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Escape mental asylum in Lobotomy Board Game. Got monsters on your back, mighty weapons, blazing skills -- or just delusions?
Escape mental asylum in Lobotomy Board Game. Got monsters on your back, mighty weapons, blazing skills -- or just delusions?
Escape mental asylum in Lobotomy Board Game. Got monsters on your back, mighty weapons, blazing skills -- or just delusions?
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We have some pictures of our miniatures and some from Zombicide BP, Blood Rage, Shadows of Brimstone and Descent for comparison (all rights reserved to the respective owners). Maybe you have some of those at home and you can take a look to see where we are at this point. Sadly even with a good camera we were not able to make good pictures of those red miniatures. Gloss + color makes it almost impossible to get a good picture and we are already asked for other color injections and we have covered them with a spray base and we will post some additional pictures tommorow (we do not know how will it come and we know that painted is not what you are looking for, but we hope that we will be able to show you that details are there). 

As for the pictures and models we believe that we are not as far as we thought from expected quality. Pvc does not hold every detail what you will see on the pictures of englared minis from other products. We were promised by manufacturer that we can do better than what we have at this point so I am sure that we will end up with more than satisfying quality. 

There were many comments that our pictures does not look like models in our store. That is true because models for board games are usually made in plastic and hardly in resin due to difference in cost and production time. We could make Lobotomy in resin but it would cost at least 2-3 times more than it does so it is pointless. Also some of you mentioned that what is shown in the campaign is not what we are giving you. What was shown in the campaign is a prototype and all models were 3d renders because we were not able to show you actuall pvc models. Those renders were made from the exact same files that were sent for 3d print and production. There is always some kind of loss of quality in the process even in the best products available on the market and the same thing is happening here. But as we promised we will do everything that is in our power keep that loss as small as possible.

Still we need feedback for all models to prepare a list of flaws. We will pass it to the factory and they will make corrections so feel free to post comments with your remarks.

Bases will be assembled with miniatures and will be in the same color as minis.



























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    1. mesmermized

      a picture is worth a thousand words, if THESE had been the first images shown this entire fiasco would have been avoided. even the red figures look great, throw that last camera in the TRASH

    2. Missing avatar

      morgan c on

      They're looking great! I seriously can't wait for this game to arrive at my house.

      Any word on when the actual shipping timeframe?

    3. Eddy the Zombie Pandanado on

      The minis look much better in these images, my worries about them have been greatly allieviatedl thanks :)

      Delatils on some still look a little soft to me, but I can work around that with a paint job applied to make them look charper ;)

    4. Schmidt on

      Looks great! Can't wait to get this on the table

    5. Drive Elizabeth on

      I'm happy with the quality of the minis - while I have been looking forward to the game for a while, seeing them in detail has really triggered my excitement. Next up, the cards/artwork and rules...

    6. Greg W. on

      Your inmates have spoken!
      Full steam ahead with the project!
      We are all going insane in anticipation of the finished product!

    7. Claes Lindman on

      The stuff of nightmares! :D These look excellent! Great work guys - I am very exited for the final product.

    8. Allan on

      I was one of those who was complaining about the quality from the earlier pics and clearly you guys proved me wrong.
      These pictures look fine and since I own most of those games compared to Lobotomy I rest assured that the quality will be good enough after this update. Think you guys for dealing with this thing so fast. Can't wait to try the game out.

    9. Missing avatar

      Mary Post

      lol @ the tactful inclusion of siren boobles in the update

      excellent pictures guys ^^

    10. Timmo Warner on

      I'm quite satisfied by the detail shown in these photos!

      If these are the same batch of miniatures that first round of pictures was REALLY bad. These look fine!

    11. Rick on

      Much better images. When I backed CMoN's Rum & Bones I was worried after they posted the initial pictures. Many of the red and yellow minis looked extremely 'soft'. But, it's CMoN and when they arrived the R&B pirates are pretty awesome.

      I didn't say much hoping that would be the case. Hopefully you can educate your manufacturer on taking better pictures, because I'm sure it will improve things for both yourself and them.

    12. Punxnbutter on

      Gameplay for this game is why I got in as I have the other games you listed and I needed unique but to have your minis stand up against cmon says it all.....we get eye candy too. I was a tad worried but the good communication and pictures have me feeling good about the buy.

