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Escape mental asylum in Lobotomy Board Game. Got monsters on your back, mighty weapons, blazing skills -- or just delusions?
Escape mental asylum in Lobotomy Board Game. Got monsters on your back, mighty weapons, blazing skills -- or just delusions?
Escape mental asylum in Lobotomy Board Game. Got monsters on your back, mighty weapons, blazing skills -- or just delusions?
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Without unnecessary introduction, we have got a list of everything we have managed to finish lately to the point.

- miniatures are 100% closed, the big thing was approving all the manufacturing molds and it is done, we have a deal with the producer and the miniatures are being cast as we speak

-the same with dice

-the box's design is approved, we just need to figure out how to fit the assortment inside, as this is the last thing it will be closed in two weeks

-the punchboards with tokens are ready and waiting to be printed -all the character / monster / movement etc cards have graphics ready, we are waiting for the rulebook's final state to adjust all the English wording to match the instruction, it will be closed next week

-the rulebook is a what we are finalizing right now and more on this is in the next paragraph

First of all, the full English rulebook is available in the link below. We and some other groups have spent quite a bit of time playtesting the Lobotomy. Kickstarter campaign added a whole lot of features to our game and we had to make sure that everything runs smoothly. We introduced new characters and items and made sure that they are useful without being overpowered. We have added some small mechanics to help out the players and step by step had to include all these new things in the instruction. Because the game's lead designer is not fluent in English we have a request to you guys. Before the rulebook's final proof reading and forwarding it to print we would like to create a small 4-6 person team that would help us and look at the instruction with a gamer's eye. All interested backers please contact us one more time through Kickstarter. We would like to finish it by the end of the next week, so we can get to the cards and then fit everything in the box and then start shipping.

Many backers predicted a delay and while there likely be a slight one, we seem to have everything under control. You can still say "Told you so!", we just want everything to be perfect. The content is ready, the miniatures' manufacturing is in progress and things that are not ready yet mostly require standard printing, which has a relatively short completion time. To be realistic, we are doing everything we can to have the crates on the way to you at the beginning of August. And even if all the worst things happen there is an absolutely impassable deadline of 13th October when we are going with Lobotomy to Essen's game fair SPIEL 2016.

Our another Kickstarter campaign with fantasy miniatures is coming and while we have everything ready we are setting it back to fully focus our work on finishing Lobotomy. Only after everything is ready with the manufacturing we will start with the new line of miniatures that is mash-up of the fantasy world with some far-eastern roots. We do have some really great models and we have previewed some of them on our Facebook, so check them out.

Concerning late backers and everyone that sent us an e-mail with a request to hop on the Lobotomy hype train. There are some IT problems with creating new backer accounts, we are working on it and we will send you invites once again next week. In the meantime check again your spam folders.

That is all for today. If there is anything you would like to know leave a comment and we will answer your question in the next week's update.

few items.
few items.

Cheers! TF Crew

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    1. Bill K on June 21, 2016

      Was anyone selected for the rule book English team?

    2. Danny Shafer on June 19, 2016

      Thanks for the update. I hope there are no delays because I really want to play this game.

    3. Scott D
      on June 11, 2016

      So, how did the rule book checking go? I believe you wanted it done by next week and I'm not sure if anybody had heard anything. I did some edits just in case, some re wording here and there, some grammatical stuff, a bit of flavor text extended through the manual to make everything coherent in tone and voice. the usual. But I wasn't asked to do anything so I hope whoever was on it has done a good job.

    4. Missing avatar

      Christian Skovgaard on June 5, 2016

      Hi how do i change shipping address?


    5. Agreave (sofa cushions ARE required) on June 3, 2016

      I use PeM for personal message, so peeps don't think PM=pledge manager (I admit I copied this-but good idea) and cause confusion?
      Re the 'read' post, it's funny!!

    6. Chris Z. on June 2, 2016

      LOL at this thread.

    7. Bill K on June 2, 2016

      TFG wrote: "All interested backers please contact us one more time through Kickstarter."

      Note this does not say HOW to contact them "through Kickstarter". Though a PM is a likely assumption, it is not explicitly stated. Hence, a message in the thread could be another interpretation. Thorough people would do both (such as Scott and Paul).

