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Escape mental asylum in Lobotomy Board Game. Got monsters on your back, mighty weapons, blazing skills -- or just delusions?
Escape mental asylum in Lobotomy Board Game. Got monsters on your back, mighty weapons, blazing skills -- or just delusions?
Escape mental asylum in Lobotomy Board Game. Got monsters on your back, mighty weapons, blazing skills -- or just delusions?
3,130 backers pledged $496,968 to help bring this project to life.

Miniature Pictures.


Today's update is mostly visual. We were preparing one mega-update with all the pictures, information and previews but putting it together was taking too long. 

Instead, we divided it into smaller pieces and will be sharing everything over the next few days. Below you can find the final pictures of the miniatures from the production office. Those are exactly the ones you will find in the Lobotomy box. In the next update we will bring you even more pictures, complete and polished scenario guide, the character/monster cards and finally the overhauled item cards. 

See you soon!  

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    1. Missing avatar

      Holden Omans

      One of the main reasons I backed this was due to the quality of the miniatures. These do not meet the quality I expect. I hope this will be corrected.

    2. Missing avatar

      Jonathan H

      Going from top to bottom:

      Silent Angel (Grey - 5$): Acceptable - Decent detail with the feathers, can make out the fingers.

      Allison (Red - 12$ w/cat): Poor - Would like to see her back (most of the detail is there) Face and hair is reasonably blobby

      Antichrist (Grey): Poor - fairly blobby all around. The little boy is okay. The beast has lost a lot of defining detail and seems slanty.

      Arnie Conners (Red): Poor - fairly good overall but the head is terrible. Almost no features

      Bernard Smith (Red): Poor - But hard to say - picture a bit out of focus and angle is not great

      Cameron the Cat (Red - 12$ w/Allison): Poor - almost looks like a rat. I would have thought this one would be simple to pull off.

      Blood Drinker (Grey): Acceptable - Head isn't great but this isn't really a "hero" monster...

      Construct (Grey): Acceptable (might rank it higher but gloss makes it difficult)

      Cthulhu (Grey - 20$): Acceptable - looks fairly good but I can't make out the person held in this one (might rank it higher but gloss makes it difficult)

      Dagon (Grey): Acceptable - bit of a loss of detail but ok

      Dayle Walker (Red): Acceptable - possibly the best head of any of the reds

      Deep One (Grey): Acceptable - not a "hero" monster so the detail is ok

      B.A. Dolly (Red -10$): Terrible - blob head, awful legs, almost no definition. Looks like it was made of wax

      Ellen D. Ridley (Red): Poor - maybe it is the angle but the head looks deformed/enlarged

      Executor (Grey - 14$): Good

      Faceless (Grey - 10$): Poor - The head and hands loss of definition really takes away from this.

      Damned Girls (Grey): Acceptable

      Grandma Bates (Red): Terrible - probably the worst. Looks melted.

      Overall (and I'm probably being too lenient):

      Good: 1 (grey)
      Acceptable: 8 (mostly the greys)
      Poor: 7 (mostly the reds)
      Terrible: 2 (reds)

      I have to say that if these were the pictures shown during the campaign, I would not have funded it. I definitely expected better.

    3. Bill the Raven on

      Without paint, neutral colors (grey/tan) tend to show far more detail than bright colors (that may hide the detail at a glance). However, even the grey models have a significant drop in detail. Compare the devil model production sample vs the 3D print. Look at the almost complete loss of facial detail for the production sample. If that is just because of bad focus on the camera, then the manufactures need to give some new hard focused pics (which are zoomed in much more).

    4. Bill the Raven on

      Even in 2012 Zombicide had integrated bases.

    5. Bill the Raven on

      Comparing these samples to Zombicide (from 2012), we might have a discussion. However, comparing them to Blood Rage, Zombicide: Black Plague, or the Other's (the last of which I haven't received yet, but we have final pics) shows how poor these samples are (especially since the TFG sculpts are so magnificent).

    6. Bill the Raven on

      Steve I've backed every CMoN game (except 1) in the last year. These samples are not in the same league as anything CMoN produces. I am glad TFG is looking to improve them.

