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Battle with your friends: GEIO’s embedding AI and FPS gives you an immersive experience in a virtual war zone that exists in reality.
The price in this page indicates the crowdfunded price of GEIO. At this moment, the crowdfunding is already completed; GEIO would be selling at the retail price of USD $259. If you would like to get more information, please contact our friendly staff.
The price in this page indicates the crowdfunded price of GEIO. At this moment, the crowdfunding is already completed; GEIO would be selling at the retail price of USD $259. If you would like to get more information, please contact our friendly staff.
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392 backers pledged $84,980 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. John Jackson just now

      So I had my geios for a week now. So far I am kind of disappointed. The android app is in Chinese with only one playable game on it. Also there are only two travel speeds: Stop and ultra fast. The travel speed should be variable. There are also some glitches. Sometimes the view from the camera stops streaming and sometimes when I tap the spin/rotate button the geio will continue to spin until I tap the button again. I guess the geios will be sitting on the shelf collecting dust until these issues are fixed.

    2. Missing avatar

      Boyd McKenzie about 1 hour ago

      Backer 205 here. Any update on shipments...?

    3. Missing avatar

      JVALIN 2 days ago

      Backer #317

      No upto the delivery mark which was stated Feb 2018. its already end of the month now.

      Disappointed. Waiting eagerly.

    4. Missing avatar

      Jason Leung 4 days ago

      Backer #35 still not receive... who can help me?

    5. Larry Baglio 4 days ago

      How do I find out what my backer number is and if my units have shipped?

    6. Alex O
      5 days ago

      Backer #341.

      If you just hit the #200 mark more than 10 days ago. It would stand to reason that you should be getting closer to my number.

      Any updates?

    7. Missing avatar

      Stephen Ternes 5 days ago

      Havent recived bota or tracking info... about to dispute the charge with amex... very disappointing

    8. Missing avatar

      Zen Izumikawa 6 days ago

      K I will fix my video later

    9. Missing avatar

      Kevin 7 days ago

      I have yet to receive my bots yet and didn't receive a tracking number

    10. Missing avatar

      Nikita 7 days ago

      something is wrong with the video - can't watch it due to regional copyright restrictions, at least in the UK.

    11. Missing avatar

      Oli Jukes 7 days ago

      I've been having problems with the android version of the app similar to those mentioned by others, where it is entirely in chinese with no way to change it, and only the battle function works.

    12. Missing avatar

      Zen Izumikawa on February 17

      Hey, both IOS & Android APP come with glitch/bugs. The IOS will lose connection with the camera after a few minutes, we had to reboot the unit and wifi on the cellphone to fix it. And it will happen again after reboot.
      The android app is incomplete. Yes, INCOMPLETE!!! I could only download demo app in both official site & Google play store!!!! Which is unplayable with other units and lack of function as well...
      U can see the problem in the end of my video:

    13. Missing avatar

      Mark Ezekiel Pereda Torio on February 17

      Only received one robot from my pledge. I pledged for two GEIO pledge and paid the amount including the shipping fee as advice, but why you send 1 pcs only?

    14. Daniel Patten on February 16

      Backers #15 and #16 here! Having so much fun with our bots!!!!

      Did a 3-minute unboxing and play video here:

      Happy bot battling, customizing, and lunar new year to you all!

    15. Anthony Bell on February 15

      I still am waiting for response on the second GEIO I got the red but not the blue. Respond please I was going to do unboxing video of both

    16. Missing avatar

      Eddie on February 15

      Backer number #44
      no track No
      how to chase it
      Chinese Lunar New Year Holiday no one in office ~_~

    17. Benny6Toes
      on February 14

      i got my robots yesterday, and they look AMAZING. however, the quick start guide mentions a, "paired USB charging adapter," and that doesn't seem to be in the box. is there a component missing from the box, or will any USB charge adapter work (i see a 5V2 adapter is recommended)?

    18. Missing avatar

      Sp4m on February 14

      Unboxing Video!…
      Taking these puppies to work today!

    19. Missing avatar

      Cympaulife on February 14

      I just received my GEIO today and I am very pleased with it. I got the app and was able to run it although I didn't understand the text lolz.

    20. Anthony Bell on February 13

      Only received one robot from my pledge. I pledged before tjere was a two GEIO pledge and sent the right amount for shipping. When should I expect the second?

    21. Missing avatar

      J.T. Stewart on February 13

      I'm having the same problem as John Jackson. I have the app but can't understand it. The robot itself is very impressive. Its larger than I expected and has metal that makes it more durable.

