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A point and click-game made of real paper, about a parent who accidentally kills his son Viggo. This game is about the aftermath.
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About me, and a shout out. :)

Posted by SaintandSimon (Creator)

Questions! So I've gotten a couple of questions about the project, and I hope to answer some of them here, for the ones who's interested. :)

Tell us some more about your motivations to specifically tell this story about losing a child and the struggle afterwards.

I've always been interested in how to make stuff in other ways. A couple of years I ago I got depressed - nothing was particularly fun and I was down all the time. Kinda wanting to achieve peace, and a perfect life - and refusing life to not being perfect. Such thoughts brought me down quite a bit. 

I think the game itself is a combination of being tired of always saving so many worlds, being the "hero", and when the credits roll I'm like "fine, now this game is finished, onto the next one" - kind of emotionally unattached. Personally, when I play, I want to feel, and remember. There's a reason why you remember some games, and some you don't ever remember even playing. 

So A Song for Viggo is somewhat my own way to keep my own anxiety at bay, by exposing myself to the feeling while working with it. Making me less afraid of anxiety. And that's a bit what I want others to do as well when they play the game. If they feel similarities in the game, and get anxious, they might feel that they're not alone in this world.

Keep us updated on Steam Greenlight

I will as soon as I have nice content to put out there. :)

Tell us some more about your piano music. How do you compose?

I started playing the piano in a room at school, around 2007. I never had much else to do during the breaks. But I've never learned to read sheet music (can anyone be sheet music-dyslectic?) so I've always composed my own things, as an excuse almost. As for piano music I'm inspired by Yann Tiersen and Erik Satie. 

What are your inspirations etc etc etc - What games did really inspire you to make this game?

I don't have any superbig inspiration as like "this is the game that makes me motivated". However, The Dream Machine did inspire me with their clay-environments, also portraying some kind of everyday life at the start of the game. Fragments of him and Catlady is interesting games as well. 

Why a point and click game. Why a game at all and not a movie?

Because it lacks you. I don't want you to observe. I want you to interact. Interactivity creates brighter memories in my opinion. :)

And at last, a shout out to the fine Kaptain Brawe 2! :)

Kaptain Brawe 2: A Space Travesty is an amazing point and click adventure by legendary game designer Steve Ince and using artistic talents of famous Bill Tiller. Beautiful Lucas Arts classics inspired 2D hand painted backgrounds in combination with unique cast of characters and wonderful Steve Ince humor will make it really an outstanding gaming experience


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    1. Mark Aguilar on

      Excellent update !

    2. SaintandSimon Creator on

      ah yes, of course, will do!

    3. Frodo

      Don't forget to keep us updated on the drm-free version as well, for all of us that don't like steam. ( :