    7. Missing avatar

      James Dickson

      "Below you can find the final pictures of the miniatures from the production office. Those are exactly the ones you will find in the Lobotomy box."

      If those minis are the ones people get in their boxes this is going to explode.

    8. Missing avatar

      James Dickson

      @steve I honestly don't know what board games you're playing of you think those are acceptable. Some of the models cost $20 alone. If you think that quality is acceptable in a $20 piece of plastic I honestly don't know what to say to you.

      And if you're arguing they are the way the should be why weren't representative pictures shown during the campaign?

      If this is the standard expected why were all the "representative" pictures in the campaign not even close?

      If this was what was intended to be produced - show that when you're taking money. Don't promise awesome minis, wait until you have half a million dollars and deliver crap. Which is exactly what these are - they are the worst looking minis of any game I own or have ever seen.

    9. stevelabny

      most of the grey ones look fine. some of the red ones seem to be losing a bit of detail - hard to tell if its physical or photographic.

      to the people saying this isn't the level they expected - you're all insane. these are board game miniatures. saying "but i paid 200 not 50" isnt a valid arguement - you backed a 100 game with a lot of minis and tons of expansions all at once.

      to the guy who says the fairytale miniatures are bad - no they're not. most board game miniatures should be striving to look like Reaper Bones and the fairytale minis are pretty close while adding individual bases to each mini which is huge.

      to people saying these look like crap compared to the CMON games - are you serious? these look pretty close to the CMON minis to me. Have you actually played a CMON game with unpainted minis? Or do you just look at the professionally painted finished products?

      Bad minis from KS games - the first wave of Guardians Chronicles minis - and the super tiny Sentinels Tactics minis. And that blobby space game that got redone.

      Plastic board game minis are never going to be perfect metal or resin quality. And they will always photograph worse because of the nature of the plastic. If you think the plastic Reaper Bones stuff is terrible - NEVER BACK PLASTIC MINIS THEY ARENT GOING TO GET BETTER THAN THAT.

    10. Bill the Raven on

      Terrible manufacturing.

      1) The manufacturing samples have the worst detail I have ever seen for a mini-focused Kickstarter campaign. Who is the manufacturer TFG is dealing with? Did they ask for the 1980s McDonald's happy meal package?

      2) What's with the slotted base. One piece please (like every other mini game on the market right now).

      3) ONLY, if the above two issues are first fixed then we could look into a cheap enhancement: changing the hero character color to something more neutral like tan (while keeping the monsters grey).

      TFG: the sculpts and prints you have are great. However, these manufacturing samples are terrible. Please do you best to have this fixed. Thank you for your efforts on this. I think you already have an idea how the Internet (BGG and future kickstarters) would eat your company alive if you actually shipped something like that. I'm so glad you are pushing back on this critical issue. :)

    11. DungeonMaster

      @Peter, T.A, Chris absolutely correct. If I was Titian forge I would be looking for another production company. If I receive anything close to this I will be demanding a refund, and what is with the two part base. Not sure about that. Means I will have to use filler to fix the gaps when I paint them. Thats if they are even worth painting.

    12. DungeonMaster

      I am in a state of disbelief that one. The production company would think that these are acceptable and, two that Titian forge would even show us this garbage.

    13. Missing avatar

      Steven White on

      I'm thinking the photos don't do the minis justice. Perhaps they're not the greatest minis ever, but there is some serious comments. I'm in no rush for the game myself so if you guys and improve the minis without bankrupting yourself the cool! If not then cool. I backed the game for the theme and I don't think the minis are so terrible they will ruin that so... I'm behind you all the way.

    14. Missing avatar

      pablomercader on

      At least chuntlu´s hands and face its a 20$ mini come on

    15. Missing avatar

      pablomercader on

      This is a shame. A big kick in the ass of the bakers.

      come on we´re in 2016 no in 1916, injection molds can obtain much better qualities than those pictures.

      a shame.

