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World, meet NODE. With this modular, bluetooth enabled device, Variable Tech puts the power of practical sensors in your hands.
World, meet NODE. With this modular, bluetooth enabled device, Variable Tech puts the power of practical sensors in your hands.
373 backers pledged $76,340 to help bring this project to life.

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CO2 Sensor on Kickstarter - special offer for NODE 1.0 owners


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NODE (2nd gen) for iOS and Android

Dear Kickstarter Backers, 

Thank you for your support of the first NODE. We have always dreamed of a NODE that is both iOS and Android compatible and today it came true. The team at Variable, Inc worked hard to create our 2nd generation NODE that is both iOS and Android compatible along with an amazing new motion engine. Our 2nd generation NODE is now available on our website:

Thank you


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All rewards have shipped...well almost.

Hi All,

We are very excited to announce that the final shipment of OXA-CO sensor modules have been shipped to backers. This means that we have just one more hurdle to clear before officially closing out this project.

We have received great feedback from many of you and would love to hear more stories about how you are using your NODE. To that end, we invite you to email your story to There may even be a special offer waiting for you if you do.

To our backers waiting for the Radiation module, unfortunately, I do not have any grand news to report right now. We made some progress on the issues mentioned in the previous update, but the sensor is still not ready for production. As soon as there is new information, YOU will be the first to know.

One final note. We recently launched a new support portal at That is the best place to go for quick, friendly service and information.

Thank you, again, for your continued support.


Radiation Module

After the previous update about not continuing development of the radiation module, there have been a lot disappointed backers contacting us. We never realized that the radiation module is so important to so many of you.

We will continue to work hard on the radiation module using a new PIN diode supplier to find a good economical solution to fulfill our promise. Please be patient while we try to solve this challenging problem.

Thank you

- The Variable Technologies team

CO and Radiation modules

Good news and bad.

We have 15 CO gas sensors ready and will be acquiring more components. We will also start to offer gases like NO, NO2, SO2, H2S, and CL2

The bad news:

We have been working on the radiation sensor based on a method using a PIN diode. However, it has become clear that just a PIN diode does not provide decent response to ambient radiation. The solution is to use a Csl scintillation crystal to convert the gamma and x-ray to visible light to be detected by PIN diode. However, just the Csl crystal component is ~$150 in quantity. We simply cannot afford to create the radiation module at this time.

If you are a backer who chose the pledge that included the radiation module, please contact us:

Thank you for your understanding.