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FitTrip elevates your workout and makes it an adventure by synchronizing real course video with your heart rate.

You know that feeling you get when you are reading a book, and part of your mind is occupied by the mood of that story even when you are at work, driving, or wherever you are? That is the feeling you get after using FitTrip because it uses an ingenious combination of your iPad (iPhone version coming soon) and a heart rate monitor to create the virtual experience of trips such as riding through France, hiking in Patagonia, or going on an adventure in Utah. The feeling of the terrain and unwinding of the trail linger even after the workout is finished. With FitTrip, part of your mind is always exploring some corner of the planet.

We did it!
We did it!


Let FitTrip be your passport to fitness. Use a spin bike? Take a short ride along Cozumel’s wild coast line. Up for something longer? Ride the 440-mile Ride the Rockies tour over a couple of months. Are you a runner? How about a trail run along a creek? Hiker? Delicate Arch has an amazing reveal of the arch during the hike’s final moments. These are just a few of the first trips, with more in the works!


You can’t ride the Alps in a half hour, and there is no substitute for experiencing majesty of them from top to bottom … and back up again. FitTrip is the only app that allows you to explore staged trips as if you are there in person. The trips are broken down into smaller sections and pick up where you’ve left off, so you can take on even the biggest adventure at the pace that feels right for you. We offer a range of distances in our trips from less than 30-minutes to tours that span several hundred miles. With FitTrip each day brings the discovery of a new place as you move along a greater journey.

  • Tour of France: Cycle across the regions of France from the coast of Brittany, to the Pyrenees, Vineyards, Alps and more. Yes, you will be on courses traversed in the famous Tour de France including Galibier, Alpe d’ Huez, Passage du Gois, Tourmalet and others.
  • Utah Adventure Series: Mountain Bike the famous Slickrock Trail in Moab, hike in Arches National Monument, Paddle Lake Powell, cycle through Zion National Park, and other adventures.
  • Ride the Rockies: Join 2,000 people in a cycling tour of Colorado. Ride 440-miles through towns like Aspen, Gunnison, and Leadville. Experience the famous Independence Pass. Ride through Rocky Mountain National Park over Trail Ridge Road. With 36 legs this series alone can be your entire preseason conditioning.
  • Leon’s World’s Fastest Triathlon: Do the full Olympic distance triathlon from this nationally broadcast event. The swim, bike, and run are here.
  • More. Check back in as our funding progresses. We will unfold some truly amazing courses! 



With FitTrip your stats are tracked automatically. These include your fitness level over time, how often you are working out, the intensity of your sessions, and your consistency. How many miles have you run? Calories burned? Continents visited? Are you showing up when you plan a session? It’s all here for you. 


We have embraced gaming principles to create a sense of progression, reward, and accountability that help users stay engaged, but when it comes to the trips we believe that representing real courses and the real terrain is essential. Whereas video games are purely for the imagination, FitTrip goes a step beyond by tapping into inspiration



We believe the technical term for it is, “Magic”. OK, maybe not. But it’s simple to use, it works with any fitness equipment, and the interaction is amazing. So, It kind of feels like magic.

FitTrip uses your heart rate to create the interactive experience. Your heart is essentially connected to your machine. So we connect FitTrip to your heart, and leave your machine alone. This little twist frees you to use any machine without complicated or expensive equipment. FitTrip's interaction is powered by studies on the human body and physics as applied to fitness. Users perform a short calibration on a treadmill. After that, the speed prediction is typically within 1-2 MPH of the speed you would be going if you were there in person.

Don’t like the chest strap? FitTrip is compatible with the Mio Alpha watch that reads your heart rate right from your wrist! (The Alpha was a Kickstarter-backed project in 2012.) 

Play Your Music. iTunes controls are embedded right into FitTrip so that you can select your music and control your volume as you workout. 

Compatibility: FitTrip works with the iPad 2, 3, 4, and the iPad mini. The iPhone version is on the radar, other platforms will follow next year. It integrates with Bluetooth 4.0 or ANT+ heart rate monitors such as:

  • Wahoo Fitness, Mio Alpha, Polar Bluetooth (Bluetooth 4.0, iPad 3, 4 & Mini)       
  • Wahoo Fitness, Garmin, CycleOps (ANT+ utilizing the Wahoo Key)


We’ve been working on this for nearly two years. FitTrip as you see it in the video is a real, working beta app for the iPad. We have done the science, connected the technology, and have traveled around the world shooting footage for the first trips. Your backing supports:

  • Completion of the development
  • Post-production of the trips
  • Porting to other platforms post-launch


Customers can buy FitTrip memberships to get access to an ever-expanding library. We expect to launch with a 1-month ($5.99) and 1-year ($59.99) membership. 


If you back FitTrip, you'll become a FitTrip Member (starting at $25) and have access to the full trip library. Many levels also offer exclusive rewards that will only be available to backers of this Kickstarter campaign.

FitTrip will be out this fall and will make a great gift for that person who is otherwise impossible to buy for!


Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

With FitTrip most of the biggest risks have already been addressed. The technical feasibility, science behind the algorithms, footage for the trips, and a full working beta have all been completed.

This is not our first app, and while we consider the risk of completing the project to be low your decision to back this project is critical.


  • Not much. An iPad 2 or newer and a compatible heart rate monitor. It easily fits in your gym bag, purse, or backpack.

