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A remote reminder, a mobile enabled photo frame, a sharable calendar, a private family blog center and a mobile gadget all in one.

A remote reminder, a mobile enabled photo frame, a sharable calendar, a private family blog center and a mobile gadget all in one. Read More
pledged of $250,000 goal

Funding Canceled

Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on December 22, 2013.

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Our Kickstarter campaign is over, please head over to for more info and sign up for updates.

What is mReminder™?

mReminder™ is the first mobile enabled family gadget for reminder,  scheduling and social exchange.   It combines remote reminder, sharable calendar and private family social exchange together and works with all major smartphones.

mReminder™ group reminder and scheduler
mReminder™ group reminder and scheduler

It's a Family Device

Smartphones are great one-to-one personal tools, but not good for one-to-many.  mReminder™ is a group tool, made for your family or a workplace project team. Each person in the family or team can communicate with mReminder™ device from anywhere, and this makes it easy to send important messages that don’t get lost in the clutter of emails or back and forth phone calls.

Regardless of time and location, you can always post texts, photos or audio message to mReminder™ and have it appear at the desired time.

mReminder™ - a family device
mReminder™ - a family device

In Times of Inconvenience

A mobile phone is for instant communication, meaning the other party must be available at that very moment. When we have something important to communicate, we often play phone tags or send tons of e-mails and text messages, hoping to catch attention of the other party. With mReminder™, you send notification once and don't worry about it.   mReminder™ will make sure the other party gets an alert at the time you have chosen – Guaranteed!

In times of inconvenience
In times of inconvenience

Send a meeting notice to your friend's mReminder™ device late at night, she will receive an alert in the morning. Need to remind the kids after they get back from school?  Send an alert to your family mReminder™, it alerts them when they walk in the door.

Sharing Schedules Within Family

Because it is difficult to constantly sync with family members' schedules, you and your partner cannot plan easily without first making endless phone calls or sending e-mails. With mReminder™, each family member can simply input schedule from anywhere and contribute to the SAME family calendar.

With upcoming events, the family will get reminded by mReminder™ via a custom combination of flashing light, audio ping, pop-up alert and a scrolling message ticker, which can be heard or seen from the far corner of house. 

It is a dedicated gadget for reminder and scheduling, it is stationary in high traffic area and it is ALWAYS accessible.  You will never miss any important family event or appointment again!

mReminder™ - shared family calendar
mReminder™ - shared family calendar

A Shared Team Calendar For Your Work

We have so many ways to communicate, emails, phone calls, voice mails or text messages.  We are often overwhelmed with this information overload and have wasted a lot of time digging and sorting out relevant information.  mReminder™ is a dedicated team calendar and scheduler.  

Team members use it to establish project due dates, report project progresses, create meeting reminders, record and share a moment of inspiration on the commute back home or set up after work get-togethers. 

To see team current status, simply press mReminder™ calendar button.

With mReminder™ taking care of notifying us when important stuffs are coming, it is like having a digital secretary at our side.

Protected Social Networking for the Family

Family is our number one priority, and actually the idea of this device came from wanting to be more interconnected with our families.

Mom, dad, grandparents, nieces, nephew and everyone else can remotely share photos and send personal notes to mReminder™, they can see postings from each other from their smartphones or mReminder™, all with privacy and without having to worry about being exposed to public websites or social network. 

mReminder™ family time
mReminder™ family time

And There Is More ...

Family members can now share priceless life moments with personal notes and photos, no matter where they are. Create a digital family life album that will be cherished for a long time.

Create a prescription pickup alert or a simple pill reminder to make sure medication is taken on time each day.

It is a family information hub that integrates reminders, to-dos, photo album, family blog, and It is ready for more!  We are experimenting integrating temperature, humidity, carbon monoxide sensors and motion detect sensor in mReminder™ and use smartphones to access remotely.  We want our future mReminder™ to be a true home information hub and control center.

How does it work?

mReminder™ connects via home or office WiFi. Setting up mReminder™ at home is as easy as choosing your home WiFi name.  Each mReminder™ device is already pre-loaded with the mReminder™ device application.   All software updates are wirelessly transmitted to your mReminder™.  

There are four buttons on top. 

  • Reminder: Create a reminder on device.
  • Family:      Display family postings.
  • Photo:       Toggle between daily reminder and photo album.
  • Calendar:  Display monthly and daily schedule

* Our future model will include a 5th "Monitor" button that will turn the device into a home monitoring system and let you get temperature, humidity, CO and motion detection remotely from your phone. 

