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MEMI is a chic iPhone-compatible smartbracelet that notifies you of important phone calls, text messages & calendar alerts.
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Pressing Pause

Posted by MEMI (Creator)

Hello Backers!

Almost everything we set out to do over the past several months has been accomplished. Thanks to you, we've taken MEMI from concept to reality. Our product has been designed, built, tested and is fully functioning. Our app has gone through numerous tweaks, and we feel confident it is simple, efficient and easy to use. We’ve filed two patents, certifications are in the works and test fixtures are well on their way. Our contract manufacturer is ready to go, and we’ve recently teamed up with Dragon Innovation, experts in bringing hardware products to market (they were the muscle behind both Pebble and MakerBot)  

That said, everything you’ve heard about hardware startups is true: it takes more time and costs more money than you could have ever planned for. We’ve been smart, scrappy and diligent every step of the way. We’ve worked closely with our partners to ensure collective buy-in. And yet to manufacture a dependable, great looking MEMI we need to raise more funds. Given all of this, we’ve decided to hit the pause button and wait to manufacture MEMI until we achieve our additional fundraising goals.

So what does this mean? It means it's going to take us longer to deliver MEMI bracelets to you. We remain committed to YOU and will deliver bracelets as soon as we can – realistically, Spring 2015. We know it’s a long time to wait and we’re asking you to stick with us as we navigate this time. Remember, by being one of our awesome backers, you have secured the absolute best price for your MEMI.  

Meanwhile, we are managing tremendous interest for MEMI. Growing beyond early-adopter rockstars, like you, MEMI has crossed over into the mainstream. As we suspected, women (and men) identify with our message and love our simple and classic design. Retailers are excited about MEMI, and we are working on some great strategic partnerships. Taking our time now will ensure we do things the right way.

We remain committed to delivering a robust, high-quality product without cutting corners. We will continue to send you updates, as we always have, to keep you informed of our progress. Thank you for believing in us and for your continued patience!


Leslie and Margaux


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    1. Christine Peet on

      Hi Memi!

      Are there any updates on this project? It's been 6+ months since the backer community has heard a status update.


    2. Rich B on

      @Memi. Thank you for the update! That was just what I was looking for. Some information to hold on to until a more complete update can be done! Happy Holidays to you and yours!

    3. MEMI Creator on


      Dear Rich,

      Thanks for your continued support and interest! We have been working quietly but fiercely to bring MEMI to life. We have had positive developments in the past few weeks and are planning to make a more formal and informative post soon. Happy holidays to you!

      Team MEMI

    4. Rich B on

      Hello! It has been about 4 months since an update and though a comment was left recently stating that something will happen before 2018 we have heard little of the fruits of all of your efforts. Even if there has been little or no concrete progress a quick update to all of us would be great! If you are close to something and just don't want to say anything either way, just a quick update to let us know that too. If Spring 2015 remains a realistic goal then I would suspect that some sort of manufacturing progress would be in the works; tooling up, reviewing manufacturing specs etc. Thanks!

    5. Missing avatar

      Hadrien Moulinier on

      Hi MEMI creators,
      Any news on this project? You still haven't answered the fundamental question here: why did you wait for the very last minute before expected delivery to let us know about delay? Is this project real?
      I would appreciate a response.

    6. MEMI Creator on


      Apologies for the delay. Just responded to your message!

    7. Steven Baptiste on

      I have sent you a message that I would appreciate a reply to. Thank you

    8. MEMI Creator on

      @ColtonSchulte Check out our social media pages for images!

    9. Anna Morris on

      Alan: while I agree with you and I have, as well, backed several that have had months and years of delays, they were up front about the delays all along and didn't wait until the projected delivery month to all of a sudden mention them. I think the project is a good idea, just the lack of forthrightness with the delays and then such a large one out of the blue is what has lost my confidence

    10. Missing avatar

      Alan England on

      The bane of many, many KS projects is delivery. I know that KS recommends the Creators to be overly conservative in their estimates, then double that. I personally have yet to have a project come in on time, much less sooner than planned.

      I appreciate the MIMI creators staying in touch regarding delays. Communication is crucial on these projects, regardless the cost. There is a project I've backed that is now 1 year and 1 month past it's projected delivery date, and their skills in letting the other backers and I know what's going on, well, let's just say there's a lot of room for improvement. Having said that, I hope to hear about any further developments in the MIMI project before the month it's due to ship.

      I budgeted for ALL my Kickstarter projects. I don't need my backing to buy food or pay my mortgage. I have yet to make a project a gift based on the delivery date (see paragraph above).

      Kickstarter is where inventors/artists/writers/musicians go for funding. Other investors turn them down for various reasons, including too small a return or the items fill too small a niche. But I choose to back these items because they fill a need that I have, or it's too damn cool to pass up! If these reasons work for you, then please continue to back projects. But, if you're looking for the same thing that Aunt Sally has, or your next door neighbor has, or your cousin from Michigan and that guy on the reality show has, go about 11 miles in any direction. You'll see a big box with a blue sign out front.

      It's called Wal-Mart...

    11. Anna Morris on

      This is extremely disappointing as you have consistently said it was going great and on-track for on-time delivery. Then, on the month of the scheduled delivery you bump it around 9 months?! That seems incredibly inconsistent. With this in mind, will you process a refund, please, as waiting another until next Spring is beyond how long I would be willing to wait. Thanks!

    12. Colton Schulte on

      Can we see pictures of the prototypes? Need a little more proof of manufacturability, than just sporadic wordy updates.

    13. Missing avatar

      Hadrien Moulinier on

      First, I want to say that I find the MEMI to be a remarkable idea and a great project. It fills a void in the era of the wearable internet connected device and answers a need that women have to be able to stay themselves while still being in touch with their digital life. That's why I chose to back it on Kickstarter.
      However, I must say that, as a backer, I am really disappointed by this surprising and last minute delay. I have diligently read the MEMI updates popping up in my e-mail every now and then. But this is the first time we've been told about any issue. It is even more surprising that the MEMI creators would choose to do so on the very month where they were supposed to deliver the final product.
      To be very honest, I am wondering whether there is anything real behind the MEMI project.
      What does Kickstarter think of this?