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The world's first hygienic, multi-beverage water bottle that you can share with your pup!
The world's first hygienic, multi-beverage water bottle that you can share with your pup!
The world's first hygienic, multi-beverage water bottle that you can share with your pup!
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    1. Craig Apache Read about 1 hour ago

      Thanks @Skinner

      Joeys passed out on the floor... he really is a good boy.

      Thanks for the like.

    2. Anastasia Skinner
      about 10 hours ago

      I just liked the page and I’m sorry that happened to you. He’s a gorgeous pup and you both are so in sync with each other it’s amazing to see. I wish you the best!

    3. Craig Apache Read 2 days ago

      I didn’t even get (🍿 munching sound) a postcard... 🍿 just empty promises... 🍿and cool... 🍿pictures I can show my dog 🐶... dammit! He knocked over my popcorn and ate it... now I have to go get a bottle of water 💦... wish I could have a fancy bottle my service dog 🐕 could both share and use.

      Go to Facebook and look for the page: “Joey The Service Dog” and see why we were on the news last week.

    4. Missing avatar

      regal81455 2 days ago

      Silence is not golden in this situation...

    5. Missing avatar

      regal81455 4 days ago

      Still waiting for a response...

    6. Anastasia Skinner
      4 days ago

      @craig a lot of us got the post cards last year to give to the people we were buying these for letting them know that’s what we were giving them for Christmas lol I wonder if those people will get them this year and I’ll get out if buying a present or two this year lol

    7. Craig Apache Read 6 days ago

      I believe I need to get more popcorn 🍿... with no updates, popcorn 🍿 is the only sure thing!

    8. Missing avatar on

      possible dogs i was to give bottle have not survived, a couple of days ago i almost joined them.survived in er, icu ,and still progressing in hospital ,when i get back to my dog not sure if i will even get to use THE IMAGINABLE DREAM BOTTLE IF IT EXITS . IS THERE ANYONE WHO STILL BELIEVES. ?????????????????????????

    9. Missing avatar

      regal81455 on

      I'm concerned with the "purple poodle" color scheme it does not appear to be following what I had backed - the body of the unit should be a color close to what you are showing logo as and the rest of it was supposed to be a black ( or maybe dark gray ) color - what gives? I've PM'd you directly as well in-case you don't see this...

    10. Craig Apache Read on

      Anyone planning on giving this as a Christmas Gift?

    11. Missing avatar

      regal81455 on

      How is the assembly and final testing going? Per your update yesterday was the day this was slated to begin - are you still on this timetable? Tx!

    12. Emanuel Rosario on

      People need to get off their high horse and expect a certain degree of outrage from consumers when they encounter delays in their investment, even if it’s “to be expected” from Kickstarter.

    13. Michelle Katzdorn on

      People need to stop using Kickstarter when they don't even know what the hell it is. This setback is pretty normal and isn't even all that bad.

    14. Missing avatar

      Wally on

      Urgent Feedback PLEASE!!!

    15. Craig Apache Read on

      @Anastasia Skinner

      Why thank you 😊. I figure I’d liven up the comments with something that actually happened as it was relevant to what the campaign is/was all about.

      Everything I said was true, I Every have a Service Dog 🐶 named Joey.

      I created a Facebook page for him called (wait for it) .... (drum roll):
      “Joey The Service Dog”
      Look it up. You could also see an interview I did last week where I speak about being asked to leave a business because I had a service dog. It’s starting to become a real sh!t show.

      But thank you for the kind comment.

      We all can’t just be pissed 😤 off for all the stalling in this campaign, we have to smile sometimes and hopefully I’ve done that.

      @Creators... Come-On already... we are drying up over here! 🧟‍♀️ 🧟‍♂️

    16. Anastasia Skinner

      @craig literally your the one keeping me coming back for comments. You are very entertaining but realistic.

    17. Missing avatar

      Kristel Leonardo

      I invoke my rights under Kickstarter's Terms of Use:
      "Project Creators are required to fulfill all rewards of their successful fundraising campaigns or refund any Backer whose reward they do not or cannot fulfill."

    18. Craig Apache Read on


      They won’t update.

      The @Creators don’t care!

    19. Missing avatar

      Cathy on

      Please update

    20. Craig Apache Read on

      I was driving down the street today in my car 🚙 as I was going far away... I stopped at a traffic light 🚦 (cause that’s what we do in Canada 🇨🇦 even if it feels like 38°C outside and you can (maybe) cook breakfast 🍳 on your hood (you really can’t but it’s damn hot)).

      So I’m sitting at the light, and I see this guy on a mountain bike 🚵‍♀️ (yes it was actually red) pass in front of me... I immediately am drawn down to what bottle he was carrying (I do that kind of dumb useless sh!t when waiting at a red light 🚦) I then turn around and look at my Service Dog 🐶 (that has a cone of shame on for an puncture on his foot) and I say to him (I talk to my dog dammit lol) I say to him... “you could drink that all up now right puppy 🐶?” (He’s 6 and I’ve had his 3.5 years but he’ll always be my puppy 🐶). My service dog is panting and I (still at the long ašš traffic light 🚦) I reach over to a bottle of water 💧 I have and pour it into his collapsible bowl. I then look 👀 to see where the biker 🚴‍♀️ went and thought 💭 to myself... geeze, that campaign was a let down.

