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IAMEVE's newest song "Temptress", the new Noir Musical from Director Timothy Harvey.

In early September, 2012, IAMEVE and director Timothy Harvey will team up to produce the video to IAMEVE's latest song "Temptress".

Set in the sensual world of Film Noir, "Temptress" will take the audience through the tragic journey of Eve Ami, a nightclub singer accused of murder and the detective who breaks her out of jail.

While, in the grand tradition of independent film, we're making an extremely high quality film for damn near nothing, we've also put together a crew of amazing professionals who like the song, the story, and the ideas behind it all. They've volunteered their time and their talent to help IAMEVE and I make this music video. 

I want to pay them for their efforts.

I've been making Noirs since I started making films, and the first film I made was, in fact, a noir musical. It turned out to be the first in a series of three, and the third one was what sold them on the visuals for their video. It's here, and you can see what we can do when some really talented people come together.

So take IAMEVE's music and and my visuals, and you can get an idea where we're going with this!

- Timothy Harvey


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