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Secure laptop backpack with no outer zips. They're all against your back for safe, calm city travel, to work and on holiday. Now available at
Secure laptop backpack with no outer zips. They're all against your back for safe, calm city travel, to work and on holiday. Now available at
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    1. Sarah Giblin 2-time creator on


      Hi there! Last day in China. I've seen the RiutBag to be produced by the factory in Huian, China. After a few final amends I'm really happy and we're on track to get the RiutBags to you at the right quality and time. Good news!

      My VPN keeps cutting out - as does internet in general. You can see photos and blogs of my trip so far that I've managed to get up on

      I leave tonight from China and get back late on Friday. Then I'll show you the working conditions on the production line, ages or workers, salaries and set up. Lots of photos to share.

      So next update this Friday when I'm back in a crisp, cold and Christmassy England.

      Kind regards


    2. Sarah Giblin 2-time creator on


      Thanks for allowing me to be honest about my errors and to show you how I'm correcting them. I'm here working to make it happen and show you how.

      Good news! We solved the base material problem and we're back on track! Here's the blog explaining my errors, my action and a little bit about how things work over I'm China and, likely, at this end of the supply chain anywhere. Proper update next week as promised!

      Problems + solutions: RiutBag material found + back on track! | RiutBag. Rucksack with no outer zips = carefree city travel.

      Kind regards


    3. Lee Masoud Wilson on

      Thank you for continuing to communicate frequently and honestly, I'm certain that all backers appreciate this. I'm confident that the production will be a success and look forward to wearing your creation (and spotting other RiutBags whilst out and about!).

    4. Andy Topham on

      Hi Sarah, many thanks for the card, a very nice touch!! Remember this: "Problems are only opportunities with thorns on them" - keep going, you are doing the right thing!!

    5. Sarah Giblin 2-time creator on


      I've just had a great question from a backer about the risks I raised in this update. I want to share my answer with you so that you are all in the loop.

      *Beginnings of text from main comments page*

      Hi backer

      Thanks so much for getting in touch with your kind words and this important question. It helps me to understand with which information my backers need more clarification.

      In direct answer to your question: timescales, not the project as a whole, may be affected. Of all the backers, February and March deliveries would be impacted. However, below you'll see the problems that have arisen and my solution to correct them!

      Here are the two problems:

      1) One material is proving hard to source: the base material for the RiutBag is often available but is currently very difficult to find. This has lost us two weeks in being able to order the materials - I estimate.

      2) If the base material sourcing pushes our timescales, getting the RiutBags out of China before Chinese New Year in February becomes a real challenge

      Here's what I'm doing to fix this situation and bring the timescales back into line with my plan.

      I'm flying out to China on Monday to view the base material available to factory as well as suitable alternatives which are in good supply. With this material choice question solved, we can order the large quantities of all materials, get the final version of the RiutBag made in the final materials and get the February and March RiutBags out to backers - on time!

      I'll be able to confirm at the end of next week how the material for the base is going to impact the project. My news may well be positive, so keep an eye out on my blog which I'll be updating if I can get online in China.

      If you have more questions on this or anything else, please keep asking. I hope this is helpful to you and other backers. It's certainly helpful for me to explain and share.

      Kind regards


      p.s. I'm looking forward to using my RiutBag too! This idea has been on my mind for 2 years on every journey, in every busy market place, in each queue. I'm waiting for it with you guys! And I'm doing everything I can to get it to us all so we can start using them!

      p.p.s. I'll share my answer to you hear on my blog and on my update so everyone's in the loop on this.

      *End of text from main comments page*

    6. Sarah Giblin 2-time creator on

      @Jauvane Oliveira

      Thanks so much Jauvane. It's a big relief to know I can share risks with backers and receive thanks. I want to share the real journey; not the censored version. This way, when the RiutBags are on time, you'll know the many steps it took to make that happen. And if the RiutBags are late, you'll know exactly why.

      I'm about to post an answer to a question I just had on the comments page. If goes into more detail about the problems, the possible impact and what I'm doing to fix them.

      Great to hear from you as well as having your backing.

      Kind regards


    7. Jauvane Oliveira

      Good luck in China. Do let us know as things move forward. It is refreshing to read how things are flowing.

    8. Sarah Giblin 2-time creator on


      *Thank you*!

    9. Sarah Giblin 2-time creator on

      @Ng Jun Siang

      Thank you for these kind words! This is the biggest learning curve of my life and you're all invited to share in it. There's nothing better I can do than be honest with you about every stage. Thank you for welcoming that.

      It's at times like this when I turn to cliche to help: believing is seeing. And I'm doing everything I can to make sure you see your RiutBags in 2015!

    10. Ng Jun Siang on

      Lovely news! Looking forward to hearing from you again from Fujian.