Since mReminder™ is mobile enabled, you can set reminders, create schedules and share photos or notes remotely via smartphones or web.


  • iPhone and iPad.
  • Android phones and tablets.
  • Windows Phone 7.5 and 8
  • BlackBerry OS 10 and legacies.
mReminder mobile app in action
mReminder mobile app in action

Cross-Platform Mobile Apps

Through smartphones, you can post reminders to mReminder™ and enjoy family postings.  We have worked hard to make sure that all major smartphones are supported, and iPhone/iPad, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone all operate with the same look and feel.

Creating a digital reminder needs to be as easy as writing a sticky note.  We follow the "Click-N-Go" concept when we design user interface.  Input message, choose alert time and hit Send. It is that easy!

To make things even easier, we have added voice memo feature by simply hitting the record button.

mReminder mobile app running on iPhone
mReminder mobile app running on iPhone

Intuitive and Innovative mReminder Interface

4th Screen

We proudly present mReminder™ as the 4th screen at home besides computer, TV and mobile phone.

It is a family hub that consolidates family calendar, to-dos, photo album, family blog together and is ready to plug in more life related items such as smart home monitor, traffic to work, news, weather and family member location map.

Intuitive Design

The goal for the mReminder™ user interface is to make sure it is useful, straight-forward, and will not require many clicks to find things.

The number of color tiles indicates the number of pending tasks.  We have designed several ways to present alerts:  a blinking LED light, soft ping sound, alert dialog popup and a scrolling message ticker which can be seen from the far corner of the house.

Technical Specs:

  • ARM Processor
  • 8 GB Internal Flash Memory
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 7" Touch Display
  • 2 MP Front view camera
  • 1024x600 or better Screen Resolution
  • Built-in 802.11b/g/n WiFi
  • Built-in Micro SD card slot
  • Android OS

(U.S. Patent pending as of Aug 5th, 2013)

What We Have Done

We’ve been working on mReminder™ for over one year now.  We have poured countless hours of passionate work into a fully functional prototype with all the features tested and working. 

We have gone through the design phase more than three times and have selected the final model from over a dozen candidates based on look & feel, stability, easy of use and cost to make. 

Our design team spent countless hours arguing about design details such as buttons position on device whether on top, at the side or at the back, reminder indicator light color, power cord position, volume control,  device tilting angle and device weight, all in the effort of creating a very user friendly device.

For the first step of moving from design to a tangible product, we used a 3D printer to create a sample device so we can have a better feel if our selected design is a good fit from outside appearance, internal space volume to usability.

In order to create a product that is user friendly, our graphic design team spent a great deal of time going over the flow, layout and many small details like button color, shape and position.

Our first functional prototype meets our expectation and gives us a good idea of what needs to be refined during our final push for production.

Our development team worked hard to ensure the device is mobile compatible with all major smartphones.  We are targeting end of December to enter alpha stage, beta test by end of January and start distribution to AppStores by in February.

We have secured the manufacturer who has helped us with the actual prototype and will take care of our upcoming mass production.  They are a reputable company that has experience fulfilling large quantity of consumer electronics products. They are a parts supplier for Samsung and Sony.

We need your help with tooling costs, final design, and mass production. With your support, we can bring this patent pending amazing device onto everyone's desk. While we're close to entering production, your contribution will help fund:

- Production tooling
- Large component order
- First production batch
- US and EU certifications
- Smartphone apps, device app, web & back-end development

More Ways To Help!

Share the mReminder™ story. We know not everyone can kick in, but if you believe in the mReminder™ vision, please "Like" this Kickstarter page, Tweet about us, Pin us, and e-mail all your friends. While you're at it, visit our mReminder™ Facebook page and "Like" us there too!

mReminder™ - choice for your home
mReminder™ - choice for your home

Donate your imagination. Every day we receive comments and suggestions that are interesting, fun and helpful new ways to apply mReminder™. We love hearing from you and want to invite everyone in the community to share their ideas. Just go to the Comments section and tell us about it.


Your backings mean so much to us! It helps us make mReminder™ production a reality.  