    Last updated:
  • Overall any HR monitor that operates on Bluetooth 4.0 should work. Any ANT+ HR monitor will work with the Wahoo Key.

    We have personally tested:
    · Wahoo Fitness BlueHR and ANT+ Gym Pack.
    · Garmin, Cyclops, or any ANT+ using the Wahoo Fitness Key to receive the signal.
    · The new Mio Alpha watch
    · Polar Bluetooth

    Last updated:
  • FitTrip will play the virtual courses like a DVD if you aren't connected with a HR monitor. With the HR monitor you get the benefits of true interaction with the courses, fitness level tracking, accurate calorie counts, zone training, power prediction, and other great stats.

    Consider using the new Mio Alpha watch. It is strapless. Meaning, it reads your heart rate right off of your wrist so there is no chest strap required.

    Last updated:
  • FitTrip is compatible with the iPad 2, 3, 4, and Mini at this time. The iPhone is on the radar after launch, and we will be extending to other platforms thereafter.

    Last updated:
  • Whoa there. FitTrip isn't into "control". But we know what you are asking, "Does it change my resistance?" No. FitTrip links your effort to an accurate prediction of speed in the trip. If you want to go faster in the trip then you will need to step up the cadence or resistance.

    Last updated:
  • Absorb yourself in the trip and the terrain feels the same as if you are there. Why? because when the terrain is steep it takes more effort to maintain even a moderate speed. In contrast, downhills are a breeze and it requires only moderate exertion to maintain a much faster speed. The speed will depend on your ability to produce power, how much you weigh, and what the terrain is doing. These are the same factors governing your speed outdoors

    Last updated:
  • Nope. Fear not, the calibration tailors the speed prediction to each person's physiology. While it is true that higher heart rates correspond to faster speeds (given no change in the terrain) this relationship is specific to each person. If you are in better shape then you will produce more power at a lower heart rate. We account for that.

    Last updated:
  • That depends on your calibration, technique, and the sport. For the best calibration you need to use a treadmill, maintain a contstant speed, and ideally (if you are comfortable with it) run a 10-minute mile pace (6.0mph). This exactly matches the studies that we have based the algorithms on. In regards to the sports: Running is typically within 1MPH and biking within 2mph of the speed that you would be going if you were there in person. This margin may increase at low and very high speeds due to a number of factors in physiology. Some of these factors include a person's ability to push themself at threshold and also their efficiency/economy. For sports that require precise technique (swimming, climbing, rowing, etc.) the speed prediction is more directional in nature.

    Last updated:
  • Any way you look at it your heart rate betrays your true effort. If you increase the resistance (or cadence) on the machine FitTrip will see it in your heart rate. If you slack off, FitTrip knows.

    Some real figures:

    Cycling: Shane's calibration predicts that he produces 142 watts at heart rate of 140.

    On a flat road he would be going 17mph. If he is going up a steep hill (say 6%) at that same effort then he is only going 5mph. Shane likes fast. He wants to go faster, so he maxes out his effort by increasing the resistance of his Spin bike. His heart rate climbs to 186 and his power climbs to 292 watts. Shane is now riding at 11mph up that same hill - and the video has been adjusting every second to reflect that progression. If he were on a flat section he would accelerate to 23mph; and if he were going down that steep hill he'd be flying along at 37mph!


    Treadmill speed and FitTrip trip speed may not match because we account for terrain and the treadmill is set to 0% grade by default. The speed we display is derived from an algorithm that is based on multiple research papers. We have validated those algorithms in the field.

    If Shane is running at a heart rate of 140 then he and the video are going just over a 10-minute mile. (Shane is a good mountain biker. Running, not so much.) On a 5-minute sprint pace (HR=186) Shane and the video in FitTrip moves along at a 7:40 pace.

    Hiking can have very steep gradients (20% grade or more) and so Shane would only be crawling up at a 2mph at a heart rate of 140. If he gives his best effort (HR=186 on a 20% grade) then the speed would increase to 3mph. That is not very fast, but a 20% hill is a very steep climb.

    Last updated:
  • Calibration is the top course listed in the FitTrip library. It is a simple 4.5 minute guided session on treadmill. Walk or jog at a constant speed while watching a non-interactive video. Heart rate is sampled throughout the trip and automatically tunes FitTrip to your physiology.

    Calibration is not required. If a user chooses not to calibrate then FitTrip will use a general profile based on that user's data from the app registration.

    Last updated:
  • FitTrip hopes to earn our user's trust in a membership model. The app will be free, but it will only come with a single course. FitTrip not only unlocks features with the membership, but also offers access to the entire trip library. This content is costly to produce and greatly enhances a user's experience and allows them to traverse long adventures such as the 440-mile Ride the Rockies Tour. Membership is $5.99/month or $59.99 for a year.

    Last updated:
  • These are trips that are reserved for Kickstarter backers only. They are in addition to the trip library that comes with a membership. We will select two trips from either Patagonia or France. Do you have a preference? Tell us what it is!

    Last updated:
  • Most cardio machines have book readers that the iPad can be set on. If your machine does not have a book reader, then you can purchase iPad mounts that can be quickly attached and removed without damaging the fitness equipment.

    Last updated:
  • YES! The app can be displayed through an HDMI adapter or Apple TV to be shown on your TV.

    Last updated:
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