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Burlington Northern Sante Fe railroad run lethal oil and coal trains through the heart of downtown Seattle, Washington.
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I've just completed a film in Seattle about the Burlington Northern Sante Fe oil and coal trains running through the heart of downtown Seattle. The intention of this film, Seattle Death Trains, is to help build the resistance to this lethal train traffic. The film is now available at no charge on a VIMEO feed. 34 minutes. Please do feel free to view the film at VIMEO and pass it along. Thank you!


In an attempt to get this film seen and recognized I will enter it in about 50 documentary film festivals both national and international. This will allow the film to be seen world wide. The entrance fees for these film festivals average about $35 each. I hope to raise $1,850 to cover the entry fees. If you support my film and it's intentions please consider a contribution to help cover this specific distribution work. I do hope you are able to watch the film on VIMEO.

Many thanks for your consideration!

Risks and challenges

Our film is now completed and and can be downloaded on VIMEO:

My challenge is to distribute the film so it is seen by as many people as possible. Entering the film in documentary film festivals is one good way to get the film seen and evaluated. But please feel free to watch it on the vimeo feed and arrive at your own evaluation!

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