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World, meet NODE. With this modular, bluetooth enabled device, Variable Tech puts the power of practical sensors in your hands.
World, meet NODE. With this modular, bluetooth enabled device, Variable Tech puts the power of practical sensors in your hands.
373 backers pledged $76,340 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Mark chan on

      George, any update as regards the radiation sensor arrangement? If you will give credit how will the arrangement be made? Thanks.

    2. George Yu 3-time creator on


      Yes, we will give you credit toward another sensor module (any module)

    3. Rene Ochoa Dorado on

      i'm in the same boat as cam and eric. can i get a credit towards other sensors.

    4. George Yu 3-time creator on

      Cam and Erik, we have a prototype built but it will cost ~$400-500 for a decent radiation sensor. We are trying to figure out what to do about those backers. We can give you a credit toward a radiation sensor or a few other sensors we are working.

    5. Cam MacDuff on

      @Erik: You read my mind. Any news George on that front?

    6. Missing avatar

      Erik Parker

      Could you please update us on where we are with the radiation sensors? I had asked support if an update was coming about a month ago, but didn't get a response. Would be great to know when we might expect that for those of us who backed at the $350+ tiers.


    7. Mr. Atoz on


      I sent an email a while back. I have not received the IR thermometer module for my pledge. I did receive the gas sensor. Please advise when the IR will ship.

    8. Rene Ochoa Dorado on

      can i change my radiation pledge to a one of the gas sensors? or a chroma and a luma?

    9. Missing avatar

      Arnold on

      Hi George,

      received my Node last week, it's awesome!
      Are there any information on the radiation sensor available yet, or did I maybe miss out on something?


    10. Missing avatar

      Paul Tingey on


      Thanks for the prompt reply. I filled in the web form in the support section of You don't seem to list an email address anywhere on the site, so I will email you the details on the address you've given below.


    11. George Yu 3-time creator on


      Sorry that your Node had a broken button.

      Did you send the emails to

      I personally monitor that account and haven't seen any emails from you.

      We had a few defects with kickstarters since you guys got the first ones. We will replace any defect Node by sending you a replacement with a return label for the defective one.


    12. Missing avatar

      Paul Tingey on

      George - I had my node working for 2 hours and it stopped working and started to rattle. The surface mount switch fell off the board. I've sent two support messages on your website but noone has replied in over a week. I'm feeling pretty annoyed. Do I send this back to you?

    13. Alasdair Allan on

      George, My NODE arrived while I was stuck in NY for Hurricane Sandy. Just got back into the UK and it works out the box. Really pleased with the finish. Great to see this sort of product coming out of Kickstarter. Is there an ETA for the additional sensors for those of us who backed with the CO and Radiation sensors included in the pledge?

    14. George Yu 3-time creator on

      @Paul, we are planning to make a water proof case instead of the clip.

    15. Missing avatar

      Paul Tingey on

      Hi George, I received my node today and its seems to work well. In the video you show a clip to hold the node, but this wasn't included in the box. Are you planning on making these still? Thanks.

    16. George Yu 3-time creator on

      @Matthias, we shipped out your Node on Sept 26th. Please check your post office.

      Let me know the result:


    17. Matthias on

      Can't wait to get mine, NODE looks so impressive!

      unfortunately I did not even have a tracking number yet :(

    18. Missing avatar

      A_M_G on

      Just got mine (BT 4 version). Worked perfectly with iPhone app right out of the box. Super impressed.

      Looking forward to trying android app and iPhone 5 layout.

    19. George Yu 3-time creator on

      Grant, we are working on that app. Yes, it could be used as a pedometer too.

    20. Grant Smith on

      Hi George, way back in update #3 you did an app for using node as a cycling computer - any further on that? Would it be relevant for when i'm walking the dog?

    21. George Yu 3-time creator on

      Grant, I am glad you like your Node. We have pushed a new update to Apple 2 days ago that include units changing. We are still waiting for approval.

    22. Grant Smith on

      Hi George, my node arrived, it's seriously awesome! Is there anyway to get the therma unit to display in Celsius as opposed to Fahrenheit?

    23. George Yu 3-time creator on

      Gordon, I am happy that you like Node as much as we do. We are pushing out an update to the iOS app to fix that initial crash bug and add some new features. It should be approved in a few days.

    24. Gordon Mackenzie on

      Just received my Node and with the iOS app on my iPhone 5 have been having a blast. This product has way exceeded my expectations. I didn't even read any of the online documentation and was able to discover the Node via Bluetooth within a minute of fiddling with node. Thanks George! Now to purchase some more sensor modules. I did have to exit the app after the first attempt (or did it crash?) for the Nod App to start communicating with/controlling the Node.

    25. George Yu 3-time creator on

      Corey, the Node App update has just been approved! Try it. It might still crash upon first connect to a new device. You have to wait ~2-3 mins after it crashes to start the app again and it will work fine. We added data logging to the app and we will find a solution around all the new problems with CoreBluetooth. Enjoy.

