular are unanswered

    5. Missing avatar

      shane doyle 2 days ago

      Has anybody got any type of reply from THQ??

    6. Patrick Riley-Mercado 4 days ago

      I lost access to my old email, and I updated my email on Kickstarter. How do I get a link to the BackerKit sent to that new email address? I sent a message to this project creator (Interceptor Entertainment) and I tried to send something via BackerKit months ago. I have the game, I would just like to access my BackerKit again.

    7. Kay Pirinha 6 days ago

      ...and this campaign and a$$h0les are the reason, why kickstarter died slowly, step by step. They take our money and give us nothing although the ps4 version is ready.

    8. Creoterra on November 14

      Thanks Tracey, luckily I was able to get the code in backerkit, I just had no idea to look there.

    9. Simon Quincey on November 14

      Hey Frederik, game looks great, was a huge fan of Ruff N Tumble back on the Amiga, still patiently waiting here for something playable on PS4 :)

      Fingers crossed an option to upgrade to physical comes from you rather than THQ. I would much prefer the extra money to come your way. Considering the kickstarters final amount raised was only $82000, i can understand the need to partner up with someone like THQ and that those funds must have been stretched to the max to get this game made. I know how much art, music, licensing, plugins etc can all cost and considering the size of your team, that money really can't have gone very far. I imagine its been struggle.

      Hindsight is a great thing isn't it. I'm sure you realise the game was pitched too cheap. The vision went beyond the original one but i hope everything works out in the end. I hope THQ can market the game quite well for you, get some decent sales numbers and nice reviews and put some money back in your pockets. Good luck.

    10. Tracey Craig
      on November 14


      The new and updated version of the game is now in the hands of THQ Nordic with no known release date.

      So you need to check your backerkit account for the old version (World 1) the code should be there.... if not, you’re stuffed because THQ Nordic will not help you, because these idiot devs sold the game to them.

    11. Creoterra on November 12

      Hey guys I'm confused, I pledged and wanted a Steam key and have never received anything, but I'm reading that it's been available for awhile? Should I have gotten a key?

    12. Tracey Craig
      on November 12

      Oh lessons have been learned.

      I don't back campaigns for less than 65K unless I know the devs are trustworthy and never back a game that has less than a year of delivery.

    13. Javier Romero
      on November 9

      As long as you can learn to spot the shit good campaigns from the shitty ones then you should be alright. However that doesn't mean that a good campaign can turn to shit.

    14. Javier Romero
      on November 9

      if you read the details in kickstarter's contract agreement that we all agree by pledging and all......they aren't held liable for whatever happens after the campaign period. They don't give two shits about us but hey no shit is better than this whole site being regulated and further exploited than it already is with all the scam campaigns or people like these guys who promise more than they can deliver

    15. Tracey Craig
      on November 7

      @Shane Doyle

      I agree, wholeheartedly. I seriously regret backing these arseholes. They knew they were going to sell us down the river when they took our money.


    16. Missing avatar

      shane doyle on November 7

      As a ps4 Backer here is hard not to feel cheated.. This whole THQ thing was not part of the deal when i backed it, we should have been given something to play, i mean you did have it up and running on ps4 at some point, and then got the big THQ update like every one else. I know I'll get the game a some point but you guys really shafted your ps4 backers.

    17. Kay Pirinha on November 7




      THQ NORDIC don't answer to mails.

      What a big mistake to support this campaign!

    18. Tracey Craig
      on October 27


      It doesn't work.... trust me i've reported maaaany bad campaigns. Kickstarter doesn't give two fucks about us, they got their cut that's all they care about!

    19. Missing avatar

      Jose on October 25

      That was my exact problem! I don’t want to get an email talking about “it’s a wrap” when I haven’t received my product for ps4. Then when you ask about the delivery, it gets blown off to THQ. I didn’t back this so you guys could use it as a staging area to do whatever you’re doing. We backed this project and unless THQ is running it directly, we want answers from you guys.

    20. Kay Pirinha on October 25

      @all Backers:

      report this campaign because of inactivity and lack of conversation - this could work. The last comment from Frederik Schreiber was some hours later after I report this campaign to kickstarter.

      Maybe was this the reason.

    21. Pixel Imperfect on October 25

      So I'm coming back after another 2 MONTHS of no response from the developers here making it 5 MONTHS TOTAL since I first asked if I could get my game key for having backed this project. At this point I'm no longer interested in the game, I just wanted to let everybody involved in the project know that I'll be spreading as much word as possible about how awful of an experience I've had and telling as many people as possible to avoid this game and to avoid this group of developers. Good luck to all the other people out there that have had this same experience!

