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"This IS the future! I wonder if MC Hammer is in space yet?" A post-apocalyptic comedy - Think Fallout mixed with Shaun of the Dead!
"This IS the future! I wonder if MC Hammer is in space yet?" A post-apocalyptic comedy - Think Fallout mixed with Shaun of the Dead!
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Our Zombies Are Different: The Non-Perishables + 20 Backers Strong!

Posted by Writers VKKV (Creator)
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The Non-Perishables  

Non-perishables, colloquially known as “zombies,” are human beings afflicted by the effects of Sweetose overconsumption. Sufferers of the condition experience an insatiable addiction to both natural and artificial sweeteners and a loss of cognitive reasoning, growing increasingly ill-tempered and violent. The afflicted neither die nor decay due to a reaction between Sweetose and various common preservatives, though hardening has been observed in many species over time and most varieties of non-perishable grow increasingly water soluble as the condition progresses.  

But of course, zombie media rarely has just one type of zombie anymore, and Attack of the Walking Non-Perishables is no different. Aside from the common horde, Y-Not’s snack products have created a host of specialized non-perishables with unique characteristics owing to their sugary snack of choice.  

Type C Non-Perishable (Crunchy): Non-perishables created by the overconsumption of sugary cereals, such as Y-Not’s Choco-Marshmallow Crispy Puffs, Sugar Berry Blasts, and Commodore-O’s. As their common name implies, crunchies crunch easily, but the sugar-glazed shrapnel that comes flying off them with every strike makes them a nightmare to deal with. It’s common for a crunchy to be jagged and sharp around the edges, making melee attacks inadvisable.  

Type E Non-Perishable (Sticky): Non-perishables who favored soft, chewy sweets like taffy, soft toffee, or bubble gum. Stickies leave a trail of adhesive slime in their wake, which can easily trap unwitting prey, and weapons can often get stuck in their gooiness. Cold water will not dissolve a sticky but will make them harder and more resilient (but less tacky). Hot water is the weapon of choice.  

Type W Non-Perishable (Nutty): Nutties contain walnuts. Raven hates walnuts.  

Of course, there are more to be found in the book, and our protagonists will have to derive all manner of creative ways to deal with them.

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Before we go, we would like to thank the 20 of you so far. That's good company, and we should keep growing that number. Thanks for continuing to spread the word. We can expland our community to even greater numbers!


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