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Escape mental asylum in Lobotomy Board Game. Got monsters on your back, mighty weapons, blazing skills -- or just delusions?
Escape mental asylum in Lobotomy Board Game. Got monsters on your back, mighty weapons, blazing skills -- or just delusions?
Escape mental asylum in Lobotomy Board Game. Got monsters on your back, mighty weapons, blazing skills -- or just delusions?
3,130 backers pledged $496,968 to help bring this project to life.

Miniatures Crisis


Hi guys, Romek here.

As you all know we are doing plastic miniatures for the board game for the first time, and as we are working with all of you on this project we inform you about everything that is going on. Those pictures is what we have received from the factory as first miniatures after tooling and we wanted to share that with you. We understand that there are some minis that look bad, on the other hand there are many that look good, but for sure we will work on this quality issue and we will push for the best quality available. 

We are miniatures company and we are good in design and resin casting but if we wanted to include resin minis for the game it would cost three times more that is costs. We met many companies at Essen and discussed Lobotomy production and choose one that offered the best miniatures quality based on samples that they had with them on the spot. 

You may remember update with 3d prints of the minis (I will add some pictures later). In our opinion they look great. They were optimised for plastic injection and they may be a little different than those shown in the campaign but I believe that you were happy with that quality. We were assured by the factory that quality from those will be kept in final plastic models. I already adressed that issue and asked for better pictures. I wrote that it is not what we were promised and that we and you (our backers) are not happy with that and we wont accept that quality. We are going to fight as hard as we can to get the best minis possible for our game as it is in our best interest.

We understand your frustration and that you are not happy with those pictures and it is important for us. We need you to comment on that as it is what we need to work on this product and although it hurts a bit to read that mean things on us we are in this together and we wont stop untill you will be happy with the result. 

As soon as we have news we will post another update. 









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    1. Greg W. on

      Just a couple of thoughts:
      First, we don't know the final outcome of this issue. There are actions being taken by TFG to resolve the lower than expected quality of the miniatures.
      Second, Kickstarters are projects in the works of design and production. It is not a store and these are business proposals and not advertisements.
      Third, we have made demands before and TFG has worked to accommodate them. I believe that they want us to be happy with the final product.
      I guess I want to encourage people to remember when the post negative reactions to shape them into useful comments for TFG to consider. Also please remember that they are all reading translations and English is not their primary language. Therefor, please try to be clear so that your point might not be misinterpreted...

    2. Michael LaMastra

      I agree, the miniatures look like shit. Get into contact with the people on Kickstarter that made the game Load by Archon, they have a very cheap and extremely detailed way of producing miniatures.

    3. Gotcha

      No, they're not Updating 23 us!

    4. Rick Garcia

      Oh no! Project: Elite all over again :-(

    5. Scott D

      they are 3D prints.

    6. Rick on

      These aren't remakes. These are resin masters, correct???

    7. James Robinson on

      These look much better - I must admit the other post left me rather shocked, as I was expecting the miniatures to look like the advertisement as it were!

    8. Drive Elizabeth on

      @danielpagan I can see the tape as well - I am assuming that the early prints of the miniatures (in the bottom picture) have merely been put on bases to show what the finished minis would look like.

    9. Daniel Pagan

      is it just me or do all the bases pictured look like they have a black tape going across the base?

    10. Greg W. on

      The brown or tan used by CMON seems to show good detail and contrasts with grey.
      If it might indeed be the dye impacting the end product, other colors could be tried prior to scrapping the molds and starting over. I hope this is attempted because it would greatly reduce possible delays...

    11. Grian the Rogue Rabid Squirrel Slayer

      @ Titanforge Games - Could the red dye and other dyes that cause the blobbing look be because of it adding properties that retain heat within the dye/plastic mix that causes it to stay hot and continues to melt and become less sharp but more smooth surface?

    12. Herbert Salades on

      cause titan forge first job is making minis
      so please, give us more than upgraded pawns
      i don't want melted figs

    13. Herbert Salades on

      backers are strange people :
      first update : they wanna lynch you cause the minis are "awful"
      second update : they love you cause figs seem to look "great"
      i want good minis, c

    14. Angelic Despot

      I'm not worried in the slightest by even major delays, if it means we get a quality project at the end of it. If you're only using playing pieces as tokens, then there's no problem using cardboard in plastic stands. If you're going to have miniatures, and charge for miniatures, then they've got to be good enough to be worth painting.