      I expect some changes at least the more terrible minis

    16. DungeonMaster

      Absolutely terrible miniatures. That company needs to be fired!

    17. T.A. Donnelly

      These are very disappointing.

      I wonder if it would be an option to pay a bit extra to get proper resin or white metal versions...? I'd be willing to pay a little more for something great rather than settle for these third rate offerings...

    18. Chris Seebacher on

      These are worse than Artistic Justices Fairytale miniatures, and I didn't think that was possible. There is no excuse in this day and age to produce miniatures with such waxy looking features and lack of definition. It looks like someone tried to spin cast plastic. Modern injection molding processes leave no excuses for results like this. I would have to agree that this is all on the mini manufacturer and shame on titan forge for passing these to production. If its the mold it needs to be scrapped and start over. Long and short of it, someone seriously screwed to pooch on these.

    19. Peter Cerda-Pavia on

      I also add voice to a refund option (something I have never asked for in previously backed projects). With the refund maybe I can buy some alcohol, slip on my beer goggles, and the miniatures might then resemble something half decent (rather than throw-back memories as a kid of cheap plastic army men by the bag, set up in the fireplace to be mercilessly melted into blobs of goo - which is what the photos above remind me of).

    20. Peter Cerda-Pavia on

      I very rarely comment on my backed projects (and I have backed many) but would like to add my discontent at the extremely poor quality of the miniatures. I backed over U.S$300 on what was promised to be a quality product, with emphasis on cool and creepy miniatures. The company has obviously used cost-cutting measures and gone with a cheap production company, and this is at extreme detriment to 'TitanForge Games' in their first major product, for at the end of the day it is we the backers who can become loyal supporters, spread the word etc... or who can as equally doom future endeavours to failure.

      I for one will not be supporting this company in future endeavours if I am delivered an inferior product in a very competitive market after investing so much money and waiting many months for the end result.

    21. Scott D

      So, new update and some more news. The company that is producing the miniatures has screwed up and dropped the ball quality wise. They have been given links to this comment section and hopefully will read our comments and our combined dissatisfaction.

      This comment is to them.
      We were promised miniatures at a quality that matched the 3d prints of the models. Yes I understand that tooling had to be done but the details are lost and the features are shallow and flat. they are not indicative of what you apparently promised and its simply not good enough. I would not buy such poorly produced miniatures at any cost. They resemble the ones you used to get in buckets of army men for $5.99 in the 80's. Very disappointed at the quality of the first casts done. very poor display of craftsmanship. it feels like we were purposefully deceived. please do better and deliver on what you promised.

    22. Andres on

      I hope are the photos... I cant see any detail...

    23. Angelripper on

      @ Matthias Schneider

      Besser ein gutes Spiel mit mittelmäßigen Miniaturen als als ein schlechtes Spiel mit sehr guten Miniaturen. Wenn es einen nur um die Miniaturen geht, dann kann man sich auch einfach resin einzelminiaturen kaufen. Da kommt auch CMON nicht gegen an. Mich stöhrt hier bisher echt nur der Sockel. Es wurde nirgendwo erwähnt, dass Sockel/Miniatur nicht eins ist.

    24. Matthias Schneider on

      Die Figuren sind furchtbar. Und das liegt nicht nur an den Bildern. Ich werde bald nur noch CMON-KS unterstützen, da weiß man, was man hat! Gerade eben erhielt ich ein 8th-Summit-Game - auch misslungen. Dazu das oft genannte PE.

    25. Teowulff

      These look way worse than the renders .. the wheelchair lady's wheels arent even round!
      I do hope you will refine the sculpts, especially the red ones!!!!

    26. Dagda

      Uhm... Seriously?
      I really hope you just made very bad pictures, because those minis/pictures look bad. You remember the minis you had in Essen last year? That is the level of detail I expected. Now looking at the promo mini that I have and comparing it to the pictures in this update, I feel kind of sick. :(
      So, if it is just the pictures, please make good ones. If it really is the minis, please shred them and make new ones (that have the level of detail that could be expected from your project presentation). And if you need to see good plastic miniatures, look at Myth or Journey: Wrath of Demons, awesome plastic miniatures are possible.