    22. Missing avatar

      Matthew Leas on October 24

      So are big box backers still going to be getting their physical PC copies or at least an option to get a physical PS4 one? You guys said a while back that you were working to get a physical copy for those who backed one.

    23. Missing avatar

      Dustin Herzberger on October 23

      Is THQ going to send me the copy of the game?

      You need to see this project through until each backers
      reward is delivered...

      How do you plan on bridging the gap between you and THQ? And fulfilling the PS4 rewards?

    24. Dan Orlowitz on October 22

      Frederick, you can't say that you believe you did right by your backers before admitting that the majority of your backers are frustrated in the same sentence. Don't you understand how tone-deaf that makes you sound?

      Of course anyone who expects a game kickstarter (whether that be video or tabletop) to deliver on time is an idiot, but that's another matter entirely.

      Every successful game I've backed didn't just focus on the development aspect, but regularly updated us on the production+fulfillment aspect (a timeline for completing the text, graphics, editing, printing, and then shipping).

      That's where you guys have utterly failed your backers.

    25. Missing avatar

      Karl Hendrikse on October 22

      "World One" was not mentioned anywhere in the original Kickstarter. So let's be clear: no one has received what they are owed yet. PC backers got some half-baked early beta or something, and PS4 backers got nothing.

      I have no interest in waiting longer. I demand my money back.

    26. Alex Gubin on October 22

      I'm with everyone else on this thread – this latest update is kind of BS! We backed this game with an expectation to be able to play it within a certain time, and now we are being told that it's out of the developer's hands... So, what if THQ decided not to release the game at all, then what?!

    27. Missing avatar

      Kimberley Fraser on October 22

      Im sorry but reading back through your reply's, you seem to think we've all had the game?!
      To quote your reply to Jose "We delivered the full game to all backers 3 months after the Kickstarter concluded (1 year ago!)."
      No you haven't!
      You delivered, from what I understand to be an early release of the game to players on the pc, which has since been updated but us PS4 backers have received nothing more then a digital wallpaper.
      And I have checked through my emails, I responded the backerkit the day it was sent, receiving my wallpaper a while later and thats it, thats all I've had.
      Now your saying its all done and dusted, and we can buy it soon on physical etc..... can you understand why we all feel a little brushed under the rug?
      Even if in your updates there had been a little "PS4 Section" saying "Hey dont worry we havent forgot about you, there's not really much movement but were still working on your digital copies", that would have made me feel a little better, but so far I just feel like you've taken my money, given the pc players there copies, and signed the game over to THQ Nordic and off to enjoy the fruits of your labour!
      At this point in time, I feel like Im never going to see my copy of the game, Im regretting backing you!

    28. Ian
      on October 22

      When a significant chunk of your backers have yet to receive an actual game to play (yes I’m talking about PS4) this ...
      “When and where they'll release the game (It will have a physical copy on day one for all platforms!), is entirely up to them. So if you have any questions regarding the release, I suggest you reach out to them directly.” ... is not what should be happening.
      What should be happening is those of us who pledged for a certain format should be getting those once they pass certification with the televant platform holder, this shouldn’t be left to THQ to decide, this should have already been dealt with

    29. Missing avatar

      shane doyle on October 22

      How can they say they delivered a full game to everyone.. No ps4 backers have one or am I missing something

    30. Kay Pirinha on October 22

      Frederik Schreiber are you kidding me? I wrote a mail to THQ three days ago, they don't answer. During the kampaign we backed you and not THQ - thats lame, Speak with your publisher and fix a date for us - for the PS4 Version! Thanks...

    31. Frederik Schreiber Collaborator on October 22

      Dena, I can see your items were shipped on 10/21/16 17:32:05.
      All your digital downloads can be found by following the backerkit link which was sent to you when your fulfilled the survey.

      Pierre - We simply don't know yet.

    32. Dena L Giusa on October 22

      I have filled the survey and have waited and waited. Never received any emails or updates. I have searched my email and found only reply notifications to messages that were sent 10/2016. How do I find out what I have been missing please?

    33. Missing avatar

      Pierre Laperdrix on October 22

      Thanks for the update!
      Can we expect the new version this year or do we have to wait for 2018?

    34. Missing avatar

      Jose on October 22

      Good to know. I don’t think you guys are thieves in the night or anything. Just a bit disappointed with the PS4 updates. That said, best of luck going forward. Looking forward to getting the key.

    35. Frederik Schreiber Collaborator on October 22

      Jose, there were definitely flaws in our latest communication.
      Primarily due to the fact, that there wasn't much to say, which we hadn't already said in previous updates (As pointed out in the last update).

      We deeply underestimated the importance of communication and updates, even where there's not much to update you guys on. Just to ensure that you guys know that "Stuff is being done".