      So please, take as long as you need to get good quality miniatures.

      Also. I'm not bothered by slottabases either. Filling gaps is very easy.

    15. CaGeRit

      It's good to see TFG is listening.
      The prints look good, obviously the sculptor was on point.
      It seems to be a problem with material. It's my opinion that the grey plastics did come out much better than the red plastics. Not merely a question of the camera picking up details, but something about the red plastic. This isn't the first time I've seen this. When they add the dye to the plastic it can change the properties, smoothing detail and giving the melty appearance. Would it be possible to get the heroes re-prototyped in the grey plastic to see if more detail could be maintained? I realize the color was meant to distinguish player pieces from enemy pieces, but there are other ways to do that without compromising on figure quality such as base rings like CMoN uses.
      Also delays be damned. I want to see quality pieces.

    16. Greg W. on

      Let TitanForge have a chance to remedy this!

    17. DungeonMaster

      @James exactly what I thought. Why would you even post those pic other than to tell us that they were unacceptable and that they were doing something about it. Why did the backers have to tell them that the mini's where bad. Felt like they were trying to pass them off on us like we all were going oh and ah them. I will stick thru it to see if they redeem themselves but, I will send this back if that is the mini's I get.

    18. Missing avatar

      James Dickson

      And yes - I would far rather have a delay and get a good product.

    19. Missing avatar

      James Dickson

      What makes me lose faith in the Kickstarter is that it took us to point out his awful the minis were before they did anything.

      If they looked awful why put out and update "showing them off" and stating they are the exact miniatures we would be getting in the box?

      The fact that previous update went out at all makes me lose faith in the guys behind this. It was clear those were awful.

    20. Scott D

      If a delay happens, so be it. I would rather have miniatures representing their vision than the kindergarten playdough versions of update 49. nothing worse than having this fantastic and well designed render only to have it looking like a plastic army man.

    21. Brian C on

      This last batch of minis look great. Keep up the good work.

      I wonder how the ruleset is coming along? Hopefully you have time while the minis are getting resolved to fine-tune it! :)

    22. Shane (CoffeeGnerd)

      If the bases must be slotted (yuck), please use bases of the same color plastic as their respective miniatures. Gray on black and red on black look disjointed and horrible.

      Hoping to see some better news within the next few weeks of improved miniatures. Backing this project was definitely a gamble but I put my faith into TitanForge. Hope I don't regret it.

    23. DungeonMaster

      delay is coming.

    24. Greg W. on

      By the way my comment, "..try not to overreact to the delays when announced," is a general statement to all of us (myself included) and not directed at anyone specifically...

    25. Greg W. on

      TitanForge makes resin miniatures, which are more expensive to produce and are more fragile than plastic. They outsourced to produce cheaper plastic miniatures in order to make the game more affordable and durable. How they chose who to outsource to, and what has happened since then can only be inferred from what they've told us.

      Clearly TitanForge expected a better end product too. Hopefully we will see this achieved. There is no doubt this will cause delays, so be prepared when there is an update announcing this! Since we want better miniatures too, try not to overreact to the delays when announced.

      I am impressed that TitanForge continues to work with us on making this a great game...

    26. Bill the Raven on

      Oh, I see their site has Resin, not plastic.

      Now we just need for TFGs to figure out the quality issue with the manufacturer. Those are the worst produced mini's I've seen in a mini-focused Kickstarter. I'm glad TFG is looking to have this fixed.

      After we get the detail issue sorted out, you could consider switching the color of the heros from red to (maybe) a light-brown/tan. As someone else noted, CMoN has switched to using more neutral colors for all the sculpts (so we can see more of the detail). Monsters are grey, and heroes are tan. Getting better detail from the plastic AND changing the color of the plastic would help quite a bit. However, the getting the detail is far more important than changing the mini color.

    27. Jaster Mereel on

      Thanks for the update.

      +1 for attached bases

    28. Bill the Raven on

      @TFG: who manufactures the mini's on your site? Why are we not doing the same thing for Lobotomy?

    29. Agreave (carpets ARE required) on

      It's because TFG do resin not plastic-like chalk and cheese really!

    30. Bill the Raven on

      +1 for attached bases as ever other campaign (and your early pics) show.

    31. Denis Maddalena

      Do NOT do attached bases. Slotted ones mean the figures are easier to remove for those of us who actually paint figures... they can get clipped right off the tab and put onto some nice resin bases.

