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A nude portrait project shot on the rare and mammoth 20x24 Polaroid film.

New Gift:  Cosmo the cat!

For all you cat lovers out there I am offering two original 4x5 images of my cat Cosmo.  There is one color and one black and white and both come with the special edition book and print.  

About the project:
Parallelograms is a nude portrait project that aims to bridge the gap between photography and painting; creating a one-of-a-kind image that evokes a sense of beauty, vulnerability and mystery of the nude body.

Why Multiple Exposures?

They allow your eye to wander and get lost in the intersecting shapes of the body. The multiple exposures also adds to the unique quality to the final image. The two images combine giving the photo a gestalt that is impossible to reproduce.

Why Its Urgent?
Up until now, all of my images were shot on the discontinued 4x5 Fuji FB45 instant film. The next step is to shoot a portfolio of images on the rarest of all films - the massive 20x24 Polaroid. With Polaroid out of business, the film hasn’t been produced in years and the stock of film is quickly disappearing, making using the camera a very expensive undertaking.

Why on Polaroid?
The size and detail of the 20x24 Polaroid is unmatched and it is the only format to truly give justice to these images.

How the money will be spent:
All the money raised will go to production costs of camera rental, models, and the costs of film. With only two cameras in New York, and a limited film stock, it costs roughly $500 to make one final image.

The majority of the money will go to the cost of film and rental of the camera.
Each image costs about $400 – 500 to produce. That’s per picture taken, including all the outtakes that don’t make it to the final set.
So if I want to shoot 10 – 15 images, I have to plan for 15 – 20 actual images shot.
Unlike with a digital camera I cant just shoot a bunch of frames, I have to make each exposure count.

It cost $125 per an image to get them scanned as well.

How the $10,000 breaks down:
Kickstarter takes about $800.
The gifts will cost about $2500. That includes printing books, cutting matts, making the posters and prints.

That leaves me with about $6,700.00 to work with.
For 10 images it will cost $4,000 to $5,000 in film and camera costs.
And $ 1,000.00 in digitizing fees.

$500.00 for assistant fees, and I will pay all the model fees myself.

The more money I can make the more images I am able to make, and more models I can work with.

Time frame:
Once I receive the funds, I will immediately go into preproduction, which will include casting, planning all the poses, and test shoots. This will take about two weeks. 

Then I will do 2-3 shoots during a month-long period. 

After I have all the images, I will have to send them off to get digitized, which will take another few weeks. 

Once I have all the digital images, I will start sending out prints and putting together the books printed by Hemlock Printers. The design and printing of the books is what will take the longest and could be as long two months to complete. 

As each element is done I will send out everyone’s gifts. And I'll be blogging the entire way so it should be a fun ride.   

On the Web:

More about the camera:

If you would like to help spread the word online, you can use the below images in tumblr/facebook/instagram. 

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

With the scale of such a project my time frame may shift. I have given myself enough room to do everything, but if I surpass my goal, then I will be able to book more shoot dates, which will in fact push the prize dates (but the prizes will be even better!). I will have complete transparency and will communicate regularly via email and blog.


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    A photo postcard with a handwritten thank you, and access to blogs and updates on the project.

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    Receive and iBook digital copy of the book. All the images on your perfect for your tablet or computer.

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    A numbered 20x16 poster of all the images from the project, along with the thank you card and eBook.

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    A special Kickstarter-only book of all the images from the project. Printed in the US by Hemlock printers.

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    Receive the special edition book, plus an original 4x5 Polaroid matted and ready to be framed. The Polaroid is a one of a kind and is the perfect addition to a beginning art collection.

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    For all the cat lovers out there get the popular 4x5 polaroid photo of Cosmo the cat matted ready to be framed (see image to the side). And the special edition book. There are only 2 photos so first come first serve.

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    Receive the signed special edition book, plus a signed original 20x24 Polaroid. The 20x24 Polaroid is a single edition and will not be reproduced. This is a very rare image that will only go up in value. (Selection of images is first come first serve.)

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    Commission a photo shoot with me and the 20x24 camera. I'll shoot you, your significant other, best friend, parent, or even your cat or dog. Must be shot in New York within 6 months. The shoot will be a half day session and you will receive three 20x24 Polaroids.

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