    13. Missing avatar

      Jeff on

      I think these look great, thank you for your concern, but there's a lot of variety to these too you don't find elsewhere. Each game maker has a different artist and that is part of it - these are just new works of art by someone maybe we haven't seen. My only concern are the figures showing the little slot on the base, I see them falling out for some reason or maybe it's prototype still.

    14. Greg W. on

      @Scott D
      Oooooh, you are taking a big risk! If the Hospital Administrator hears you they'll add more salt peter to our food!

    15. Scott D

      @ Andy. I can understand that. You never want to play with a broken rubber ;)

    16. Steve M on

      Looking good.
      @Emily thankfully TFG responded quicker to how the minis looked than Project Elite & TFG showed some comparisons.

    17. Andy Lundell

      The Tire looks good. That's really what we were all worried about.

    18. James Robinson on

      Now I've seen them in comparison to other games...fair enough! ;)

    19. chang on

      @adam... as per update final version would NOT be slotted. bases would be one piece with mini.

      i`m starting to wonder if anyone actually read the update vs just watching the pictures

    20. Scott D

      Posted images over on BGG for commentary. hopefully it should give us a greater opinion of any improvements or suggestions if there are any to be made.

    21. Adam Williams on

      Still not a huge fan of slotted minis, but I do have to say these look way better than the initial group of photos. Also, the red just does not photograph well at all. All in all, very happy about how they have come out.

    22. Scott D

      Really happy with the miniatures. The only improvement I would like to see is some of the snaller details pop a little more. Things like teeth, bumps on the tenticles, cracks in the alters and the goat head relief. Links in the chain ect. If they could be a little more pronounced or engraved (teeth lines and cracks) you have a winner. Great comparison to other minis too. Fantastic job.

    23. Bill the Raven on

      I want this game, NOW!!! So glad I went all in (except the dice)!

    24. Allegra Geller

      The minis look great! Big relief that there will not be a Project Elite disaster. Hoping to play this game very soon! Is there an eta on when it will ship?

    25. Greg W. on

      The more I look, the happier I get.

      The scale of the models looks good to me.

      The Hospital Administrator model is just awesome! Fantastic boss monster to face, and since it spends a lot of time on the board (as the timer for the game) I am glad it looks so fantastic!

    26. Bill Craig on

      Looking at the pictures... Are there a lot of mold lines on these figures? I'm wondering how much clean-up these models are going to take.

    27. Denis Maddalena

      What's going on with the scale? The females are like universally a head shorter or more than the males, and the kids by comparison are gigantic for what they are.

      Not bad overall, but also concerned that these are the "best" of the batch... as we saw with Mercs Recon, sometimes the best are sent as samples and garbage goes out to the backers.

    28. AaronT

      As others have said, thanks for putting your minis next to some Zombicide: Black Plague minis. I've got that game, so it's a great basis for comparison. Your minis are looking awesome. I'm excited to get to play this game with a friend of mine (the guy who introduced me to Zombicide).

    29. Missing avatar


      Well that certainly makes them look a lot better! If these are the same figures then sack your original cameraman (only joking, I couldn't do any better myself). And as you've already said the manufacturers have agreed they can do better, then hopefully these minis will be acceptable to everyone. One thing I would say though, is if production figures never look as good as renders due to materials etc, why oh why do we see perfectly crisp super fine detailed pictures in campaigns and never a mention that the finals will not look as good. Surely creators are just setting themselves up for backer backlash as soon as they revel the "less than expected" production figures.

    30. Jay "You never even had a Slinky?" Ross

      I'm glad the base colours will match. Thanks for the new photos.

    31. Dagda

      Thanks for the comparison, the pictures do look better. And I am happy that you didn't compare just to Shadows of Brimstone, I complained about that miniature quality (and the need to assemble the minis...) a lot. Those minis are terrible!
      But back to Lobotomy. I feel somewhat assured. Still, if you can increase the quality another notch, even better. ;)

    32. Brittany on

      Thank you for the new photos and the comparison images!
      These photos look so much better and even on the red sculpts you can see much more detail than in the original photos. Personally, I feel much more confident in the product now. If they are saying the the quality can be improved a bit more as well, then I'm more than satisfied, but I find these to be perfectly acceptable.

