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The first ever gallery show featuring the digital art of Micah Pearson

I really couldn't ask for a better Thanksgiving than this. The show now has the base funding it needs to go live. I'm leaving the donations open because there are still more rewards to give, and every bit continues to help. It turns out that the budget for the show was slightly larger than the $2,000 budgeted when this project was created, so the surplus, well, isn't.

But at the very least: The show's funded and will actually receive your generous donations.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

About the show

The Tombaugh Gallery is pleased to present Micah Pearson's Digital Dreams, a show that moves through space and time, melding the realistic and the fantastical, and demonstrating the potential for artistic expression using mixed-media including photography, hand drawing and digital modeling and manipulation. The exhibit will run from December 2nd through January 30th.

This exhibit is not about reality, but rather the expression of pure imagination. Here you will find ships passing in the night, the joy of dance, the personality within...and possibly a dragon. Several pieces offer a behind the scenes look at the process of creation and refinement from original concepts to finished compositions.

If you want to see examples of the work going into the show, be sure to check out!


1) What are you going to use the money for?

Primarily, the funds raised will be used towards the printing and framing of the pieces for the show. The printing process itself is quite time consuming, as it's not as simple as going down to the local Fed Ex/Kinko's and churning out a print. We are using a high-resolution printer and acid-free Premium Luster photo paper with a shelf-life of over 100 years (under glass) for maximum quality. In addition, one of them is being printed on stretched canvas to provide a true show-stopper of a conversation piece.

And by full-size, we are talking big. The largest piece that will be on display is around 30" x 36".

Additionally, each piece will be receiving custom framing and matting, in order to showcase each work to its full potential.

Finally, the funds will be used to cover the costs of the production of publicity/reward materials including, but not limited to: stickers, postcards, flyers, and posters.

Why $2,000?

I would just say "see above", but there's more to it than that. There are other costs associated with the production of the show that I didn't include in the previous section. Ads, shipping of the lower tier rewards, etc. There's also the lesser-known fact that the act of fundraising itself has it's own costs associated with it. Roughly 10% of the monies collected will be going to Kickstarter & Amazon for providing this fantabulously convenient way of collecting money for the project. So there's that.

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

There are very few risks associated with this project especially where you, the donator is concerned. As the printing process has already begun, I have thus far been fronting the costs for everything out of pocket (or on credit cards). The drawback here, of course, is that I have to eat...and pay those credit card bills.

The primary challenge here is that I'm a new artist in the area and my work is a departure from the traditional, so I'm still developing my audience. However, the Tombaugh Gallery is both reputable and respected in the Las Cruces area, and they believe in my work, so I'll be getting first-class help in making sure my show is as successful as it can be.


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    You'll be listed as a "friend of the show" on a placard in the gallery.

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    You'll be listed as a "friend of the show" on a placard in the gallery, and receive my sincerest gratitude in the form of a special edition HD desktop wallpaper designed specifically to commemorate the show. Details and screenshots will come in a future update.

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    You'll get the same benefits as the $10 tier PLUS a reusable 5" X 5" sticker featuring the logo design for the show. In my humble opinion, these stickers are unbelievably cool, being printed on the same printer and by the same awesome techs that worked on the original prints.

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    As before, you get the same benefits of the $10 and $20 tiers, but you'll also get a digital booklet featuring full color images of the work, with write-ups, concept art, and stills from the hanging and opening of the show.

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    Take the $10, $20, and $30 tiers and add a full-color 11" x 8.5" hardcover copy of the digital art book, with a personal dedication and signed by Micah.

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    As with the other tiers, you get everything leading up to it, but you can also feel free to add a signed poster print* of your choice** *Poster print means that we'll be using standard poster paper for the image, rather than the premium paper used for the framed pieces. **Regardless of image choice, the poster will be scaled down to fit 18" x 24", but will maintain its aspect ratio.

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    Big jump here, but also a huge jump in what you get back. At this tier you get the $10, $20, and $30 rewards PLUS a fully matted, framed original piece from the show*! *What piece you get is limited to first come, first serve. So if you have your heart set on a particular piece, donate early! I'll be updating the project with pieces that are claimed by backers.

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    Take the $350 tier and throw in EVERYTHING ELSE. (Basically, the difference in the donation pricing covers the costs of manufacturing) Same rules apply to this tier as the previous: First come, first serve.

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