Giving back to you is the least we can do. We have created different reward levels specifically for Kickstarter backers!

mReminder™ back view
mReminder™ back view

For SPONSOR level backers, you can find NFC compatibility and usage at:

Companion mReminder™ devices are special devices that allow family postings such as photo, notes to be visible within each other.

COMPANION devices work in pair and are great for family and work.  So shared photos and notes posted to family device are also visible on device at work.  Device owner can determine what postings are sharable and what are private within the family.  Reminders posted to one device are not sharable on the other. 

All rewards are listed on the right. So pledge today and be among the first to receive your own mReminder™.

mReminder™ comes in 5 different colors:

  • white
  • orange
  • black
  • green
  • blue

  Please visit our Facebook page or website for more info.

Project Timeline

We currently have working prototypes of the key hardware and software components of the mReminder™, but transitioning from prototype to commercial product is not a quick process. We are further refining our mechanical design, material selections and software interface to ensure a smooth transition to mass production. We have been working closely with our manufacturer in China who produced the prototypes that we have today. We have visited the factory, and have been meticulously testing and critiquing every element of the device ranging from LED indicator light and TP screen to battery capacity and video camera resolution.

Our current action plan for production and shipments includes:

  • December 2013: Finish final design details and tooling for plastic injection molding. We will finalize on each component used in mReminder and make sure they are up to our requirements and are cost effective.
  • January 2013: Start the first pilot production batch build. This batch will produce around couple of hundred prototypes, it is a must before we ran up production of thousands devices. We want to make sure the units function well and can hold up to different extreme conditions. We will send out units for user testing and gather valuable feedback and keep making tweaks until we get everything just right.
  • February 2014: Final tooling, production test and certification. Once our tooling is complete, we’ll send off a few units for certification. This process will uncover any fault-prone components.
  • March 2014: Volume manufacturing of mReminders™. Our manufacturer has extensive experience in high-volume production, and we feel confident that we can meet the demand for our initial production run.
  • April 2014: Packaging and distribution start. Each mReminder™ will be carefully boxed up for the greatest journey of its lifetime: across the Pacific Ocean and headed toward your doorstep! mReminder™ mobile apps available to download from AppStores.

Meet the Team

The mReminder™ founders share a vision: A product can only exists if it meets people's needs and solves specific problems. mReminder™ helps simplify people's daily work and life, so they can focus on important things, like having a great family life.  mReminder™ experience should be beautiful, functional, mobile and revolutionary. We can’t wait to get mReminder™ into your hands.

mReminder™ is the result of over one year of intense dedication and cooperation by our team based in Houston, TX. mReminder™ inventor and company founder Wayne Jiang founded the company e-Mobile Software, Inc. in 2006 and has grown the company into a multi-platform mobile solution provider. Through the years, the company has won numerous awards including “Product of The Year”, North America SuperApp semi-finalist and Venture Fund Global Contest finalist. 

mReminder™ won't be possible without the team's devotion and dedication:

  • Wayne Jiang: founder of e-Mobile Software and inventor
  • Sue Cher:       tech wizard of mReminder™, VP engineering
  • Wayne Lee:     founder of OnGo Technology
  • Hugo G:           mReminder™ production manager, VP operation
  • Jarred King:    media chief
  • Scott Ledingham: PR team 
  • Angela Mayans:    media specialist
  • Colin Trethewey:  PR team
  • Michael Spradley:Legal 
  • The e-Mobile Software team
  • The OnGo Technology team
  • Gordon productions
  • Paul Braun:  advisor, BlackBerry
  • Jared Bienz: advisor, Microsoft

Be part of our team and let's build this great device TOGETHER!

Risks and challenges

Design: We have iterated mReminder™ design multiple times and have solved many mechanical, electrical and usability issues. We will go through 1 to 2 batch runs before full production. We are 80% complete on our mobile app side and are now focusing on user interface and performance.

Manufacturing: We have secured a manufacturing partner that have proven track record in delivering consumer electronics and have capacities to handle large orders.

For over a year of research and development, we now have functional prototypes in-hand. This is the result of meticulous care in design, development and in selecting the highest caliber components and manufacturing partners. However, as with any product, supply chain logistics can potentially impact parts delivery, particularly during holiday season. Additionally, delays may result from final detailing and testing lab procedures and certifications.

We are very committed to deliver this device to your hand by delivery date. Rest for sure we will do everything we can to ensure a smooth delivery and keep you informed every step along the way.


Learn about accountability on Kickstarter


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