    33. acidfix on

      I agree with the overall opinion they are not bad at all. Well done & Good luck with production!

    34. Bill the Raven on

      Thanks, Chang!

      I re-read the update and I see they said bases will be "assembled" with the mini, and the bases would be same color as the mini.

      So it kinda sounds like they may still be using slotted bases, but of the same color as the mini. Hopefully, it is just a one piece mold (we shall see).

      I'm excited for this game! :)

    35. CaGeRit

      The grays look about as I expected them.
      These reds look good too. Surprisingly. I tried a ton of things in a photo editor when the images first came out and couldn't get any details to pop. I'd very much like to see B.A. Dolly and the Wheel Chair Woman in the next update. Of everything those were the worst looking (with current pictures). Dolly's stockings melded so closely to her legs I couldn't tell she was wearing them and the large wheels on the wheel chair looked so warped it game the "melted" or miscast impression.
      Can't wait for the next update.

    36. Danny Shafer

      The detail looks really good. Even the red mini's show the detail in these photo's. The previous photos were obviously bad photo's . Please don't spend to much time on the mini's. They look great compared to the other mini's. Thanks for your hard work. Can't wait to get this game!

    37. chang on

      @bill they already stated in the update that bases would be one piece with mini and same color.. they also re-confirmed that they are changing the red

    38. James on

      The comparison photos were an excellent choice; they look great!  Also, though, I'd be fine even if they looked terrible, because I'm so excited for the gameplay! Thanks again for all of your hard work. You rock!

    39. Bill the Raven on

      Wow, how much a good camera (SLR I'll bet this time) makes. They look great. That was a smart plan to put them next to CMoN models in the same picture.

      The quality looks great. That issue is closed.

      Do you plan to integrate bases, hopefully?

      Where you still thinking of changing the hero color to something more neutral (yet still distinguishable from enemies)?

    40. Lone Token

      I don't care that much about the miniatures ( I prefer coulorfull standees) but I think that the miniatures shown are better than the Zombicide and the Shadow of Brimstones miniatures. But ther is something in the Blood Rage miniatures that makes them looks better. Anyway, Ii can't way to play the game with the miniatures shown

    41. Knarf

      The mini's look great can't wait for the game to arrive. You can even the details in the red mini's due to the glare/shadow. Only one small thing, maybe it's the picture but the upper lip of the siren look a bit big. But that's all I could find. But to be honest I can live with small imperfections.

    42. Greg W. on

      Thanks you! Fantastic choice to compare directly! I sincerely hope this quiets the unwarranted criticism! Great job on the miniatures!

      To fellow backers:
      I'm certain expectations vary about what we each expected. I think these miniatures are very good and I hope others agree to support TFG for their efforts and encourage them to continue to move toward fulfillment...

    43. Alec Kudrna on

      Based off the new photos they look almost like different minis. I am always impressed how much better PVC injections have gotten. I hope this puts most minds at ease, but there are always going to be those haters that want perfection that isn't possible with PVC. Can't wait to get the game!!!

    44. Missing avatar

      Christopher Ulm

      Thank you so much for the detailed comparison. They do look comparable, and in a few cases, better than the other games. The red is still off as you state, but overall this is much better.

    45. chang on

      they look absolutly amazing!

      so happy to see then next to zombicide minis; they have nothing to envy from that fatty or walker; and no even from the wolfzabomi, nor the big one from BR (forgot its name ;) )

      on this pic u can even see that the red heroes have details, BUT SOOO happy that red is going.. lol
      @creators will say it again in case missed (this updates r coming fast! thanks for that great respond as well!) Try darker colors, like the brown-beige on heroes of zombicide black plague, or dark blue (DnD boardgame).. avoid bright colors like yellow, orange, bright green.. or colors that eat details / life like white or black :)

      otherwise.. GREAT JOB!!!!

      also intersted in how is the rest of production coming along? cards, tokens, prints.. :) thx!

    46. Travis Schachtner

      These miniatures look sweet, but I am more interested in having a bad-ass game. Can't wait to get my hands on it.

    47. Christophe Loyce on

      They look really good :D

    48. Ray Smith on

      Look great. (But, I'm not too picky.)
      Everything else on schedule? Any changes to the ETA?