    22. John Jackson on February 13

      Just received my geios! I downloaded the app. When I run the app it is in Chinese. Is there a setting for English?

    23. Missing avatar

      Sp4m on February 13

      My GEIO is arriving today! Any updated news on an API?

    24. Hoan Lam
      on February 12

      I still didnt get tracking number... pls keep be updated

    25. Missing avatar

      Imran Mohd on February 12

      Hiii I’m Backer 29 and I received my GEIO today...SO HAPPY HERES MY UNBOXING VIDEO 😆 i got BA00095

    26. Missing avatar

      Jason Leung on February 10

      I am Backer 35, still not get the tracking number...

    27. Missing avatar

      Sp4m on February 10

      I just got a notification that the first 200 orders have been shipped! This is exciting to hear.
      Can you estimate how long delivery will take?

      Will current and future recipients get tracking numbers for their orders?
      I am Backer 107, and I want to schedule a day off of work before it arrives!

    28. Missing avatar

      Richard Campbell on February 5

      🤞 And hoping we get a shipping update before Lunar New Year!!

    29. Missing avatar

      Richard Vasquez on February 1

      Hi GJS team,

      Not sure when the shipment will come out in Feb, but would it be too late to change my shipping address? I might be moving 3rd or last week of Feb and I might miss the delivery.


    30. Missing avatar

      Carmenlam on February 1

      RE : Project Update #11: GEIO: A FPS Battle Bot With Visual Recognition by GJS
      Because the first payment can not be completed and the file number, so I make the payment. Yesterday I looking at DBS bank statement that shown paid duplicate order for project update # 11 & #12. Please refund me regards to #12. Please reply me via e-mail : & Thank you.
      I'm looking forward your reply.

    31. GJS Creator on January 30

      A GEIO‘s anime cooperate with Tencent on the road :)

    32. Missing avatar

      Nikita on January 26

      I remember some time ago one of the backers got in touch with you trying to develop lore for the GEIO robots. The backstory and stuff. Was that successful? Will we see some awesome lore? :)

    33. Hoan Lam
      on January 24

      @GJS: Wonderful!!! Btw, could you check your inbox here in Kickstarter? Thanks!

    34. Keith Chow on January 18

      I wish you could sent it out very early in February, so i could receive the package before the Chinese Lunar New Year Holiday. Many thx

    35. GJS Creator on January 16

      Hello Guys,we will start to ship in February,thanks for your patience:)

    36. Missing avatar

      Nikita on January 12

      Has the production started?

    37. Larry Baglio on January 7

      How’re things looking on production? Will you make projected deadlines?

    38. Missing avatar

      Nikita on January 4

      Sooo.. Any news?

    39. Vaternz on December 29

      Hello Guys, I sent you a message regarding my issue about the items I back up, please check... Please, thank you and Happy New Year.

    40. GJS Creator on December 27

      @Giordano @John Jackson
      It has been holidays for our manufacturing partner. The manufacturing is in progress and after the new year holidays, we will prepare a new update about manufacturing.

    41. John Jackson on December 27

      Is there any updates? GJS has been pretty quite after this campaign has been funded.

    42. Missing avatar

      Giordano on December 19

      Hi... is there any place where we can know about geio production advances?

    43. GJS Creator on December 12

      @ Adrian Hernandez Yes, we have offered the solution finally!

    44. GJS Creator on December 12

      @ CH
      Replied. Please kindly check. For more question, let us know.

    45. Adrian Hernandez
      on December 11

      Hello GJS, is there a way like some others, to update my order? I should of asked sooner but some life things came up. Id like to upgrade my order from the pioneer to seeing about getting 4 of these tanks.

    46. Missing avatar

      CH on December 11

      Hi Gjs, I have pmed you.

    47. GJS Creator on December 11

      @ Marcus Replied your message.

    48. GJS Creator on December 11

      @ Yundong we have received many requests like yours from backers, we have resolved this issue - please kindly take this last chance: or you can make your pledge with a retail price (the estimated retail price is above $200) on our official website one month later.

    49. Missing avatar

      Marcus Wu on December 11

      Can someone help me, I had made the mistake pledge and want to change the pledge amount but I am unable to, all I can do is retry the old payment amount.

    50. Missing avatar

      on December 11

      Hi GEIO team

      I've backed super early bird ($99) and I'd really like to add another robot to my pledge in order for my gf to share the fun. Just wondering for the second robot do I simply add another $99 to the pledge (plus shipping) or it will be of a different price?


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