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Bringing back the 90's-era PC platformer with a game inspired by classics like Commander Keen, Conker, Ruff'n'Tumble & Jazz Jackrabbit.
Bringing back the 90's-era PC platformer with a game inspired by classics like Commander Keen, Conker, Ruff'n'Tumble & Jazz Jackrabbit -  Missed the Kickstarter? You can still get in on the Beta, and purchase specific rewards by clicking the button below!
Bringing back the 90's-era PC platformer with a game inspired by classics like Commander Keen, Conker, Ruff'n'Tumble & Jazz Jackrabbit -  Missed the Kickstarter? You can still get in on the Beta, and purchase specific rewards by clicking the button below!
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    1. Robert Digby
      about 14 hours ago

      Any news about the PS4 version? On, it says the game is already out but I have yet to see it, play it or hear any significant updates.

    2. Ian
      2 days ago

      The physical PS4 version is up for preorder on Amazon UK for £13.49 currently

      So if there's going to be an upgrade to physical being offered I have 2 questions, 1) Will it be priced reasonably for us and 2) will we get it before the general public as backers who believed in the product

    3. Kay Pirinha 5 days ago

      No news about the ps4 version? Do you need my address to send me free the boxed version as apology for the long waiting time and silence here?

    4. alexander tolstrup on September 12

      didnt you want to make a weekly update? how is the development going?when should i expect world 2? should i have gotten the full game already? what is the team working on? please give some info.

    5. Missing avatar

      7yph0n on September 8

      Got a response to my request! :) Thanks!

    6. Missing avatar

      7yph0n on September 5

      A direct mail was without response... My name is wrong in the credits. I'm sure I was never ask for which one I like to have in the credits...

      Could you please change it? Please write me a mail. I want to have my real name in the credits. Not my nickname.

    7. Missing avatar

      Daniel Zambada on September 4

      Its sad that a lot of promising kickstarters never get far because of kickstarters like this and MN9. Then there's ppl asking devs to work with LRG too do physical or they won't fund it. Very sad

    8. Missing avatar

      Karl Hendrikse on September 3

      Ooh look:

      It says "Release Date: 09/12/2017". (I'm in NZ and I'm not sure if that's localised date formatting or US date formatting, so it's either September 12 or December 9...)

    9. Robert Digby
      on September 3

      Are there any new updates for PS4 backers? Anything? I am still waiting to receive something, anything from this kickstarter.

    10. Jérémie Q.
      on September 1

      Same as Pixel, never received (that I know of) the game :/

    11. Pixel Imperfect on August 31

      Coming back after about 3 months to ask again if I can get the reward for backing this project or at least a response :/

    12. Kay Pirinha on August 23


      The lust for the game goes by almost because of the non-existent transparency. Backers are here the stupid...

    13. Johnny on August 18

      I'm a backer and heard this came out in Feb 2017 and never received my digital code

    14. Missing avatar

      Nicolas Cordier on August 18

      Bad link, pls delete previous message ^^

      The link for amazon FR :…

    15. Missing avatar

      Nicolas Cordier on August 18

      Rad rodger announced for ps4 in september on amazon FR

      But no news for ps4 version ... :/

      Its true ?

    16. Missing avatar

      Sascha Jaeger on August 13

      Whats wrong? I'dont get an Key for the PC Version?!!!

    17. Jose Tomas Rosales on August 10

      is there a way to change my reward from ps4 to pc?

    18. Missing avatar

      Pierre Laperdrix on August 6

      Rad Rogers is announced for September, 12th on Amazon FR.
      Any official announcement coming soon? What does World One even mean?
      I don't even know at this point if we can expect the game this year or the next...

    19. Eric R Jackson on August 2

      So, is THQ giving you guys any kind of time frame for when they plan on releasing the ps4 version?

    20. Missing avatar

      Matthew Leas on July 28

      Can physical copy backers get an update on what is going on with the DVD copies that were promised to be in production a few months back? Or any confirmation of us being able to opt for a physical PS4 version instead when they are available?

    21. Missing avatar

      Karl Hendrikse on July 23

      This is not an angry comment, but it's well past February and I'd like my money back please. I believe it's part of the Kickstarter terms that you keep your promises or you issue refunds. I'm quite happy to consider buying the PS4 version at full retail when/if it ever releases.

      So what's your process for refunds?

    22. Seppo Seppälä
      on July 21

      Guys, just show us a video of PS4 running Rad Rodgers. It would make many happy I bet.