    27. Missing avatar

      James Dickson

      To all the people saying "they're on for a $30 board game"

      True. But this isn't a $30 board game. And are night and day compared to what was shown during the campaign.

      Had these minis been shown during the campaign it likely wouldn't even have funded, let alone gotten nearly half a million dollars (probably more with backer kit add ons).

      Many of us paid hundreds, HUNDREDS, of dollars for this game. If you think these minis are representative of that you're crazy.

    28. Wouter Dhondt on

      People saying we need to calm down and that the "low quality" is due to the pics are wrong. These are extremely bad. The grey ones that most seem to think are "ok-ish" are bad as well (look at the devel with the damien mini).

      Too high expectations? Personally, I think the CMON minis are fine. Nothing spectacular, but good enough. I was expecting at least something similar in quality during the campaign with the renders showing all the detail.

      This needs to be addressed. I expected a lot more from a company that has experience creating miniatures.

    29. mesmermized

      This is NOT what I paid over $200 to end up with, what a con. I want my money back, please...

    30. Tim on

      Ok firstly I would like to point out that this is a KS project, and not a fully fledged professional board game developer like CMON or even the prohibitively expensive GW Hobbyist level.

      Second I would like to point out that everyone is a critic and can bring out the ugliest complaint. Only those who have a problem complain, those who don't keep quiet, so you only see are the complaints.

      At the end of the day, everyone has a different PERCEPTION about what they consider a SATISFACTORY QUALITY GRADE MINI.

      I personally think for a BOARDGAME GRADE mini, they're ok. They are different do what I expected from the possibly digital render but they're ok (I've seen worse and the definition of poor quality). I believe like most things with a good decent paintwork, these minis can look fantastic as well.

      Let the complainers complain.

    31. Thomas Tannhäuser on

      @All: As few of us already mentioned here, lets get a deep breath and cool down. I agree that those pics create more questions then give answers (or simple positive feeling). It has been requested by many of us (I now add myself to that lot) that TF provides us with more pictures done in better environment (another camera, lighting, different angles to see more). As noted by one of us before it would do good to also include pictures of primed and shaded minis (just use a shader/wash/ink to highlight all the small elements).
      Let TF make a statement, then we can form a proper opinion.
      Also note that this is a KS - we all knew the risks in the beginning.

      P.S. This base style is called a "slot base" - was widely used in miniature production in the beginning of the model industry. Kinda reminds me of the old days :)

    32. acidfix on


      Could you please have one of those painted on basic level (basecoat/shade/bruse) & post them again in comparison with an unpainted mini?

      They are not detailed for sure, but maybe accceptable as boardgame mini's ones painted.

      Pictures are close-up. Nobody plays boardgames holding their mini at 10cm from the eye. You can easely tell de difference between different characters. If the shading technic brings out some added detaill we are not able to see on the pictures you just published; I think we will be fine!

      Although must agree with the comments that the grey's look better yhan the reds. If different material; please consider changing the red to grey. We have base inserts to use for the player characters so we can keepp them appart easely from the monsters.

      Keep the spirit up. You can manage this.

      @Backers, I understand the 'project elite' comment. But please keep your comments constructive. Just saying it's awefull is not helping!

      Fix what you can with maybe having everything in the grey plastic and post painted mini's for example. This could help a lot I think.

      Good luck!

    33. Allegra Geller

      Tough crowd! After looking at the pics a few times, I think the biggest problem is the bad pics. It is very hard to photograph minis, especially glossy ones. This is nowhere near the awful mess that was Project Elite. If this game shipped tomorrow I would be happy enough with the quality I think. The renders were never amazing, so these are pretty close in my opinion. I would have liked the base to be one piece with the mini but oh well.

    34. Sammy on

      The red figures, particularly the women, do not look good sorry.

      The 'Ripley' figures head looks enormous!

    35. Steven Gunnin

      These look pretty disappointing...

      I backed this based on the quality shown on your KS pledge page and the strength of your previous miniature game work...

