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Escape mental asylum in Lobotomy Board Game. Got monsters on your back, mighty weapons, blazing skills -- or just delusions?
Escape mental asylum in Lobotomy Board Game. Got monsters on your back, mighty weapons, blazing skills -- or just delusions?
Escape mental asylum in Lobotomy Board Game. Got monsters on your back, mighty weapons, blazing skills -- or just delusions?
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Quick Update


Hi guys.

We have miniatures in our hands and I must tell you that those photos from factory were really bad because details are there. We will show you all of them as soon as we make good pictures but I took some with my phone to show you asap. They still have some release spray residue but it is pretty normal for the first injections and it makes it hard to focus on them but I did my best. This Red color needs to be changed as you suggested and we are already discussing this with the factory. Also there are a lot of small issues that need to be solved but we were told that we need to provide factory with a list of those and they will make corrections so as soon as we have all photos we will ask you to check them for flaws. Also we will make some photos with miniatures from other games so you will be able to compare them to other products.






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    1. Eddy the Zombie Pandanado on

      @Andy Lundell - I disagree that scale is an excuse, these minis simply look back :(

    2. ben priest on

      These still look like cheap nasty and not at all like was promissed. These models are far from what was showen, I think that backers should be getting what was advertised, I do not mind how the base is however I do care about the actual quality of the figures as it was these that drawn me into backing.

    3. Scott D

      to show by comparison, mice and mystics had some shallow detail miniatures which I though are a bit melty too but they can turn out great painted

      raw miniature

      painted miniatures

      also bear in mind that these miniatures are small in details comparatively to other minis too.

    4. Andy Lundell

      I think people are forgetting the scale.

      Yeah, if they were going to be made as big as they show up on your computer screen, you'd want more detail. But they're not. They're minis.

      I mean, look at the kids. Their height is less than the width of single finger! That's good detail for that scale.

    5. DungeonMaster

      And do not want to deal with sloted bases.

    6. DungeonMaster

      Absolutely not acceptable mini's. Still look melted, and not even close to what was show during the campaign. Most likely would not have back for this quality of mini. TFG you can do better.

    7. Carter on

      Just a suggestion, but what about having all of the figures cast in the grey and just have the bases be different colors? The grey seems to have the better qualities and different color bases would still make it possible for the heroes to stand out.

    8. Jam Ibañez

      I think it's just the gloss that's preventing us from actually seeing the details

    9. Donald Ross on

      These figures still look a little wax like and melting to me. And I'm sorry to say a was expecting a little higher quality; I'm not one who go out of my way to paint my miniatures. I can live with a little less quality in the miniatures. I am more interested in the game play itself and look forward to the final rules and scenarios of the game. That being said I would've been extremely happy for the same quality that was displayed during the campaign to be in the miniatures that are to be shipped.

    10. Greg W. on

      Thank you for your time and attention that you have given to your backers. I'm not sure what the final outcome of the miniature issue is, but I believe you all are doing your best...

    11. Missing avatar


      I'm with @Arsonar. I'm not / can't paint and so I like figures to be "finished" out of the box. I don't want to mess with epoxy, or green stuff or flock and any other stuff that will hide a slotta base. I gave up on them in the 90's. So for me the base is as big an issue as the quality of the figures. The 2 things that attracted me to this KS was the unique concept and the awesome pictures of the minis. Nowhere in the campaign did it same the mini pictures where "Work In Progress", or "Based on resin but we won't use resin to actually produce your minis", so I am expecting something that looks a lot closer to the pictures in the campaign - base included.

    12. CaGeRit

      I don't care about the bases either, I'm planning to rebase on some resin sculpted bases. The grays look ok. Still not sold on the reds. Dayl Walker was one of the "best" of them in the last update. I'd like to see the worst, BA. Dolly and the melty wheelchair woman.
      The response from TFG is commendable. I think the initial uproar was in part fear that the devs might try to go silent, ignore it and hope it goes away like some other companies have. Good to see this is not the case.

    13. Marco Ceriani on

      They still far from what advertised during the campaign

    14. Dagda

      I agree with the others, the pictures are better than before. Still, I would like to see sharper details. The pictures still look as if the minis have no sharp edge, everything is soft and round.
      Dayle Walker doesn't seem to have different fingers on his left hand.
      The necklace of the Blood Drinker is hard to see, it just looks like swellings and the left arm and serpent have no detail as well.
      As far as I can see, the level of detail is way less than I expected from your renders (and your Essen promo miniature). :(

    15. Larkin on

      Pictures are better but the quality is still 5 of 10.

    16. Missing avatar

      Sebastian Smemann on

      About the Bases again, the Idea about having the Bases in the same color as the Mini would be a possible solution for the "Base-Problem" although I still don't like the tab/slot Bases.

    17. Mark Dunn on

      Glad you are sorting out the miniatures but they are still a long way off from being decent enough for me to happy.

      They look feature and detail less. I've ft ki is for super dungeon explore which were fantastic

      And I was expecting something of a similar standard as this is a big game and funded a lot.

      Just hope you can get these miniatures perfected and sorted ready for when the game arrives.

    18. Shane (CoffeeGnerd)

      I really think the tabbed bases would bother people a lot less if they were the same color as the miniatures. It's the line of gray at the feet, surrounded by black, that is off-putting.

    19. jstenzel

      I've received several board games with minis molded on to the bases, and honestly, every single one of them was an absolute nightmare. Warped bases, legs torn due to bending, etc. Terrible. I've yet to see one that did it well. Thank you for giving me one less thing to worry about.

    20. Greg W. on

      I keep looking at these pictures and feel that the miniatures are really good!

