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This film is about the Japanese enthusiasm for insects. It encourages audiences to rethink the way we look not just at bugs, but all of nature.

About the Film:

Beetle Queen Conquers Tokyo delves into the ineffable mystery of Japan's age-old love affair with insects. A labyrinthine meditation on nature, beauty, philosophy, and Japanese culture, this film might just make you question if your 'instinctive' repulsion to bugs is merely a trick of Western conditioning.

Even though the film centers on Japan’s fascination with insects, it’s really about much more than that. After a screening of the film, an 86-year-old veteran of World War II approached me and said, “For 50 years, I have considered the Japanese my enemy. This film changed my view of an entire people. In fact, these 90 minutes changed me.”

To expand even one viewer’s perspective – whether it’s about bugs, the Japanese, or what it means to be a part of nature – is the goal of the film. We hope to make this happen on a greater scale, but it will only be possible with your support.

The film had its world premiere at SXSW 2009 as part of the Emerging Visions line-up, where it played to sold-out theaters and received enthusiastic responses from the press. Since SXSW Beetle Queen Conquers Tokyo has played at many festivals, including Full Frame Documentary Film Festival, Vancouver International, and Cinevegas in Las Vegas, Nevada where it won a Special Jury Award for Artistic Vision. The film is currently in the running for a “Truer than Fiction” Independent Spirit Award, and recently won the prestigious Cinema Eye Spotlight Award. With these festivals and honors under our belt, the Myriapod Productions team is now looking to the future and preparing to bring Beetle Queen Conquers Tokyo to audiences across the United States.

And yet, despite all this fantastic attention, despite all the accolades, Beetle Queen still needs your help to get out into the world. Such is the nature of modern independent filmmaking...

Please visit the film’s website to read more:

Why Pledge?

In making Beetle Queen Conquers Tokyo, I am striking a new and unconventional approach to science education. My goal is to reach children and adults alike, and to help reframe their relationship with the natural world. My passion isn't about genetics, it isn't about global warming, it doesn't follow the latest craze in the science world – but it is critically relevant to the problems of today. It is about attention to detail, patience, and ultimately harmony - all of which are so rarely present in our modern lives. With this film, I hope to inspire a new sense of wonder about the natural world and challenge the way Westerners view nature, beauty, and the hectic monotony of our day-to-day routine.

In order to bring this film to as many people as possible, I will be coordinating two major releases in 2010: a nation-wide theatrical release and a non-theatrical tour of universities, cultural centers, and museums. Because the film appeals to a variety of niche audiences, we are hoping to generate word-of-mouth excitement by reaching out to specific groups associated with entomology, philosophy, and environmental and religious studies. I am hoping to raise no less than $12,000 to fund these complimentary endeavors.

Funds will be used for advertising and for the creation of exhibition copies of the film, as well as the shipping and handling of exhibition copies and press materials. Sounds rather lackluster, perhaps, but these are the essential (and tedious) details that make filmmaking possible.

Even if you can’t donate the minimum of $3, you can still help by spreading the word through email, Facebook, Twitter, blogging, on the phone, or in person - and if your life lacks that particular epistolary romance, you might even send letters. You get the point.

I'm already grateful...


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    Beetle Queen postcard and one gummy bug candy (I choose for you: roach, fly, centipede or spider, but please, don’t take it personally)

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    Your name on the very special Thank You page of the Beetle Queen website (will launch after we have reached our goal) and a notebook from Muji, with a hand-stenciled bug cover by Jessica Oreck + the above

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    Large 39” x 27” original Beetle Queen poster + all of the above

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    Clear vinyl Japanese tote bag printed with 2 different beetles and the well-translated phrase, "Eternal Rivals Beetle" + all of the above

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    A DVD copy of Beetle Queen Conquers Tokyo signed by the director (before it’s released!) + all of the above

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    A mix CD of my favorite obscure Japanese technopop from the '80's that inspired the film + all of the above

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    Official Beetle Queen T-shirt + all of the above

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    Beetle Queen CD soundtrack, signed by the composers of the score, JC Morrison and Nate Shaw + all of the above

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    Hand-pinned Morpho butterfly by Jessica Oreck in small, black shadow box

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    One very limited-edition paperback, full-color book of stills from the film, signed by cinematographer Sean Williams

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    The ultimate grab bag – a DVD copy of Beetle Queen Conquers Tokyo signed by the director, an official t-shirt, the CD soundtrack (also signed by composers), the film’s poster + limited-edition paperback of stills from the film signed by cinematographer Sean Williams – yes, this is an autograph heavy choice – but someday we will all be famous and then you’ll be so happy you picked this one!

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    VIP tickets to THE theatrical premiere of Beetle Queen Conquers Tokyo at Film Forum on May 12 in NYC, and a personal tour of the American Museum of Natural History, where Jessica Oreck works as a docent and animal keeper + dinner at my favorite Japanese restaurant in NY (if you aren’t sick of me by then)

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    Four VIP tickets to theatrical screening of your choice and dinner for four with Jessica Oreck at a Japanese restaurant near the screening

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