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Liberating Instagram photos from your smart device, Instacube feeds your favorite images wirelessly at 3x the size.
Liberating Instagram photos from your smart device, Instacube feeds your favorite images wirelessly at 3x the size.
3,434 backers pledged $621,049 to help bring this project to life.

Update from Instacube


Hello Backers,

Hot off the press, so to speak, we bring you an inside look at the Beta Instacubes from our pilot production run at our factory in China.

There were some hiccups last week with the supply chain and getting parts to the factory on time, but we resolved those issues over the weekend. We’re going to ship these units to our developers, certification lab, engineers, and testers as soon as these assembled units arrive at our Hong Kong office from the factory this week.

We’re only producing the “Classic” version of Instacube for this Beta run and will perform test runs of the other colors later. Our #1 focus is on getting the production and assembly processes approved for the final mass production.

Back housing emerging from the injection molding machine.

Back housing emerging from the injection molding machine.
Back housing emerging from the injection molding machine.
Main PCBA from the SMT line.
Main PCBA from the SMT line.
Factory worker assembling the PCBA the housing frame.
Factory worker assembling the PCBA the housing frame.
PCBA assembled with the battery.
PCBA assembled with the battery.
Application of the rainbow stripes.
Application of the rainbow stripes.
Assembly of the LCD display into the main housing.
Assembly of the LCD display into the main housing.
Final assembled unit.
Final assembled unit.

 We have also compiled a small group of Beta testers from the Kickstarter community and invited those individuals to participate in this pilot round by doing some “real world” testing and to provide user feedback. If you’re among those to whom we’ve reached out and you’ve agreed to take part, or plan to agree, we thank you. If you’re not among this first group, don’t feel left out; you will get your chance soon with the production units. The Instacube is meant to be an ever-evolving product that we can continually improve and by enabling “over-the-air” software updates over WiFi, we will incorporate feedback from the Beta testers and our Kickstarter community to continually improve the user experience and make it a better product. We’re working as fast and as hard as we can to try to get mass production started soon and to ship them to you in time for Christmas, but we’ve learned from our past mistakes and don’t want to over-promise. We do promise we will do our very best to send them to you as quickly as possible.

Again, we want to thank you for your patience and on-going support. 

- The Instacube Team

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    1. Missing avatar

      Bridie on

      Can anyone clarify about how I update my shipping address? I recently moved and would have put my old address

    2. Proxima on

      Despite all the negative feedback, I still think Instacube is an awesome product. I just hope the quality will be the same once we receive it like it is in the initial video. Im still looking forward to receiving it.

    3. Peter Frykman on

      Nice progress and update. I'm glad to see that things are coming together.

    4. Ed N on

      D2M ≠ "...just starting a business..."

      "We're a design consultancy with over 18 years of experience in Silicon Valley. Our office in Hong Kong facilitates sourcing and manufacturing for our clients (some of whom have ran kickstarter campaigns) so we really do understand every part of the product design, development and manufacturing process."

      Over-promising and failing ≠ creativity and innovation.

      You're logic is flawed. You're argument is invalid.

    5. Missing avatar

      stephanlenting on

      I believe many backers should stop complaining, and just be patient. The whole point of kickstarter is to back projects with a certain amount of risk. This means that delays like this can happen.

      Too many people see kickstarter as some kind of webshop. And if you expect the speed and service from a webshop, you'll be disappointed with many projects.

      To me, kickstarter is about long-term investment in creative people/companies. Creative people that are just starting a business because they dream of realizing some wonderful products. They often over-promise or fail to make a really good first version of a project. That's inherent to creativity and innovation.

      At least the team of Instacube keeps us posted and learns from their mistakes. Don't be angry about something that's just a first world problem.

    6. Matthew on

      Lame. Would still like my money back. Would be 100$ of a ps4.

    7. ._. on

      Fantastic news! I received a beta invite as well. I backed the project at the $99 level. I think it's amazing how D2M has turned a bad situation around and is now making swift progress despite what we all assumed was a lost cause. Keep it up guys!!!

    8. Peter Wysoczanski - Obsidan Order on

      fantastic news, my refund is only a few years away.. thanks shitty D2M

    9. Andy on

      Nice one well done! Have you released shipping pricing yet?

    10. Missing avatar

      Muhammad kalthoum on

      Keep it going guys! We support you.

    11. Missing avatar

      Dicken on

      how do i get my money back?