      Don’t get me wrong @creator... it seems to be a great idea, but until we see something arrive... I suspect it will be in the middle of the winter ❄️ before these bottles will be useful. I hope 🤞 they arrive in time for the next “End-Of-The-World” full blood moon 🌙 as hydration 💦 for both me and my service dog 🐶 is handy when the zombies 🧟‍♂️ start walking 🚶 around.

      I added emoticons as a way to tell a story 📖 because that’s what this is turning into, a myth 🦄 .

      I’m the first ☝️one to defend the fact that we all “backed” and idea 💡 and not bought a product... but rather got a “reward”... but I can’t help but see thousands of pieces and wonder if you need help in assembly because I need a job (I’m on medical) and I’m sure for the ones ☝️ that are dripping 💧 away with all this extreme heat and humidity, this can’t come soon enough.

      I’m actually have a bet going with a friend to see what Kickstarter project arrives first with the least amount of delays.

      @Creator... I’m sure I’m not the only one that wouldn’t give a rats 🐀 ašš as much if there was a better line of communication from you all to us... the ones that had faith in your idea that we wanted to help you create it.

    21. Craig Apache Read on

      With a September ship date (maybe) how’s this water bottle’s efficiency when it’s encased in a block of ice? Cause that’s how this is heading... there will be snow on the ground before this ever gets in my hands, and my dog doesn’t drink outta bottles when it’s -30 below zero!

    22. Craig Apache Read on

      @Johnathan Bishop
      Funny you should say that... anyone that would send a company like this MORE money just because they got a “discount” shouldn’t be complaining at all... they should go to the hospital and have their head examined because clearly they are dehydrated and not thinking straight.

      I’m sad to say I backed two of this monstrosity and fear I’ll never get my money or bottles back.

      Live and learn... it is Kickstarter... that’s what we sign up for

    23. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Bishop on

      I agree with all the comments below this post! I would hope the creator offers a discount on future purchases, perhaps money back, or a reward offered with our current orders as clearly this is unorganized and they are not staying on top of production dates. Over 6 months late on delivery is a bit ridiculous.... I’m just curious what this company is going to do to correct this issue and what they plan to give us for their mistakes...

    24. Missing avatar

      Kevin Remington

      Yep, this campaign has been a joke. It’s not so much the fact that the product will deliver much later than the creators initially said… As many others have pointed out, this, unfortunately, is somewhat to be expected with KickStarter projects. It’s the fact that the creators, when they did bother to provide an update, consistently misrepresented the expected shipping date. In going back and looking through all of their updates and commentary, one can find numerous anticipated shipping dates, when it turns out they did not even have a handle on when production would begin.

      Being late in fulfillment is one thing, and probably could’ve simply been chalked up to “not having their shit together”. Providing sparse updates and commentary responses, while the communication that was made continuously turned out to be a misrepresentation, makes them creators (and a company) that are not to be trusted.

    25. Missing avatar on

      D&B = drunk and bull****. my first and only kickstarter. dogs can tell bad folks. too bad she was not given a chance to see your lies. too bad kickstarter allows misrepresentation to sour their name. maybe you should advertise it as a ice maker. sure will not be used on summer hikes.

    26. Missing avatar

      Kenny Minster on

      Utter BS. This is the LAST time I will participate in KickStarter. Get your act together and stop making excuses.

    27. Missing avatar

      steven d on

      Just in time to celebrate the 6 month anniversary of my dog's death. Thanks Drink Buddy.

    28. Craig Apache Read on

      So this product MIGHT be ready when it snows and all water 💦 freezes. Disappointed but to be expected... this is Kickstarter.

    29. Missing avatar

      David Haines on

      Very disappointing, won’t even have this before the end of summer... had high hopes for this product

    30. Missing avatar

      Tom Streicher on

      Update would be great,as would next time making it in the USA as to avoid all the delays and costly visits to China.

    31. Robin Richardson

      I would like a refund on my pledge.

    32. Craig Apache Read on

      With Humidity... 49°C today.

      My dog wants his water dish ;)

    33. Missing avatar

      Kevin Remington

      Update, please.

    34. Craig Apache Read on

      Weather is supposed to hit the high 40’s calculus by the end of the week (48°C) and as of Thursday the only time my Service Dog is going outside is to pee... which means I’ll probably not be leaving the house much either.

      Sure I could use any of the dozen bottles I already have but why get multiple of this bottle if it’s going to arrive when it’s snowing?

      I get it’s a kickstarter... I’m just reminding @Creator why you wanted to create this product... H20 is a resource that we can’t waste.