      This seems... sub-par...

    36. Missing avatar

      Jason Miszczyszyn

      Considering these miniatures look nothing like the Kickstarter images, can we please have an update on a refund option? Or maybe a 'you stayed loyal despite the bait-and-switch so here is 200% more minis for you" option?
      This is quite disappointing considering you had addons for minis alone.
      Pretty disappointing.

    37. Grian the Rogue Rabid Squirrel Slayer

      TitanForge Games - By chance are you using Drawlabs for your miniatures?

    38. Grian the Rogue Rabid Squirrel Slayer

      Ahh crap! These mini's aren't good at all! These are worse than Project: Elite's miniatures and that KS failed! These look like blobs of plastic lacking any detail and are comparative to late 70's and early 80's board games by Hasbeen. Please, please, please tell me you are joking TitanForge Games!

      If you are serious... I'm out and I want a refund right now! This isn't the detail you showed us during your Kickstarter campaign!

    39. CaGeRit

      TF is certainly not new to miniatures. They were into miniatures long before boardgames. Given the renders I, along with a lot of others believed we were getting miniatures up to quality with their fantasy or sci fi lines.

    40. "The Mad Rabbi", King of the Undead on

      They're not great, but acceptable, considering TF is relatively new to this.
      So I'll give them a break. It could've been a whole lot worse.

    41. Frank Wisnes

      You should take a long and critical look at the final proofs and judge for yourselves the validity of the complaints. If the everyone on the team is not 100% satisfied with how they turned out, you should really look into your options. I've seen a few other miniature based kickstarters underdeliver on mini quality, and it creates a lot of noise going forward.

    42. Greg W. on

      @Scott D
      Thanks for sharing and thank you for the call for calm!
      I think the miniatures are acceptable, but as I stated earlier, I don't have as high an expectation as some when I know I will be getting plastic miniatures...

    43. Schmidt on

      WTF up with the bases? These are not even close to what was on the campaign. Very weak and disheartening guys. So looking forward to this update....what a rip!

    44. Scott D

      Ok guys, to put a bit of water onto the fire, I've had a look on my high def tv and the actual detail is there, its just a poor photograph with very reflective surface. You can actually see the detail on the minis if you look at it on a big 46 inch screen. I think once they are primed and taken with a better camera/conditions, they will look a lot better.

    45. Chris Henderson

      I don't usually post a negative comment but after being a part of over 200 KS now, many for mini based boardgames, I am a bit disappointed to say it mildly. This does exactly remind me of the Project Elite KS which I backed. The game will be great, but disappointed that the minis in it were so bad they went back to get things fixed. Yes it took time, but they were improved somewhat (Tom Vasel still thought meh, for example, on the revised minis). I for one do not mind delays to make a product what it was meant to be, and if you have an inferior product to what was promised, take the time to do it right, or you will lose future customers of other products (as others noted below). I am still hopefull this will be a great game, but will have to see...

    46. Alvaro Diogenes Bastida on

      Plêiade, fix that or give my money back.

    47. Alvaro Diogenes Bastida on

      Unfortunatelly, I have to agree with Daniel Pagan. The minis are really bad :/

    48. Daniel Pagan

      These minis are trash compared to the ones that you were showing while the kickstarter was live! Did you switch off to a different company? Are they using different materials? Even the bases are different! I spent $400 on this mostly because of the miniatures, and if I would have seen these while the campaign was live I WOULD ABSOLUTELY HAVE CANCELED MY PLEDGE! This is a bait and switch, and if this is what I receive I can guarantee that you will never get my business again.

    49. Danny Shafer

      Most the Grey figures look similar to the renders on the campaign page. The red mini's are a little shiny and hard to see the detail. The most obvious one to me is the Wheelchair mini which lacks all the detail in the original render. That being said, I have no desire to wait another year for what could be not much improvement, like the Project Elite.campaign. For me, the miniature add-ons were the most expensive add-ons on any campaign I ever backed, so I was expecting mini's in the vein of CMON. If these are that soft plastic crap, then I will be really disappointed.