    12. Missing avatar

      Kent on

      I read the earlier comments. @kris / sang lee - I got an invite to be a beta tester. I'm in no way affiliated w d2m. As soon as I get my final confirmation - Ill post here

    13. domlen on

      Thanks for the update! Great to see the good progress - keep on pushing! :)

    14. Rick Grzyb on

      how do i get my money back

    15. Michael Lewis on

      It would be very easy for me to ask that you stop sending me emails with the words "delay" or "hiccup" and maybe send me the 'Cube. Hmm...I just did. But I think there's an opportunity here for you to do an interview about the pitfalls of Crowdfunding along with underestimating what it takes to create hardware like this. Many entrepreneurs could benefit I'm sure.

    16. Gilbert on

      looks great! Looking forward to the final!!

    17. Tanner Lubuk on

      I still stand by when I got my money back, this project has me so upset with people at D2M that I have 0 interest

    18. Michael Basil on

      This looks great! looking forward to the final product!

    19. Missing avatar

      jessie gillie on

      Oh wow, this makes up for everything! This is not some start up, it's a company, remember that. This is how this company chooses to runs things. It's not two dudes siting in a basement making instacubes. It is an established company.

    20. Matt Wakeman on

      Thanks for the Update. Wondering if I can get one of those fetching hats included with my order?

      Any word on international shipping? Hoping mine will arrive in UK before Christmas. Fingers crossed and good luck

    21. Missing avatar

      KRIS on

      Did InstaCube get sued???? by a fellow Kickstarter?

      This time it looks like D2M is really trying to get this out to market, actually updating us backers and even showing some progress.

      I'm surprise to see any progress, but good to see.

      Lets all hope they really are going to get the Instacube into full manufacturing.

      Differently caught off guard with D2M actually making real progress.

      Now, WHO here got selected to be a beta tester? We all would like to believe one of us backers made it as a beta tester.

    22. Jonathan Lally on

      Thanks for the update! Despite a massive period of no communication, I'm excited to get this product in my hands and on my shelf for the entire world to see.

    23. Missing avatar

      Kelly Symes on

      I'm pleasantly surprised by this update. I have been quite skeptical that this project would ever come to fruition - a skepticism that was quite legitimate given the lack of communication and progress over the past year and the gross underestimation of their financial requirements to get this project completed. Still, I'm excited and happy that things seem to be back on track with production. Thank you for the update!

    24. Missing avatar

      Matthew on

      Good update. Keep them coming!

    25. Sang Lee on

      Just curious... if you are beta testing, please raise your hand?

    26. Missing avatar

      Brandon Smith on

      You guys blow big time! BTW is your factory worker missing a finger?

    27. William Kunz on

      Backlight is leaking on that lcd

    28. Scott Rench on

      Patiently waiting and so excited to see it coming to life. I can't wait to plug mine in!

    29. Xing N Zhu on

      this is good news!!!!
      i didnt get in the beta.. =(
      hopefully everyone will get theirs by Christmas. that would be a nice present!!
      thanks for the update.

    30. Beagle on

      @Daniel We realise exactly what we need to. We've been lied to and strung on and frankly any negative comments here are well deserved.

    31. Laird Popkin

      Congrats on making it this far. Despite my (and many others' skepticism) it looks like you're going to actually deliver the product you promised, which at this point is a pleasant surprise. I look forward to seeing it!

    32. Eddie Codel on

      Sweet! Very stoked at the good news. Thanks for keeping us informed.

    33. Daniel Delaney on

      @maximillian - you realize this isn't amazon right? It's a community of creatives and entrepreneurs that are trying to bring products and concepts to life. The journey can be bumpy. But perhaps you shouldn't come on platforms like this if you can't come to terms with the developmental bumps that might occur.

    34. Simon Hodgkiss on

      Wow wow! Now tell me that the shipping to the UK is free!!!!

    35. spoonofmilk on

      Great stuff guys... yet again, I am shocked at the number of people who think they are just pre-ordering a product and not backing an ongoing project.

      Keep it up, looks great.

    36. Maximillian on

      This is yet another disappointing update. I was excited for this project a year and a half ago and now it's just a burden. Where's the refund button?

    37. Andrew Hsieh on

      Whoa, yeah, I'm definitely surprised. Pleasantly so though, naturally.

    38. Thomas J Weiser on

      Wow, it's happening! Looking forward to the release. Best of luck to you guys.