      There could be some improvement but, given the material, not much. Clearly TFG is not expert at photographing their miniatures. With a higher megapixel camera and correct lighting I think you'd find these miniatures are very close to their 3D renders!

    21. Missing avatar

      Stefan Wayand on

      I dont care about the bases at all BUT I do care a lot about the minis - and those shown here still look like cheap 80s hasbro plastic, sorry! The details are too soft, you can hardly see the fingers of some - pls. Titanforge pls. make them look at least a bit like the 3D prints!

    22. Scott D

      I actually still prefer non tabbed bases, despite the fact that I paint all my minis.:)

    23. Arsonor

      Not a painter. I just want to play the game. Separate bases (and green stuff, glue, paint, etc.) are not things I want to deal with for a board game.

    24. Bill the Raven on

      Do any NON-painters like the separate bases? I think this will primarily be a visual issue for non-painted minis, yet I think the painters are mostly the ones saying it is not an issue (i.e. "just epoxy and paint it")?

      I agree painted minis would look better than non-painted minis (and many of you are nothing short of artists), but I'd prefer not to have to do art project to hide the bases. YMMV. :)

    25. Louis-Etienne Desgagnes on

      Those picture look much better.
      About the base, I don't mind either, it's more convenient if the base is integrated but I don't believe it's a show stopper.


    26. Scott D

      Also, on the prospect of the bases being tabbed, just use an epoxy putty or greenstuff to fill in the gaps around the tab if any are present, or just to smooth it over. Tabs do make for easier painting though.

    27. Scott D

      If I was to have only one criticism it would be that the blood drinker hands seem to have lost definition of the fingers and her hand kind of blends into the snake. but I have to admit, whilst these are not as good as the 3D renders, they are miles better than the previous look of the other ones from update 49. I would like more detail to pop due to the outstanding sculpts, but that said, I wouldn't throw a tantrum if I opened my game and got those either;)

    28. chang on

      oh and i agree on the children with thise that said that the eyes are good. they need to be creepy... still have chills on the thoughts to that movie

      @General yup, children of the corn.

    29. chang on

      like them before, love them now!
      and thanks for removing that red color.. if possible (and ok for painters, dunno if that is important for the painting process) a brownish color for the heroes or a dark blue always work for me :)

      RE base, pretty sure those are prototype. Is VERY common to show 1st sample with this bases.

    30. Missing avatar

      Steven White on

      Looks good to me.

    31. Greg W. on

      There is a lot of chatter about the bases.
      I don't think Romek, or anyone from TFG, has stated what the bases on the final product will be. There is no problem with politely indicating a preference, but the bases are less important than the miniatures.

      That being said, I could care less about the bases. I have dealt with every sort of base over the last 30+ years and each has their advantage or deficit.

      The miniatures look good to me for plastic castings. For non painters they should look good as is on the game table. There also seems to be enough detail for painters to do a fantastic job on them. I am hoping others agree and that we encourage TFG to move forward from here.

    32. Bill the Raven on

      We were shown integrated bases, all the competition does integrated bases, and I would prefer integrated bases.

    33. Chris Vaughn on

      To follow up on my comment, looking at the original renders I can see how, if you don't want to have to do anything at all to use the figures, that a plain, flat integral base would be better that tab/slot.

    34. Chris Vaughn on

      The bases are fine. Tab/slot basing is and has been a common way of basing gaming miniatures for many, many years. You glue the tabs into the slots and finish the bases with sand or some other ground cover. If you prefer a pre-made base (there are many such resin bases that look amazing), the tab is easily snipped off so you can glue the figure to the base. A large integral base is harder to remove if you want to do that.

    35. Bill the Raven on

      Are you going to integrate the base (please) or keep them separate?

    36. Jay "You never even had a Slinky?" Ross

      I agree on the bases, they look like amateur hour, not a professional finished product.

    37. GeneralGrundmann on

      I think the orphans shall look a little bit like aliens. ;-)

      Aren´t they an hommage to "Children of the Corn" and/or "Village of the Damned"? :-)


    38. Greg W. on

      I am so excited to see the new photos you posted!
      Clearly these are very good and I'd be thrilled to see them in the game.
      Thanks for listening to the suggestions about changeing the character color from red!

      I like that the children's eyes look almost alien!

    39. Lexx on

      Yes, that kind of bases is in my opinion the bigger problem.

    40. the other jason on

      would it be possible to get photos of each of the ''production'' mini's beside its 3d printed master just for comparison's sake please

      also still happy about separate bases


    41. Missing avatar

      Sebastian Smemann on

      In My opinion the Bases are a No-Go!

    42. Adam Trezise on

      The orphans eyes make them look like aliens - apart from that (And the bases) looks god

    43. Missing avatar

      pablomercader on

      This photos are much better than the older ones. Congratulations

    44. Angelripper on

      As I told from the beginning. The details are there^^. You need to wash those miniatures in warm water with soap. After that clean them with regular water and then prime them with a white or gray color (removes the gloss). And then you have to take pictures. To see even more detail (on pictures) add a dark wash.

    45. -GoRdoN-

      Yup definitely looked a ton better than the photos before, thank god!

      In the final version, these minis will be in one single piece though right? Not with a detachable black base like it's shown in the pics here?

    46. GeneralGrundmann on

      I agrees, there are details! :-) The glossy shining swallows these details, but they are there. ;-) You already mentioned it, but red heroes are a no-go. :-(

      Keep up the good work and carry on informing us about the progress of the game.


    47. Jace Silvestre

      I am excited for this. The models look fine for playing with.