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Whoopi Goldberg makes her directorial debut and EPs “I Got Somethin’ To Tell You” a doc on the American stand-up comedian Moms Mabley.
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You Guys Are Kicking Butt

Posted by Whoopi Goldberg (Creator)
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Yesterday there was quite a big push to move the numbers and you all did a really wonderful job.  Thanks for the upgrades, the kind words and for just helping where you could.  And for those of you who wrote and told me you couldn't afford to do anything, I get it.  Just taking the time to look and see what I'm doing and writing some nice words was enough.  We have seven days left (whew! this has been a haul) and I'm thinking we just may make it.  I'm watching some of the footage now and I'm thinking Moms is smiling somewhere.  Again, thanks!  And Ellwood I know you're out there somewhere - thank you!  You were a bulldozer yesterday.  

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    1. Nancy Bechtol on

      dear Whoopi, you are one creative beautiful soul! (I am new to this and sent you an Email and should have done a post here, whoops!)
      I admire you and appreciate putting the call for support out there-- so others could be with you. it is a gift to share. my pledge was small, and I am currently working on my first feature documentary, on a street artist who sold art for a dollar on state street in chicago and was charged with Class 1 Felony eavesdropping (a law in Illinois no body knew about..) quite a story.

      so my heart goes out to you and like you, it will be made, with or without backing.
      It is a grand effort, not just the money, which should indeed come follow you, and and many are..

      ALMOST THERE! only a short bit more, really, not a lot of money if an ANGEL out there could find out you need it.
      Sending my best to you, and all you do send in the angels!:)
      peace and love

    2. Missing avatar

      angie eberhardt on

      Whoopi - I was also wondering if anyone contacted Wanda Sykes and Ellen DeGeneres as both of these lovely ladies of comedy seem to be very generous. Maybe they would put the message on their twitter feed - just a thought! :)
      I am so glad that I was able to make a small contribution to this great project. Good luck - you can do this!

    3. Ellwood "Bunky" Bartlett on

      Awesome Bethann! I will look at lady Gaga as well. I actually posted to Kristie and haven't seen anything.

    4. Bethann Culkin Murphy on

      I tweeted a link to Lady Gaga. twenty seven MILLION followers! Fingers crossed that she retweets!

    5. Bethann Culkin Murphy on

      Ellwood- I follow Kirstie Alley on Twitter and she has a million plus following..she tweets constantly. I posted a general tweet from Whoopi's page, but maybe if someone with a name contacts Kirstie she would retweet to her followers. Does anyone know if anyone reached out to Lady Gaga? She loves Whoopi and has a crazy twitter following. Just a thought. Thanks!

    6. Ellwood "Bunky" Bartlett on

      Well thank you all for your kind words. I personally can't wait to see this get made and done. Sorry I wasn't around today I had a number of meetings. I'm back and I'm still pushing on other sites as well. Keep positive and we can make it!

    7. Missing avatar

      laura axelsen on

      Please tell everyone u know about this. Just the money from one of those fancy coffee type drinks could make a difference. One selfless act goes along way

    8. Bethann Culkin Murphy on

      He sure was! Great job Ellwood!