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Battle with your friends: GEIO’s embedding AI and FPS gives you an immersive experience in a virtual war zone that exists in reality.
The price in this page indicates the crowdfunded price of GEIO. At this moment, the crowdfunding is already completed; GEIO would be selling at the retail price of USD $259. If you would like to get more information, please contact our friendly staff.
The price in this page indicates the crowdfunded price of GEIO. At this moment, the crowdfunding is already completed; GEIO would be selling at the retail price of USD $259. If you would like to get more information, please contact our friendly staff.
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392 backers pledged $84,980 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Darius Francis Foo just now

      Hi there,

      Read your latest email about the new app features, super excited now.

      Just like to enquire, could we expect bluetooth controller support anytime soon? It would be super fun if there is a possible to use our phones as fpv screens for more immersive battles.

    2. Michele Bordoni about 20 hours ago

      Hi Teku,
      I traced down the origin of the issue.
      The problem is that GEIO is using many wifi channels that mobile phones do not.
      I have tried to reboot several times and I have found that channels 153, 157, 161, 40 and 44.
      While when channels 40 and 44 my phones were able to connect, with channels 153-161 my phones were not able to see the network.
      I have tried many new and old mobile and with all of them I have found the same issue. (Phone tested: Huawei P20, Nokia 8, Nexus 9 and Samsung S5 mini).
      It would be nice if the channel could be selected (please consider that higher channels were accepted in 2017 in Europe).
      The workaround I found today is to reboot Geio several times till I get a usable channel.

    3. Teku Kobayashi about 22 hours ago

      Thank you, Michele. There are people in trouble other than me. I have not tried out on my second machine yet. If there is a difference between the two machines, I will write it here.

    4. Michele Bordoni about 23 hours ago

      Hi Teku, I have the same problem with my new Android 8.0 phone. I wrote to GJS and I think they do not uderstand the problem completely. My phone works with all 5.8GHz wifi except GEIO ones. I have received two GEIOs both of them with the same issue. Has someone found a solution to this?

    5. Teku Kobayashi 1 day ago

      I arrived at my house yesterday. I tried to connect now but the name does not appear in the wi-fi list of iPhone. Does anyone have the same problem?

    6. rikusei 5 days ago

      Thanks for your hard work. Last week, I received !! However, red GEIO is not move... ;_;
      Could you change it to new one...?

    7. Missing avatar

      Matthew Zeniou 5 days ago

      YAY!! Got my delivery today of both bots, I wanted to rip open the boxes and play with them myself. gonna have to wait for the kids to get home Grrr

    8. Missing avatar

      Edward Brennan 6 days ago

      Android, sir.

    9. Gian Pablo Villamil 6 days ago

      @Edward Brennan - Are you on iOS or Android? The iPhone app runs fine on iPad.

    10. Missing avatar

      Edward Brennan on

      I received my order last week. I bought for my kids but the download only seems to work on the latest phones and only phones. Will you update the app to work on tablets- which is what my kids use?

    11. Missing avatar

      Mark Williams on

      Backer 517 and 518, no updates, no news, nothing for two months. Radio Silent. Starting to think this was a scam.

    12. David Katz

      So far having tons of fun! Is it possible to have 4 of them in the same battle?

    13. Missing avatar

      John Windle on

      Got my bots today, very nice.

      Can you tell me when the API will be available, as per comment made by Creator on 1 Dec 2017 @ 5:19pm “@ Floris Meijer
      Yes, the API for your controller like the phone will be open. And you can implement the AR on it.”



    14. Euan Walker on

      Baker #256 - still waiting, and no update.

    15. Missing avatar

      Andrew Cheng on

      still waiting for shipment. Wrote to GJS but no feedback...

    16. Missing avatar

      Hisashi Hoshino on

      Hi GJS team,my number is 305, please chech my order.
      thank you.

    17. Rudy Guillier on

      Hi GJS team, i am backer #448, Can I get an update on the delivery of my reward?


    18. Missing avatar

      btorstenson on

      Hello, I am backer #455, Blue. Would like to check on my order status as well, please.