      Thanks to all those volunteering!

    8. Costa
      on June 2, 2016

      Guys, it was a comment that was supposed to be funny. No need to get upset

    9. Paul Cloutier
      on June 2, 2016

      @Arsonor - I also did exactly what Scott D did. Perhaps you should keep your posts "respectful and considerate" (or, perhaps it is YOU who cannot read?)

    10. Costa
      on June 2, 2016

      Scott: I don't think his message was specific to you and apparently it does not apply to you. I have to admit though, I thought it was funny :)

    11. Scott D
      on June 2, 2016

      @ Arsonor. I messaged them first and then posted here as a back up just in case. So, I can read perfectly well thank you.:)

    12. Agreave (sofa cushions ARE required) on June 2, 2016

      @TFG, I would like to add that there are two forms of English, true English and American (which I assume this will be in?) so please keep this in mind with offers from "English speakers" as there are grammatical and spelling differences between them in general before you even get near any colloquialisms/slang that may be used for thematic purposes! :)

    13. Arsonor
      on June 2, 2016

      If the wanna-be editors can't even read and follow the simple directions in the update, maybe they shouldn't be the top choices to edit the more complicated rules? :)

    14. James Robinson on June 2, 2016

      An Enigma machine?! Well, I didn't expect to see that... SPOILERS! :)

    15. chang on June 2, 2016

      was gonna say exactly what @costa just said.
      i cant help, main language spanish, no exp in editing/proofing. Only thing i could help is if it easy to read/friendly.. and will give my feedback here .. but it would be awesome if some of you help, by reading here some in here do editing as a profession.. so if u gave the time send a message through KS to TFG..
      and thanks so much from people like me :)

    16. Costa
      on June 1, 2016

      Guys, they said to send them a message on KS if you want to help with proof reading

    17. Greg W. on June 1, 2016

      I would be honored to help with editing!

    18. Scott D
      on June 1, 2016

      Also. good update. good info.

    19. Scott D
      on June 1, 2016

      Messaged you TF. In short, Native English speaker, avid gamer, English teacher.

    20. Scott D
      on June 1, 2016

      I offer my services.

    21. Jonas Vanschooren
      on June 1, 2016

      Still to lazy to actually develop some decent 2 player rules.
      And not at al impressed by the rest of the rules.

    22. Brian
      on June 1, 2016

      I'm willing to help review the rulebook.

    23. killakatze on June 1, 2016

      Thank you for the update!

    24. Arakin... Tis but a flesh wound! on June 1, 2016

      Hi TF crew. As previously mentioned to you, I would be happy to help out with proof reading. My email address is on my profile

    25. Paul Cloutier
      on June 1, 2016

      Great update! I offer my 20+ years experience as an editor and a proofreader.

    26. Draelin
      on June 1, 2016

      Great Update, thank you for the Informations.
      Great new Item Cards. Is this a Star Trek Top on one of the Cards? :)
      Already reading the rulebook..

    27. GeneralGrundmann on June 1, 2016

      Wonderful update, thanks a lot! :-)

      I would offer my help proof reading, but english is not my primary language so I might make things worse. ;-)

      But it looks like you can find qualified personnel here!

      Keep up the excellent work!

      Best regards

    28. Rob Randolph on June 1, 2016

      I'd be willing to help with the rule book edit. I'm a project manager with a translation company, so I've done this kind of thing for years.

    29. Karl on June 1, 2016

      Had a quick scan of the English rules. It looks better than some of the rulebooks I have received recently. There are lots of small things any moderately litterate native English speaker would pick up- I'll watch the page to see if you get a group together, otherwise will have a proper scan through and send the corrections. However- the real question is how will it play using these rules- that only a group can tell you.

    30. Paint'Riot Studio
      on June 1, 2016

      this are new items ? love !

    31. Chantal Noordeloos
      on June 1, 2016

      It's perfectly natural to have a slight delay with a game that has a lot of different minis. I wouldn't worry about it. Make the game as good as you can make it!

    32. Missing avatar

      Mary Post
      on June 1, 2016

      You Guys Rock!!!!