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Alec, Betsy & Sooj tour the UK en route to FilkCONtinental in Germany! 
We're off in search of stories- be part of the magic.
Alec, Betsy & Sooj tour the UK en route to FilkCONtinental in Germany! We're off in search of stories- be part of the magic.
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Gratitude, Apologies, and What's Going On

Happy Saturday, everyone!

I want to give you another update today on the state of the backer rewards.

The delay is all on us, and I apologize deeply.

The truth is that all three band members are working hard right now on
wrapping up everyone's rewards. To date, the only ones we've managed
to completely fulfill are the general thank you video and the Forest
Gentry individual thank you videos. 

The general thank you video is part of this update; I hope that you all get a chance to see it and enjoy!  Forest Gentry folks, you should each have gotten a message from me yesterday or the day before, with a link to your individual thank you videos with your requested song.  Please write to me as soon as possible if you don't see that email!

We realize now that we were ill prepared for what we mistakenly thought would be the simple process of getting your goodies to you.  It turns out that pixies are only human.  Weird, right?  But we love you, we have not forgotten you, and we're making it happen.

Now that not one of us is on tour at the moment and the holidays have spat us back out again, here's what's happening: I've uncovered the four unreleased Tricky Pixie songs and will be mixing them this weekend to send out.  I've had a horrible time ordering the custom thumb drives, but I'm solving that problem. I'm also designing and ordering the Thank You cards today, if the
internet allows me.  Betsy & Alec are working on the art pieces, jewelry pieces and lyric
sheets for our highest-tier backers. It's all coming together, but far more slowly than we'd promised.  Thank you all for bearing with us and for believing in us as hard as you do.  We apologize for taking so long.  We've learned our lesson and we'll handle this as best we can. 

We promise to always do right by you, and to do better in the future.  Thank you for giving us this chance to chase our dreams, and for running right beside us as we do. 

With no small amount of embarrassment and an even greater amount of
gratitude for your help, your awesomeness, and your patience,



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