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Stop with the old way of cleaning your floors.  Make your life simple and easy by using Everybot RS700, your ultimate cleaning robot.
Stop with the old way of cleaning your floors. Make your life simple and easy by using Everybot RS700, your ultimate cleaning robot.
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Shipping from NJ, USA

Posted by Everybot (Creator)

For those of you that did not receive your tracking numbers and were in the original ship date for December, your rewards will be shipped from our NJ, USA warehouse since we had some issues shipping directly with Korean postal service NEXT WEEK.  We have shipped out 90% of the rewards in the original December ship list, but some were not able to ship due to lag times during the holiday season.  Thanks for your patience and understanding.

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    1. Missing avatar

      TheToneJewellery on

      When is delivery to China?

    2. Missing avatar

      JJ on

      Shipping to Singapore? It is June 2018 now

    3. Missing avatar

      JJ on

      When will my item be shipped? Been waiting for months. Thanks

    4. Missing avatar

      Dominik Merk on

      Well, I am still waiting for my package and I got no response for my letter. That sucks!

    5. Missing avatar


      May I know the shipping schedule for Luxembourg ? Is it serious ?

    6. Missing avatar

      Sathish Kumar on

      Hello ,
      May I know when is the shipping planned for Germany?
      Best Regards,
      Sathish Kumar M

    7. Missing avatar

      Dean on

      No sign of any tracking number here despite others in Australia having already received their items. Any word on when the rest of us can expect delivery?

    8. Missing avatar

      Shane Smith on

      Dear Everybot, I am backer number 62 from Australia. On 10th November 2017 you received payment from me for the “Double Pack Special”, which includes 2x Everybot RS700 robots. Today, I received only one RS700 robot. I took a video of myself at my local Australia Post Distribution Centre receiving only one robot, as I signed for collection. The US Postage sticker on the box shows tracking number CJ471283717US and shows that the Quantity of items sent equals one. I paid for two robots, you sent me one robot. Please check your records, then send me the second RS700 robot that I paid for, along with a second tracking number.

      Kind regards,

      Shane Smith


    9. Missing avatar

      Frank Groenewold on

      When can we expect to see it in holland?

    10. Missing avatar

      Elly Therese Thoresen on

      No information for a long time. I hope to receive some information!

    11. Missing avatar

      Raquel Álvarez on

      Hi. I was in the December list but didn’t receive any tracking number or any Everybot.

    12. Michael Patrick on

      Canada was scheduled for the week of the 20th. Any updates?

    13. Missing avatar

      Karen Goh on

      Hi, When is the delivery to Singapore? I have not received anything to-date. Appreciate an update.

    14. Missing avatar

      Dominik Merk on

      It seems to be a bad Investment. We are all still waiting for the already payed product. That sucks!

    15. Missing avatar

      Orion on

      Hi, would like to find out what exactly is happening, it's already almost 1 and a half months late and still no signs of tracking numbers or updates, can we have an ETA on the dates the product will actually be delivered? Thanks.

    16. Missing avatar

      Alexandra Luzhanskaya on

      The week ended. When will you send the package to Russia?

    17. Missing avatar

      Shane Smith on

      Australia. Waiting for tracking number. Cheers. (Backer #62)

    18. Missing avatar

      Julie Sørensen on

      What about shipping to Denmark? I haven't got a tracking number yet.
      I hope it get shipped soon.

    19. Missing avatar

      Prakash shete on

      I am in New Jersey, have confirmed the name, delivery address month back, still no news about delivery, shipment or ETA when NJ customers will receive one, we DEMAND AMERICA FIRST! ... or go home!

    20. garry bell on

      Still waiting my delivery even though it shipped on dec 22! Doesn’t look like it’s left Korea ... what’s happening! Unpaid duty stopping the cargo being exported?

    21. Everybot Creator on

      @ rebecca moore pls provide your address we didn't have your address and phone number

    22. Missing avatar

      Eugene Lye on

      Same, still nothing, no tracking number for Malaysia.

    23. Missing avatar

      Piotr Kaszynski on

      Is there any update on shipping dates for Poland? Still no tracking number or any other notification.

    24. Missing avatar

      Rebecca Moore on

      I guess i’m in the unlucky 10% that didn’t get it yet. Please contact me by email as to when i’m getting it.

      Thanks, Rebecca Moore

    25. Missing avatar

      Daan Kets on

      Still nothing - not even tracking numbers - for Belgium?

    26. Missing avatar

      Frank Groenewold on

      When do you ship to the Netherlands? I received a tracking number but it didn’t change since decembre 31st.

    27. Missing avatar

      Irfan Waraich on

      I was supposed to receive mine a while back (UK) - this shows as shipped on the 26th of Dec - still haven't received it, and the tracking hasn't moved since Dec 31st. Can someone please update when I/or others in the UK will receive their units.

    28. Missing avatar

      Yvo Boudenoodt on

      Any update on the shipping dates to Belgium ?

    29. Missing avatar

      Hugo Wan on

      when are you going to ship to Malaysia? Does anyone received it in any other country?

    30. Missing avatar

      Nigel Sterpin on

      It’s already 2 months late, why should this promise be any different?

    31. Missing avatar

      Xircom on

      When can we expect to see it in Denmark?

    32. Missing avatar

      Marcel on

      Hopefully this time is going to be true and all problems were sorted. My floor is left dirty to test this! It needs to be cleaned asap!!!

    33. Missing avatar

      Rudolf Marthaller on

      Hello what about Germany? It was not mentioned yet. When can I assume to get the item?

    34. Everybot Creator on

      @Mike Yes

    35. Missing avatar

      Mike Vidal on

      I presume that USA shipments will be forthcoming?

    36. Everybot Creator on

      @Batchu Next week.

    37. Missing avatar

      Batchu Naga Ravi Kanth on

      Dear team,

      When is the delivery for Singapore?

    38. Everybot Creator on

      @David, Karlson it will be shipped out from USA next week

    39. Missing avatar

      David on

      What about shiping to Czech Republic?