    36. Missing avatar

      Jose on October 22

      I didn’t report the Kickstarter, but in regards to PS4 backers, it has been poorly handled. Your last big update didn’t even mention PS4 rewards knowing that many of us have been waiting for some update, so please don’t sit here and act as if I’m being some toxic consumer. I’ve not commented on this in who knows long.

      You can look at this trail of comments and see that your communication in regards to PS4 backers hasn’t been all that great. Rather than try to act as if we’re being unreasonable, you could maybe realize that there were some flaws in your communication that can be improved upon. It’s not like I was throwing out scam accusations or anything of that nature.

    37. Frederik Schreiber Collaborator on October 22

      Kimberley, all keys will still be sent though Backerkit (As with the rest of the digital rewards).
      We don't know when. That's what we're talking with THQ about currently.

    38. Frederik Schreiber Collaborator on October 22

      Jose, I'm sorry you feel that way.
      We delivered the full game to all backers 3 months after the Kickstarter concluded (1 year ago!).
      That's a monumental achievement on its own.

      We delivered all physical rewards, months in advance of the date originally announced (Only a few months after the Kickstarter was announced, all physical rewards were delivered to backers).

      We updated you guys weekly throughout all of development to deliver an unprecedented Kickstarter campaign. And even after the game was released, we wanted to give you guys more. We partnered with THQ in April, which allowed us to add even more content. Content which was not part of the original Kickstarter.

      Short in short - We wanted to things right. And I strongly believe we succeeded at that.
      Now, I understand why the PS4 backers are frustrated. We've been updating you guys regularly, but as mentioned in the last update, we can only do so much. There's a big Sony and Publisher eco-system, which we are not in control of.

      All we can do is to submit the final game (which we did last Friday).

      Now, we'll do everything we can to make sure you guys can get your hands on the PS4 version early (Before it's released). I just reached out to our producer at THQ today about this matter.

      To those of you who still haven't gotten your Steam keys or other digital rewards. Please reach out on a private message, and please search through your inbox for "Backerkit". Almost every single message we receive is a case of someone not reading the instructions correct or not fulfilling their original Backerkit survey (which was sent over a year ago automatically to all backers). We're more than happy to help, but it does require you guys to read the mails we sent back when the Kickstarter ended.

      Trust us when we say we want the same as you guys, and we've been working hard on it.

      But reporting the Kickstarter, calling it terribly handled, etc. does not help anyone.
      We've delivered a tremendously solid Kickstarter, but there are some things simply out of our control.

      To the rest of you, THANK YOU for still following this Kickstarter.
      The new Rad Rodgers is a fantastic game, which we're super proud of. And we sincerely hope you guys will enjoy it as well!

      And as always, feel free to ask questions. We're here to answer!

    39. Missing avatar

      Jose on October 22

      That update left me feeling uneasy? When are we getting our digital codes for PS4? This project has been terribly handled.

    40. Missing avatar

      Kimberley Fraser on October 22

      Frederik, your update doesn’t explain where we’re expecting to get out digital copies from??
      Are we to badger THQ Nordic for them or will you be sending them out to us from Kickstarter??

    41. Missing avatar

      Daniel Zambada on October 22

      So we have too wait for thq too give the date? Who's gonna be emailing us the codes?

    42. Frederik Schreiber Collaborator on October 22

      New updated posted!

      IT'S A WRAP!

    43. Kay Pirinha on October 22

      I have reported this project to Kickstarter:

      Probleme nach der Finanzierung
      Der Projektgründer reagiert nicht, und der Projektstatus ist unklar.

    44. Greg "Scorpio" Myers
      on October 21

      I want an update on the PS4 version, I think we've waited pretty patiently.

    45. Derrick on October 19

      Lots of updates to no updates and it releases soon. Any words? Just leaving everyone that helped you get funding in the dark? High and dry? Pretty terrible business model.

    46. Chris Bailey on October 18

      ps4 version? . hello?

    47. Missing avatar

      Daniel Zambada on October 17

      Still nothing on ps4. Lets put it on perspective. If we the backers are told we have too wait until after THQ releases the physical editions in store, then you're gonna go under like Comcept. This whole situation is ridiculous and needs too be solved quickly or you will share their fate.

    48. Missing avatar

      shane doyle on October 17

      So this game was funded a year ago and the ps4 backers have to date recieved nothing.. You went ahead and agreed a deal with THQ, this was never part of the deal we payed our money for, and because of this we've got then promised us weekly updates which have stopped all together, its really not fair, I'll give it another week and if we don't have an update on what's happening I'll be reporting the project to kickstarter. Fair is fair.. I'm done waiting.

    49. Missing avatar

      shane doyle on October 13

      They've gone a bit quiet alright...

    50. Robin on October 11

      What happened to the updates? Seemed like we had a good flow for a while :/

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