    19. rikusei on

      My number is 421. Please inform my order status.

    20. GJS Creator on

      @jkman @陳瑞隆 I will check the order and reply you in message.

    21. Missing avatar

      jkman on

      Hi GJS, my number is 283. Please chech my order. Thank you.

    22. 陳瑞隆 on

      my number is 332, please chech my order.
      thank you.

    23. GJS Creator on

      @Mariano Rosa If necessary, we can provide electronic patterns. Game mode is slowly open, please update the app, android user has our official website version prevail.

    24. GJS Creator on

      @Mariano Rosa we will check the problem, and GANKER you can buy in our Facebook Shop.

    25. GJS Creator on

      @SpcSamRI to extend battery life, we suggest charge the battery alone.

    26. SpcSamRI

      Also, the light on my gun doesn't change colors when a new bullet type like fire or ice is picked up. Is it supposed to?

    27. Mariano Rosa on

      @GJS the box is barely damaged, but the tokens appear to have been cut with a x-acto blade. Very strange. A couple more questions... I wasnt able to use all the modes, just free battle and race, need todo download/actualice something more besides the Android app?. And the second question, can I still buy a ganker robot, or is not avariable anymore?. Regards. Backer101

    28. SpcSamRI

      I just got mine today. Is it ok to charge the battery while it is in the Geio?

    29. GJS Creator on

      @Hyomin Abel Choi @Jesse Miller @Vickie Lam I will check the order and reply you in message.

    30. Hyomin Abel Choi on

      Hello GJS, my number is 519. Please let me know about my order’s. Thank you.

    31. Missing avatar

      Jesse Miller on

      Could I also get an update I have not received any information since mid April.

    32. Missing avatar

      Vickie Lam on

      My order no. is 479 and is still awaiting your message for updating the status.

    33. GJS Creator on

      @Scott Moyer I will check the order and reply you in message.

    34. GJS Creator on

      @Mariano Rosa thanks, we will Improve packaging, the box is damaged?

    35. Mariano Rosa on

      I received the robots and they look super cool. Thanks for a fantastic product. Severals of the cardboards arrived damaged, but the rest is ok!. Regards. Backer 101

    36. Missing avatar

      Scott Moyer on

      Could I get a shipping update please? Backer 467

    37. GJS Creator on

      @Corey Kukowski your package ready to ship.

    38. Missing avatar

      Corey Kukowski on

      Why the delay in shipping? Last update was in April. I’m backer #469, when can I expect the robots?

    39. GJS Creator on

      @Gian Pablo Villamil VS mode is a new feature, which has no instructions for English VS mode right now. When 2 GEIOs in VS mode together, 1 GEIO building room(Middle Buttons), and the other one GEIO will join in the room and choose Ready(Right button),and then you can play

    40. GJS Creator on

      @Nikita @Yundong @SpcSamRI @TakahiroMiyaura I will check the order,reply you later in message.

    41. Missing avatar

      Nikita on

      Likewise, can I have a shipping update?

    42. Missing avatar


      Hi GJS team.

      I'm backer #452, from Australia. Can I get an update on the delivery of my reward?


    43. Gian Pablo Villamil on

      @GJS - can you give step-by-step instructions for VS mode? I have 2 phones and 2 GEIOs, each phone is connected to the WiFi from one robot.

    44. SpcSamRI

      I am backer 210 could you let me know my status as well, please?

    45. Missing avatar

      TakahiroMiyaura on

      I am backer 441,
      may I know my delivery status?Thanks.

    46. GJS Creator on

      @Ng Wai Kei I will check the order,reply you later in message.

    47. GJS Creator on

      @Gian Pablo Villamil VS Mode need 2 phone link to 2 GEIOs together. And thanks your suggestion about Speed Mode.

    48. Missing avatar

      Ng Wai Kei on

      I’m backer#354
      May I know my status?

    49. GJS Creator on

      @Uli Weber hi there, you can update in our

    50. Missing avatar

      Uli Weber on

      Hi there, my App is crashing after a few seconds. I also can't find updates for it. Can you help me out?
      Thanks a lot.

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