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Beyond Reason is the third film in a three part trilogy about consciousness, our minds and the search for universal truth. Read more

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Beyond Reason is the third film in a three part trilogy about consciousness, our minds and the search for universal truth.

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                              Beyond Reason

In our quest for Universal Truth, first we must go beyond ourselves, then beyond our belief systems and finally, to comprehend the incomprehensible, we must transcend even our own intellect.

My first two films, Beyond Me and Beyond Belief were produced with zero experience, zero budget and zero help.  I did all the work myself including camera work, editing, narration, post production, etc. and these films have been enjoyed for free by over 80,000 people thus far.  You can watch both of them below (*NOTE if you have a slow internet connection, have a problem with youTube or just want a copy of the DVDs, see details below on how to get a free copy shipped to you).

Beyond Me is a very profound film that is frequently compared to "The Secret" and "What the #$%#%$ do We Know?" and takes the viewer on a journey into one's own mind and how our consciousness, evolution, animal instincts, reincarnation, personality disorders, cellular biology, computer science and the cosmos are all tied in together.

Beyond Belief is the next leg in the journey and makes a very compelling case for how the teachings of Jesus, which originally included an emphasis on meditation and reincarnation came from his travels during the so called 'missing years'.  Be sure to watch all the way to the end.

The third film in the series, Beyond Reason will be the most mind blowing of all three films in the series.  Shot on location in India, and potentially a theatrical release, this new film that I'm asking you to help back will discuss the nature of reality and that our intellect is based on perceptions, which are limited by our five senses and that to go beyond our perceptions to experience Universal Truth, we need to learn that we must move beyond our intellects.

If you enjoyed watching Beyond Belief and Beyond Me, please kick in $1.00 each to help with production costs for Beyond Reason and kindly forward this page to a few of your friends who will also appreciate the knowledge in these films.

NOTE: For a FREE copy of the DVD of either Beyond Belief or Beyond Me, go to for information on how to order them.


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    $1.00 is the suggested donation amount I am asking for watching either Beyond Me or Beyond Reason to the left here. This is a more than fair 'pay per view' price for these very profound and inspirational films.

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    A limited edition DVD of Beyond Reason, signed by the producer/director

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    A signed, limited edition DVD booklet of all three films in the trilogy, Beyond Me, Beyond Belief and Beyond Reason.

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