    35. Missing avatar

      Dave Brooks

      It looks like the current timeline will put the product in our hands by late August at the earliest. That's disappointing. For those of us who live in the Southeast facing summer temperatures in the high 90s, we've now *entirely missed* the season where this product will be most used.

      So ironically, it is I who feels used. Please start considering something to augment the return on our investment.

    36. Marcella

      If anyone hasn’t read the comments from the last update here’s what the creator has said as of today,

      “Thanks for reaching out. I am headed to China next week to work on, and hopefully approve, our first production run. It will take some time to ship those bottles to the U.S. and then on to customers. I hope to begin shipping mid July. I'll send out an update after my trip.”

      Excellent news!

    37. Craig Apache Read on

      Looks like you cracked a fart!

    38. Emanuel Rosario on

      Look at my face. Does it look like I’m joking?

    39. Craig Apache Read on

      I don’t know if Emanuel is insulted or being funny!

    40. Emanuel Rosario on

      Heyyyy, you’re talking about me, aren’t you?

    41. Marcella

      They aren’t, I don’t know them from a box of bricks. Just trying to educate the uneducated...

    42. Emanuel Rosario on

      How much are they paying you?

    43. Marcella

      You can’t “pull your backing” however you can ask the creator for a refund but they have no obligation to give you one. It’s at the sole discretion of the creator if they choose to do that but most creators don’t or most likely can’t, as your funds have gone into the creation, production and eventual delivery of what you pledged for. So in short that is an empty threat, as is taking legal action, that is just plain ridiculous. Good luck on finding a lawyer to take this on, it’s not worth their time and the outcome would be a futile gesture. IMO there has yet to be shown any glaring issues, other than the delays in getting out updates which is very common, that would be red flags for this campaign. This is crowdfunding not Amazon folks, delays even extensive ones are all a part of the experience. If you want a lesson in trying to take action look up Coolest Cooler here on KS and troll thru the comments, there were some success stories in regards to getting the authorities involved but it took years, and that campaign took in thousands of dollars and that makes a huge difference.

      Drink Buddy just put out a brief update on 23 May, so yes there have been delays, big deal. One must remember that this is a completely new product coming to market, tooling and production can be extensive as well as expensive which is why they have come to KS in the first place. Once tooling and production complete there is quality assurance which can also take time, if problems are found there, there could be more delays so be prepared. Then there is logistics, sorting and shipping the correct pledge to the correct backer to the correct address, a daunting task at times. Again I remind you that this is the first time these creators have gone thru this process and there are bound to be teething problems, so there may be more delays.

      Crowdfunding is a unique and innovative way to get great ideas realised into full fledge tangible goods, it’s not all wine and roses. When a creator gives a possible delivery timeframe they have a tendency to work it out in the best case scenario because they’ve never done it before. It’s a huge learning curve most of the time. Even creators who have done several previous campaigns run into unexpected problems. Yet again it’s all a part of the crowdfunding experience. Most importantly you are a backer not a buyer, you have to go into this prepared that you may not get what you pledged for as there are no guarantees. If you are unable to do that then crowdfunding isn’t the arena for you, wait until the project comes fully on to the retail market.

      So there you go, Crowdfunding 101 Basic Intro, which is something that a potential backer should look into before they pledge, it coincides with doing due diligence to make sure that the project is viable, but that’s a whole other lesson...

    44. Emanuel Rosario on

      It’s not as empty as it sounds. Although the creator has provided updates, they keep pushing back the timeline. They can’t even offer a delivery date with any real confidence. Eventually, their updates and apologies will hold no weight and backers will be fed up. In this case, a good-faith refund will be requested. Failing that, there may be precedent for legal action. Bottom line is the agreement hasn’t been fulfilled. We held up our end. At what point do you stop accepting delays? Once you get to that point, when you don’t have the product you paid for, what will you do? Just let them have your pledge?

    45. Craig Apache Read on

      How does one “pull backing”? It’s been pledged and charged the client... is that statement just a way to show dissatisfaction because it’s an empty threat?

    46. Missing avatar

      Smashley on

      Severely disappointed that things are taking so long. Feeling taken advantage of, and like we won't actually see product. I'm ready to pull my backing.

    47. Emanuel Rosario on

      Oh, it’s a long run alright.

    48. Missing avatar

      Nathan Brock on

      Drink & Buddy Team:

      Thanks for another good update, and for ensuring that you get the product right! We are excited to receive our bottles, but more excited to have them be high quality. Keep working to make it right and then finalize production. It will be better for us and for the long run.

    49. Emanuel Rosario on

      Another two weeks for a finished product, assuming there are no more changes to be made. A month for production, then 3-4 weeks for distribution. Expect it Aug-Sep. That’s almost a year since funding started. For a water bottle.

    50. Craig Apache Read on

      It’s “the end of May”, when is the next delay going to be?

      Haven’t heard an update in a while, would be nice for Creator to keep us all updated and not left out on the trail without any water to keep us all hydrated and full of life.

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