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Old 4th Distillery & Tasting Room's video poster

We’re going to make vodka y’all- 5 locals opening the first distillery in Atlanta since 1906! Read more

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This project was successfully funded on December 14, 2013.

We’re going to make vodka y’all- 5 locals opening the first distillery in Atlanta since 1906!

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You've heard the rumors and we're here to confirm that they are true.  5 locals are working to open the first distillery in the city of Atlanta since prohibition.  These locals include brothers Jeff and Craig Moore, along with their pals Gabe Pilato, Justin Gray, and Andy DuVall.

Old Fourth Distillery (O4D) will be located right in the heart of Atlanta’s Old Fourth Ward. This vibrant and historic district is particularly well known as the location of the Martin Luther King Jr. historic site and being part of the Atlanta Beltline. As Atlantans already know, the city continues to revitalize this neighborhood and focus on projects that will bring people and businesses back into the heart of the city. As a result of an ongoing project we will soon see light-rail lines and more impressive renovations around the district. Very cool for the neighborhood and those who love it. This neighborhood is special and we want to be a part of the next chapter of history that happens here. And, what you’ve heard on the street is happening- we are establishing our distillery operations in Old Fourth Ward. We know that O4D will attract foot traffic in the area as people stop by for tastings and distillery tours.

Our customers are quite simply, you- people who are looking for a premium product that is made locally. We can’t wait to bring you a premium product made right here in Atlanta. We also look forward to bringing people to the Old Fourth Ward area that may not have otherwise checked it out. We fully anticipate that other businesses won’t be far behind us and will plan to plant their roots in the neighborhood also.


O4D will be capable of producing Vodka, Gin, Whiskey and Bourbon.  We’ll bring you Vodka first and then introduce Gin. Don’t worry, down the line, we'll release O4D Whiskey and Bourbon after they have been properly aged. 


We have come a long way since we decided that it was a good idea to open a distillery in the heart of Atlanta. In August, O4D finally received the near impossible Federal permit to operate the still and we are on track to receive our state and city permits once the build out of O4D’s facility has been completed.  The O4D still and equipment have been ordered and are on their way- this is progress! The facility housing the distillery and tasting room, (which we can see you in now) is on track to be completed by February 2014.

Where you come in and where the money is going

We need a little more progress…In order to get O4D fully open, we always knew that we would have to beg, borrow and steal.  Having done the second two by convincing a bank that that this was a good idea and then raiding our savings we are now turning to you, the people who like to buy local and love a good drink.  We are asking people to join us in making sure that this is going to be successful.  Your money will go to help us pay for the equipment that we'll be using to produce O4D spirits.  Our still is being custom made in Germany and it is a thing of beauty- you can see the latest pics on our Facebook page. The more money that we are able to raise the sooner we are able to start rolling out additional products, which benefits everyone.  We can all drink to that, yes?

And speaking of equipment... here is a drawing of what our still will look like:

UPDATE! where your money is going, this is our actual still!

Basic Goal

Our kickstarter goal is to raise $40,000 initially.  Obviously we don't want to stop there because every additional dollar that we raise will help to fully pay off the still and additional equipment.

Stretch Goal

Whiskey anyone?  Who doesn't like a nicely aged whiskey, especially something local?  We know y’all do. The last time that whiskey was produced in the city of Atlanta was over 80 years ago. If we can meet or exceed our stretch goal of $80,000, then we'll be able to start barrelling whiskey to age immediately so that it can then be released for your enjoyment.

Reward Spotlight

The Brick

While we do admit that everyone loves the look of exposed brick, we think that it would look much better with your name on it. Right now it just looks lonely.

You know what these are and they're made right here in the Old 4th by our friends at Broken Arrows!

Limited Edition Knifemen Print The Knifemen are Brian Manley ( and Roy Fleeman ( Knifemen is the print side of our brains. Design. Print. Stab.

The East Pole
Private Event for those who love to party

More about those 5 locals

The local brothers Jeff and Craig Moore, along with their pals Gabe Pilato, Justin Gray, and Andy DuVall have been working to make the distillery a reality for over a year.  Each of them brings a different background and skill set to the distillery and most importantly their desire to make a local spirit. 

Craig (along with Jeff) has started several companies (including Mooring Tech), he is a father of two and loves to travel to exotic locations whenever he has the chance. He brings the skill of successfully building several companies to O4D. 

Jeff started out in the motorcycle business where he owned shops in Atlanta and Alpharetta.After that he moved into the entertainment field working with the 1996 Olympics and later with a production company out of Los Angeles.In 2003 he moved back to Atlanta, and went into business with his brother Craig.

Gabe has been in the food and wine business as long as he can remember, spending his time as a chef and Sommelier and owning and running restaurants all over the southeast. He is thrilled to be back home in Atlanta starting O4D.

Andy has a background is in finance accounting (somebody has to help Craig keep the Company afloat), and he grew up in Cordele, GA - a more agricultural area of the state - which helped shape his desire for sourcing locally.  He has a passion for great food and spirits, which was developed over the years and was further ignited during his three years in Finland.

Justin is the rocker in our group, and when he isn't rehearsing or playing with his group he is building.  As Chairman of the Board nailer, he'll be overseeing the construction of O4D and most importantly the tasting room.  

For more on us and what we're up to, check out our Old Fourth Distillery facebook page.

Risks and challenges

This is the boring (but important) part…in order to manufacture spirits, we have to obtain permits from the federal government, state of Georgia and the city of Atlanta. Each of these has its own challenges and requires the distillery to be at a different phase in the construction or operations phase. Read: lots of red tape because producing alcohol is a big deal. Also read… lots of attorney fees to navigate the red tape. However, we do have cause to celebrate because we received our federal permit in August. Cheers to that.

The next big hurdle financially is the sheer cost of the equipment, especially the still. The distilling process starts with equipment that is similar to that used in the brewing process including a boiler, fermenters, holding tanks, but in the middle is this ingenious piece of equipment called a still that is used to remove the alcohol from the fermented mash to create the alcohol used for O4D spirits. We’d be happy to go into more detail with you- we love talking about this part.

O4D has come along way, but now we need your help. We have all invested and borrowed to secure the space, start construction, and order the equipment to get O4D open and running. We are asking you to support us in making this dream a reality. Help us more quickly make the jump from producing Vodka to Gin to barreling Whiskey and Bourbon. Your support will allow O4D to be able to do that sooner, which benefits all of Atlanta. Thanks y’all.

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    The full experience... You and a guest will get a private tour of the distillery, an invitation to the opening night party, dinner at Miller Union prior to the opening night party, and a hotel room after the event. We'll also put your name in the best location at O4D so that our kids can see who they have to thank.

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