    32. Grian the Rogue Rabid Squirrel Slayer

      @ Kickbacker - I hear you! Why the heck are they outsourcing? This makes absolutely no sense what so ever. I backed this game because of checking and looking at their quality of mini's and liking them... but if they aren't doing the mini's manufacturing then I want a refund!

      So... refund please!

    33. Missing avatar

      Michael Tollefson on

      These pictures look fantastic, the previous update pictures look awful...

    34. Matthias Schneider on

      Na die sehen um einiges besser aus. hoffentlich werden sie auch so geliefert!

    35. Kickbacker

      Given that Titan Forge is a miniatures designer and manufacturer, I don't understand why they are outsourcing that very thing. Many people bought into the KS because of the cool concept as well as the assumed quality of the minis and reputation of Titan Forge's work, yet their experience and skills in this area aren't being used on this project. Instead they outsourcing what happens to be their particular specialty and primary business.

      I appreciate their attention to our concerns. However, I wish that they would do what they do best and make the minis themselves.

    36. Bill the Raven on

      The prints look great, though.

    37. Bill the Raven on

      Thank you for calling is a crisis. It certainly is. I looked over the comparison, and they barely look the same.

      I dislike the slotted base. The detail is terrible. It does NOT show off the great sculpts TFG created.

    38. Kenna

      The change from this to what they showed you seems like they used the crappiest plastic they had on hand, not necessarily a mold issue. They weren't what I would call awful, but they certainly lost tons of detail. Push back hard!

    39. mesmermized

      THESE look fantastic. Confused if this is what we're getting or the blobby ones with insert stands from the last update... Worried

    40. Chris Seebacher on

      The quality of plastic is huge. Some plastics hold detail better than others. The minis from Blood Rage are to me one of the best examples out there of detail with flexibility. Watching Eric Lang drop kick the Sea Serpent around the CMON booth at GenCon last year was priceless. Not a single tentacle broke off after several dozen instances of this. There is no reason the level of detail shown in the 3D rendering cannot be carried forward to the plastic if the factory puts the effort in to create quality molds and use the correct medium for that amount of detail.

    41. Greg W. on

      @Romek & TitanForgeGames
      Thank you for continuing to work with your backers to make this game great!

      I agree with the recommendations of not using red for the characters (red tends to not show detail well) and the molder bases.

      Also, love the sirens mold!

    42. Brushforhire on

      After reading this, I just wanted to post that I only backed this for the minis, and I was pretty disappointed when I saw the plastic casts from the factory yesterday. I didn't want to bash you guys or anything, but I did want to post that so that you can hear from another voice, so you can pass it along to the factory.

    43. Schmidt on

      Please molded bases not the slotted ones they look weak

    44. WarWolf on

      what factory are you working with?

    45. the other jason on

      im sat here wondering which factory they used and am hoping its not ''Ningbo Lijia''

      having experienced their work through the mercs recon ks and seen how much damage the quality(or lack there of) has damaged megacons reputation i really hope its not them


    46. Blangis

      Thank you, Romek : that's what I call positive reactivity! I'm already fond of the "Lovecraft" mini!

    47. Judgement Dave

      Fully understandable doing split updates rather than one big one as TF are probably as disappointed as many backers at the models shown in update 49 and wanted to gather backer comments to help their case.
      The factory gave assurances of keeping the 3D model quality in the final product, and blatantly haven't achieved this - as TF are the factory's customer and are spending a lot of money with them I'm sure they'll be pressing hard for the quality to be improved.
      As ever, I've faith that TF are trying to produce a great game and can only imagine how I'd feel if it was a game I'd designed that was being let down by a manufacturer not delivering what was promised.
      It'll get sorted. :)

    48. Roscoe on


      Work your magic with the factories guys �� and thank you for listening to the feedback.

      The minis in this update are great and if we can get that quality or very close it would be amazing.

    49. Tom aka "Original Timmy"

      @Titan Forge, Thanks for acknowledging and agreeing that some of the minis are bad, Imo the grey minis are fine for a board game but the red minis are not that great, I find red pvc minis to be bad I general, perhaps stay clear of red!

      I also think the comparrison to PE is unacceptable as those minis were and still are blobby as hell, I have my copy with new minis, your bad minis are miles better than their best effots, I think it was unfair to make that comparrison.

      Like someone else said don't go spunking what money you have left on trying to get perfection and end up in debt and unable to fullfil the KS