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By Melissa Houghton
$41.00 pledged of $400 goal


I want to, with the help of my husband the Bard of Ely, capture footage from Kew Gardens in London to familiarize people with nature, herbs, and their inspirational visual presence. Think of this project as a guided tour, led by someone very well-versed in herbs, their classifications and medicinal effects. Steve Andrews sees nature and can help you enrich your understanding of its beauty through his technical knowledge and experience. By taking my cue from Virginia Woolf, who recognized nature's ability to help people connect with their inner as well as their outer world, I work, as both poet and producer, with Steve to treat this subject matter with the attention and poetic flair it deserves.

Steve's knowledge base is vast and his connection with nature runs deep. Steve chose Kew Gardens as the location because it is home to the largest collection of plants in the world. Its vast library holds a wealth of information in the form of illustrations, volumes, and living specimens that we will be consulting to inform our understanding of each herb. I, working from the legacy of writer Virginia Woolf, wish to excavate the stories and capture the sensual experience behind every day herbs.  For this particular project we will be combining technical knowledge with the poetry of language to feature the following herbs:

Chamomile/Eyebright/Juniper/Mistletoe/Rosemary/St. John's Wort/Sunflower/Camphor/Iris/Jasmine/Lettuce/Mugwort/Water Lily/Willow/Dill/Fennel/Lavender/Lemon Verbena/Mandrake/Mint/Valerian/Catnip/Catmint/Columbine/Pennyroyal/Periwinkle/Rose/Vervain/Yarrow/Dragon Tree/Galangal/Hops/Meadow Buttercup/Tarragon/Tobacco/Wormwood/Agrimony/Lime Tree/Meadowsweet/Oak/Pine/Sassafras/Thorn Apple/Deadly Nightshade/Hemlock/Henbane/Monkshood/Morning Glory/Patchouli/Skullcap

Please support our project so we can put out this narrative film that helps us see nature in our minds more clearly, so that we may notice it more vividly when we encounter in our daily lives. You can see Steve's book listed here:

Forthcoming book
Forthcoming book

Risks and challenges

The challenge of this project lies in bringing a pleasing shape to the film that harmonizes the technical aspects of herbs with the poetry of their existence. Steve and I are doing this in conjunction with a wider aim to educate people about the plants they come across in their daily lives. We are doing this project to complement a course that will help people understand how to apply knowledge of nature to enrich their lives. I bring to this project an artistic eye and experience with designing curriculum and excavating important stories that can productively inform our way of life. Nature is a force that acts on us that we in turn, have acted on. The challenge is to cultivate a relationship between humans and nature that is mutually beneficial.

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