    26. George Yu 3-time creator on

      Corey, we are following up with Apple on the App update. The new iOS 6 CoreBluetooth returns a null on first scan of bluetooth 4.0 devices. That null is causing the crash. I believe it is a bug in the new CoreBluetooth for iOS 6. The update handles the error but I guess Apple is a bit swamped with everyone updating Apps.

    27. Corey

      Can you please follow up with Apple on when the app might be approved so we have an idea of when we can test this out?

    28. Corey

      Thanks George... kind of an expensive flashlight right now...

    29. George Yu 3-time creator on

      Correction, we pushed put the update this morning is just waiting for Apple approval.

    30. George Yu 3-time creator on

      Corey, we have been up all night trying updating the app. It will be pushed out today and hopefully, Apple approves it quickly.

      They changed the way Bluetooth 4.0 is handled in the phone.

    31. Corey

      Received my node.... app on iOS 6 crashes!

    32. Grant Smith on

      Hi George, will the node app be available in the Austalian iTunes store? I have tried to install US Apps before and always stumble at the register a US Address and hence I cannot install non-Australian Apps. Any thoughts (besides lol @ Aussies)?

    33. George Yu 3-time creator on

      Paul, it might be possible.

    34. Missing avatar

      Paul Tingey on

      It would be awesome if NODE worked with the SmartThings hub via bluetooth!

    35. George Yu 3-time creator on

      for more updates please visit our Facebook page:

      or follow us on twitter: @variabletech

    36. George Yu 3-time creator on


      We are still working on that. It should be another 2 weeks. We will publish the source code for that.


    37. Marius Cristian Capatina on

      Hello George,
      Where can we find the Android app? On the Google Play it seems to not be there yet.

    38. Matthias on

      Hey George,
      when the NODE ships, could you / VariableTech declare the right value and maybe put a "invoice" on the outside of the parcel? It would make customs handling much easier...

      Thank you in advance!

    39. George Yu 3-time creator on

      Kevin and Mark,

      Please see our new update. Things are moving forward. Getting things made in quantity is not so simple. Even as a small company, we have a global supply chain that is about to deliver 2000 units worth of parts. We just completed a first manufacturing test of 30 units. There are still manufacturing issues to sort out before we can commit to a large order.

      In the mean time, we are working hard on refining our apps for the app store.

    40. Kevin Johnson on

      Really excited to be receiving this. Any updates on the final product? #notbeingpushyreally :)

    41. Missing avatar

      Mark chan on

      hi george.

      thanks for the update; keep up the good work!

      It'd be beneficial if you popped out more updates / news, especially seeing the competition - Sensordrone. And it will also be pretty cool to have communcation between the E Pebble and your NODE. I look forward to receiving the device.

    42. George Yu 3-time creator on

      Hi Mark, the air quality sensors are slowly coming along. There are some issues we have to solve with the analog circuitry. In the mean time, things are coming along quite well with the production of the rest of the system. I am sorry that you didn't get a chance to see Node in Hongkong, but you should be receiving your reward in 1-2 months. We have also launched our new website which will start taking extra orders and pre-orders. We are figuring out the e-commerce portion of the site.

    43. Missing avatar

      Mark chan on

      Hiya! Any updates on the air quality sensor modules? I am hoping they are sensitive enough to measure roadside air pollution - Hong Kong / Shenzhen levels which may well be easier versus in the States as you may very well know. And have you decided upon arrangements for those of us that wanted to buy extra KOREs?

      Its a pity I didn't get to see the NODE in Hong Kong - I know an acquaintance that mentioned seeing it here!

    44. Missing avatar

      Beran Peter on

      Looks great! Thanks for the update. Have you been able to make any progress on an Android app? Do new Android phones have the BT Low energy option now?
      Looking forward to seeing more! Again Thanks - Beran

    45. Michaël Martin, Esquire, MSIR on

      Congratulations George!


    46. George Yu 3-time creator on

      Paul, yes. The bluetooth radio can give some rough information on radio range. The NODEs cannot see each other with out some modifications, but a phone (Bluetooth master device) can see the radio strength of near by NODE sensors.

    47. Missing avatar

      Paul Tingey on

      hi George, can the node modules be used as smart beacons like in the 'tod' project? Can you detect when they go out of range & make these ranges deterministic? It would be interesting if the node or the phone could detect the presence of each other and have the range to programmable. For example, this could allow you to enter a room & have the temperature of that room be reported to your phone. Anyhow, looking forward to seeing the node in action!

    48. George Yu 3-time creator on

      Matthias, an update is coming soon. There are some neat technical advancements.

    49. Matthias on

      Hey George Yu, can you give us any updates on the process of making the NODE? Would be nice to see how you manage all the little problems that may arise ;)

    50. George Yu 3-time creator on

      Jon, we are still working on the various Apps. The app approval process requires us sending a production unit of Node to Apple for testing with the app before it will be allowed into the app store. I have also just posted an update on our development progress.

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