    23. Missing avatar

      shane doyle on July 21

      Really looking forward to playing this on the playstation, don't really mind the delay, and fair play to the developers for all the regular updates, unlike some other projects i backed who don't interact with their backers at all.

    24. Mario Lachapelle on July 21

      Yay the PS4 version is coming out......oh wait nope no it's not! Thanks for the useless update once again!

    25. Killian Murphy on June 28

      Another update and again no news of the PS4 version

    26. Missing avatar

      Javier Romero
      on June 24

      If they didn't answer the first guy about the PS4 version, what makes you think repeating the same question will yield! They already touched upon why the PS4 version isn't out yet and if you didn't catch it then go into the updates/comments and find it, they are busy making a game not being your mother.

    27. Missing avatar

      Mauro V. on June 16

      Where is ps4 version?

    28. Michel Schauenberg on June 16

      When will I get the PS4 Version?

    29. Missing avatar

      shane doyle on June 12

      Looks awesome guys.

    30. Frederik Schreiber Collaborator on June 12

      Bradley, what do you expect? We're updating you guys weekly on all the features we're adding to the game, based on the update detailing what the new THQ version includes. The PS4 version is great, and runs fast, but we can't keep telling you guys that every week.

      In terms of release, that's entirely up to THQ, and when it fits within their release schedule. Feel free to ask any questions, and I'll be happy to answer them :)

    31. Bradley Jay Troup
      on June 12

      Another update without any mentions of the PS4 release. But hey, we got an absolutely useless PHOTO MODE!! Honestly, I'm really disappointed in this dev, and most likely won't be supporting them in the future. It's been more than long enough.

    32. Mario Lachapelle on June 6

      Awesome another upadate at making new lvls and still raping the PS4 backers thanks for stealing my money

    33. Missing avatar

      Javier Romero
      on June 6

      You guys are doing an awesome job with theses weekly updates!!!! Ps...Nintendo switch......

    34. Missing avatar

      Joie on June 1

      I am a backer for this project for PC and have received no communication about the digital game yet Gamers Gate is selling access. Did I miss the invite? I can't find any reference on GOG or Steam about the game.

    35. Pixel Imperfect on June 1

      Similar to Jen Tonon, I was a backer for this project and upon the games launch on steam I received no further communication or rewards for my backing of the project. I'd really like to play the game, but I'm not about to basically pay twice for the same game, feelssadman

    36. Jen Tonon on May 30

      Hi all -

      I sent a message a week ago, but I've yet to receive any of my perks/rewards for backing. It looks like PC players are already having fun, and I've not gotten any of the digital rewards. Anyone else having this issue? I'd like to play, but have nothing to boot up :(

    37. Missing avatar

      Jonothon on May 25

      Any news on a PS4 release schedule?

    38. Missing avatar

      Malin on May 15

      I saw the arcade collection i got with the kickstarter now. I have played wolfenstein 3d all night! Thank you for the great collection

    39. Missing avatar

      shane doyle on May 12

      Ps4 version looks great.. Can't wait to get my hands on it

    40. Killian Murphy on May 12

      It's been out ages and your still working on the PS4 version ... I don't care anymore

    41. Bartłomiej Feruś on May 12

      Any plans for Nintendo Switch?

    42. Daniel Lemke on May 5

      "has been up and running for a while" was a confusing way to word whatever it was you were trying to say. I just spent 10 minutes digging through old emails trying to see how I missed the PS4 version finally getting released.

    43. Interceptor Entertainment Creator on May 5

      We're very transparent about the development of the console versions.
      Regardless of what console has progressed the most, they'll be released simultaneously.
      This has nothing to do with the Kickstarter, and everything to do with distribution and publishing.

    44. Mario Ramirez on May 5

      PS4 version is taking so long, now you are working on xbox one version? come on! seriously?

    45. Interceptor Entertainment Creator on May 5

      Let us clarify "Up and running".
      We have the game running on PS4. It's not done yet (Neither is the Xbox One version).
      That's what we're currently working on. If you check the previous updates, and the THQ news, we've informed you guys about this multiple times. :) Hang in there!

    46. Killian Murphy on May 5

      In your latest update you say the PS4 version "has been up and running for a while" so how come I can't download it yet? Are you just trying to annoy playstation backers with this statement

    47. Mario Lachapelle on May 5

      I'm with you Egor this is getting ridiculous with the PS4 version instead they spend their time on other version or consoles in which was not originally in the Kickstarter project, complete your orders first before you just just jump ahead and try and make more money form other things.

    48. Egor Kudlatch on May 5

      As far as I see, everyone except for PS4 backers already run this game. Is not that true?

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